Top 10 super-spices that protect your body, control blood sugar, aid fat loss, and more

These 10 powerful spices help to control blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, aid fat loss, and reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease By The Fat Burning Kitchen & The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging Every time you flavor your meals with herbs or spices you are supercharging your food without […]

My Top 55 Lean-Body Foods to Boost Your Energy, Balance Hormones, and Lose Body Fat

Author of best-selling program:  The Fat Burning Kitchen In many of my Newsletters, I like to provide a healthy snack or meal recipe that not only is delicious and healthy, but also helps to get you closer to that hard-body appearance that everyone is looking for, while also more importantly, improving your health for life. […]

2 Veggies That Slow Weight Loss (Avoid Them)

Ok read closely.. I can’t believe what my good friend Wes Virgin has discovered, but it’s probably the biggest scandal in the health industry in the past decade..So go ahead and mute the idiot box and read every word in this article very carefully… So we’ve been told for years, that all fruits and vegetables […]

8 “FATTY” Foods that Can Help You to Get a Fast Metabolism (these will surprise you!)

These 8 shocking Fatty (but healthy) super-foods can actually help you to burn body fat faster! By Nick Garcia, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Nutrition Specialist Author of The 8-Week Metabolism Makeover At this point, I think almost everybody understands that eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. If fact, it’s critical to get enough healthy fats in […]

5 Reasons Cereal Destroys Your Hormones, Kills Your Energy & Causes Weight Gain

If you care at all about your body and health, I’m sure you already know to avoid the obvious sugary cereals like the flakes with sugar frosting, the fruity sugar cereals with artificial colors, the frosted wheat biscuits, or the marshmallow cereals that so many parents are poisoning their kids with these days. However, even […]