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11 Keto Cocktails That Will Keep You In Ketosis

When we think of keto, most of us think first of simple ketogenic meals or fat based ketogenic diet or even ketogenic diet foods for weight loss. After you’ve been on the keto lifestyle diet awhile, your questions will go from simple carbs in cocktail sauce to questioning if there are low carb alcoholic cocktails. Drinking on a ketogenic diet should be done cautiously. Especially for those of you unfamiliar with the rules of alcohol and keto.

It is conceivable to have alcohol on a keto diet. You can’t have to get familiar and do your research.

Like anything else, especially with keto, there’s a protocol that should be followed when consuming alcohol and trying to stay in ketosis.

If you follow the simple rules you should have no issues consuming alcohol and maintaining ketosis.

As a keto follower and someone who likes a good cocktail, you can and I’ve complied some great keto drinks below to show you just how easy it is to stay in ketosis and have a drink.

Keto Drinks

Some might totally veer away from keto when they go out. As I feel like my keto is a lifestyle change, I like to consume alcohols that allows me to maintain ketosis. It is too easy to “Cheat” but hard to get back on keto and get back into ketosis. And why would you want to undo the amazing work you’ve done? Remember, it’s a lifestyle change. Not a temporary fix.

These the few minutes to gain the knowledge you need to understand what alcohol, what mixers, choose wisely and you’re good to go. One last note, these are perfect for any occasion, even when you have quite festive. When having company, be sure to add garnish and serve in festive drinkware. You can get a lot of great inexpensive drinkware at dollar tree and I have linked some festive ones as well!

1. Lemon Drop Martini 

Via With Salt and Wit

Oh, boy, do I love a good lemon drop. Heck anything lemony, lemonade.

On a hot day, this would be amazing. An adult Kool-Aid.

As with some of the others, this too could be a dangerous drink because it’ll go down so easily.

Serve in a martini glass and garnish with lemons on the rim for that festive touch.

2. Red Wine Berry Spritzer 

Via Aggies Kitchen

Most people will tell you that I’m much someone who likes mixers and always have flavored water on hand.

This drink also reminds me of my vacation, which was amazing. Sipping cocktails on the beach or the balcony overlooking the beach.

One sip and you’re going to get such a tropical flavor that you can’t help but have a smile on your face.

This just a festive, tropical look, doesn’t it? And tastes as good as it looks.

If you use this as a guide, you can change up your flavored waters and create drinks if your own as well.

Serve in a stemless wine glass. They are easier to handle and you’ll find you have less breakage with stemless.

3. Kamikaze Shot

Via Ketogasm

If you are a shots person and want to maintain ketosis, this is the drink for you.

I can have a shot or two but I like to mix things up.

These are really easy and great for those who pregame or just do shots.

Shots really should be served in a shot glass. They are easier to down in one shot and people often find the wrong glass intimidating.

4. Moscow Mule

Via I Breathe I’m Hungry

If you’re a Moscow Mule aficionado, then you know that a Moscow Mule isn’t complete unless served in its illustrious copper mug.

As some one who likes all cold drink really cold, I love the copper mugs. They truly keep them cold. Having said that, I have made Moscow Mules but personally do not own copper mugs. Needless to say, you don’t need them but you feel so ceremonious if you do.

With this recipe, you’ll have an extra step making your own versions if a simple syrup. It’s not hard at all so don’t let it scare you off because it is crucial to the taste of the drink.

For the festive appearance, garnish with some mint. You can also infuse more mint taste by muddling some leaves and add to your mug before your pour.

5. Hurricane 

Via Lowcarbology.com

I am a big, big fan of rum.

And drinks that can remind me of being on an island is a drink for me. This drink does exactly that.

This drink has a tropical savior-fair that you cant’ help but have a smile on your face.

As with all of these drinks, the proper ingredients are the key to being keto friendly drink. Typically, these types of drinks have a lot of fruit juices, simple syrup and grenadine mixed together which add up the sugars.

Serve in a hurricane glass and add a keto friendly garnish to up your party game.

6. Margaritas

Via All Day I Dream About Food

Believe it or not, a good margarita is hard to come by. If a bar doesn’t have a drink menu, this is usually my request (when I wasn’t on keto), so I have had quite a few.

Those premade mixers leave a lot to be desired. I have heard they also help bring on awful hangovers due to the sugar content.

Not to mention those premade mixtures will pull you out of ketosis with one drink because of that sugar.

Serve in a margarita glass and rimming should only be light salt and obviously, never sugar.

7. Sparkling White Sangria 

Via I Breathe I’m Hungry

Growing up, my parents made a light version of a wine sangria. On special occasions, they’d mix their version drinks. This is very reminiscent.

Their wine sangria was the first alcoholic beverage I ever tried. I can still remember that today.

When you have a sangria, the experience is always pleasurable. It’s a drink that people perceive as tropical and instantly become relaxed.

This really has summary feel, right? Make a pitcher for your bbq of Fourth of July festivities. If you are having a party, make a lot. It’s a party pleaser. And unless you tell them, no one knows it’s keto friendly!

8. Mojito

Via Very Well

Mojito’s are originally from Cuba and served as a highball. The traditional mojito consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint.

Shake up your own refreshing Mojito cocktail, with this keto friendly adapted recipe.

The mix of ingredients and citrus flavor make it a popular summer drink.

Serve in a a Mojito glass with fresh mint sprig or lime on the rim.

9. Cosmopolitan

Via Very Well

If you’re looking for a bit of a classic drink, Cosmos are perfect.

If you’ve never had one, I strongly you suggest trying it. You’re in for a treat. Everyone should try it once.

This version is very simple and basic. Don’t stress about being to fancy with keto drinks. It’s all about the taste.

Cosmos are really festive. They can be served year round, in a martini glass, but are quite festive for the holidays with its red color. Garnish festively but remember keto when doing so!

10. Vanilla Latte Martini 

Via All Day I Dream About Food

When it come’s to martini’s, I’m all about vanilla latte.

This one is good year round and is quite festive for holidays.

A point to not, this could be dangerous because it goes down so smoothly, like chocolate milk, if you will. You’re definitely need to be aware of how much you are consuming .

This is a good point to remind you that even if a drink is keto friendly if could easily have too much and fall out of ketosis.

These are served in a martini glass. Get creative with your garnish. Just keep it keto!

As you can see, there are several options for maintaining ketosis and having a cocktail. You just need to know what you are doing and do a little research.

Just remember to be careful with any drinks. It is too easy to have several and come close to or go over your daily carb intake allowance.


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