10 Daily Habits That Help You Transform Your Body, Health, and Metabolism

Losing weight, comes down to 2 things: 1.) Daily (strategic) choices (i.e. habits) 2.) Consistently making these choices Get rid of excess weight and you’ll not only improve your health and immunity, but you’ll trim and tone your tummy. Habit #1: Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast I’ve never really been one of these coaches who constantly […]

9 Key Hormones That Hold The Secret To Losing Fat and Feeling Great…FAST!

When your hormones are perfectly balanced…you’ll start feeling and looking better. While everyone is counting calories, points, and tracking steps you’ll be focusing your energy on your hormones. What really matters. Sure calories matter, exercise matters, your habits definitely matter, but when it comes to a fat-burning metabolism, the only thing that really matters are […]

Tequila Before Bed Helps With Weight Loss

CONFIRMED: 1 Tequila Shot Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…show those extra pounds the door! The American Cancer Society researched the effects of tequila on blood glucose levels last year, sugars found in the plant that makes tequila can help lower your blood sugar. The sugars that naturally occurs in the agave plant are […]

52 Science-Backed Flat Belly Tips

With so much hype about getting a flat belly overnight, you would think it’s as easy as saving 15% on your car insurance. (Geico anyone?) Getting a flat belly will NOT happen overnight, however, you can do a few things to speed up the belly flattening process. When you’re as busy as me and my […]

7 Smoothies To Supercharge Your Metabolism, Weight Loss and Inflammation-Fighting Like Never Before

Smoothies are a great tool for weight loss because you control the ingredients. They make perfect vehicles for relatively low-calorie, yet nutrient-laden ingredients that are capable of keeping you full for a long time. By combining the right ingredients, you can create smoothies that taste great and help you drop pounds. It doesn’t take long […]

9 Daily Habits That Will Slow Your Metabolism

When you’re working long hours, running neverending errands, trying to cook healthy meals, squeezing in exercise, and a million other things on your to-do list, your diet and fitness goals usually get derailed in ways you probably aren’t even realizing. So, if we avoid these behaviors that most-obviously contribute to weight gain, then maintaining a […]

12 Daily Habits People Over 40 Should Do That Will Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Boost Metabolism

If you want to improve your health or lose weight, the first thing to pay attention to should be your metabolism: it has the most influence on how our cells are supplied with energy and nutrients. Metabolic dysfunction usually causes excess weight. In fact if you aren’t paying attention to these 5 metabolic factors you’ll find it very difficult to lose any weight […]