Why women should DOUBLE their carbs

Hey There,

Big bowls of grandma’s pasta… hot loaves of fresh bread…
a sizzling slice of pizza…

These are all “forbidden foods” that turn a woman’s belly
into a fat magnet, right?

Maybe… or maybe not as we’re finding out…

If you want a leaner body and to fit more comfortably in your
favorite clothes…

Not to mention sleep better, have more energy and enjoy a
pleasant mood…

> You may need to DOUBLE the amount of carbs you eat…

> Or you may need to eat your carbs only at a specific time of

> Or maybe you only need to lower your carbs one week a month!

For women, when you get this proper carb timing and mix just

It can turn your metabolism into the ultimate fat burning

So how do you know which strategy is right for you?

It depends on your hormone type, which you can find out

Discover Your Hormone Type & Best Carbs to Eat and When

There are 7 different types, and each requires a different
mix of carbs.

You’ll discover the exact carb-eating strategy that’s best
for your hormone type.

Life gets a heck of a lot easier when you start working with
your hormones…

Instead of constantly fighting against them.


P.S. Once you know which of the 7 hormone types you are, you’ll
also learn a cool trick for burning 200% more calories than
exercise without ever having to set foot in a gym. Check out your
customized female fat burning plan while it’s still available..


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