Reset Your Thyroid In 7 Days to Burn Fat and Activate Your Metabolism

It’s estimated that over twelve percent of the population in the world will experience a thyroid problem at some point—still more conditions will go mis- or undiagnosed. The situation has been called “epidemic” by some and the incidence of thyroid cancer has doubled in the last forty years. This is troublesome because the small bow-tie […]

Why women should DOUBLE their carbs

Hey There, Big bowls of grandma’s pasta… hot loaves of fresh bread… a sizzling slice of pizza… These are all “forbidden foods” that turn a woman’s belly into a fat magnet, right? Maybe… or maybe not as we’re finding out… If you want a leaner body and to fit more comfortably in your favorite clothes… […]

The female “body shape” hormone (and risk of heart disease)

Hey There, Women have different body shapes, thanks to genetic differences. But did you know if your shape changes over time… …it may indicate a serious problem quietly lurking in the shadows? Here’s how you can tell:  > Which of these body shapes best describes you now? > Which best described you in your earlier […]

Reset Your Metabolism In 24 Hours By Avoiding The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping Your Belly Fat Stubborn (+ FREE Book)

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat, but your efforts produce minimal or no results you could be slowly killing your metabolism with one of more of these metabolism killers. From eating too many carbs, too little carbs, the wrong kinds of fats, and the wrong exercise your […]

8 Common Hormonal Imbalances Causing You to Gain Weight (And Preventing You From Losing It)

Many people ask me, “Why do you focus your work on women?” I get it, men need help also and the reality is this program and philosophy works for a man, just as well as for a woman. We eat the same foods, live similar lifestyles, and stress about similar things. The main difference? Hormones! […]

The #1 “bodyfat-eating” hormone…

To begin, I apologize for the dark nature of today’s article. However I promise what you’ll discover today will be completely worth it. Imagine a rotting corpse draped over your body from head to toe… …suffocating tissue, restricting blood flow, damaging joints and infecting your healthy cells. Shockingly, that nightmare is a reality for most: […]

11 Tips To Repair A Broken Metabolism

The classic signs of a broken metabolism are lack of weight loss progress, low body temperature, and a history of dieting. Read or watch below for 11 tips fo fix your broken metabolism. Learn How The 3-Week Metabolism Diet Resets Your Metabolism and Kickstarts Your Fat-Burning Hormones Into Overdrive You’re eating healthy, exercising 4 times […]

The Inflammation and Weight Loss Connection: How Inflammation is Keeping You Overweight

Is inflammation keeping you overweight, fatigued, and unhealthy? When we decide to start losing weight, “inflammation” is rarely the first thing that pops in our heads. Our thinking immediately goes to: I need to eat less, watch my calories, start eating low-fat, low-carb, etc… I need to give up cokes, fast food, candy, etc… I […]