Study Shows Chicken at Subway Only Contains About 50 Percent Chicken DNA

An investigation from CBC Marketplace reveals that international sandwich chain Subway may need to revise its slogan of “eat fresh” to “eat mystery.” After conducting a DNA analysis of two poultry-based menu offerings (the oven-roasted chicken sandwich and sweet onion chicken teriyaki strips), results revealed that the chicken was found to only contain about half […]

8 Yoga Stretches That Release Your Hip Flexors (Use This To Get Rid of Back Pain)

Tight hip flexors are common in today’s society, since we spend much of day sitting. Aside from THIS program, this is by far the BEST hip flexor stretching video I’ve found on the internet: If you’re hip flexors are VERY tight, I suggest you IMMEDIATELY unlock your hip flexors using simple exercises. Now that you […]

Is Your iPad Causing Insomnia?

Recently revealed: What the blue light from our screens really does to our bodies… Do you leave your PC, Mac or TV on in the bedroom, as you drift off to sleep each night? Millions of people do–without understanding the dramatic health consequences… These wonderful devices changing our lives are all the rage. Yet, they […]

Why Veganism RUINS Your Brain

Did you know there’s NEVER been a culture that survived without eating animal products in the entire history of mankind? But that lifestyle sure is trendy now. You don’t have to look hard to find someone swearing up and down how great their “animal-free” vegan diet makes them feel. Usually they try to get YOU […]

The Truth About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a big, bad monster that lives under your bed. A monster the media and “mainstream” nutrition organizations created. Now they have you running scared. There’s so much fear and confusion about this… and it’s leading millions of people to make TERRIBLE decisions for their health. So let’s pull this monster out from under […]

Are These Foods Making You DEPRESSED?

Did you know there’s something “mainstream” doctors and health organizations AREN’T telling you about depression? It’s their dirty little secret. They love to talk about prescription pills and “magic bullet” solutions. And why wouldn’t they? That’s how they make BILLIONS of dollars a year… But they’re a lot less eager to tell you how FOOD […]