The female “body shape” hormone (and risk of heart disease)

Hey There,

Women have different body shapes, thanks to genetic differences.

But did you know if your shape changes over time…

…it may indicate a serious problem quietly lurking in the

Here’s how you can tell: 

> Which of these body shapes best describes you now?

> Which best described you in your earlier years?

> And how much of a difference do you see?


This can be an early warning sign something’s “off” with your

One of the reasons why involves your primary “female” hormone,

Too much can lead to a pear shape, with extra padding on the hips,
butt and thighs.

This can lead to increased risk of developing breast cancer and

Too little estrogen can lead to an apple shape, with the belly
acting like a fat magnet.

This can lead to a huge jump in risk for heart disease and type 2

But in some cases, certain levels of estrogen can get your body
totally confused…

And you end up looking like a pear plus an apple… with the
combined risks of both.

This tends to happen as you get closer to menopause… or if
you’re super-stressed.

What’s the solution?

Get the right balance of estrogen for your body.

That’s worked wonders for many women and helped them thrive.

But it has nothing to do with HRT, pills or injections.

Instead, the key is to understand your body’s “hormone type.”

This handy tool tells you your hormone type in less than 60 seconds.

Plus, the 4 customized tips you’ll get for your hormone type can
help you feel better, have more energy and sleep more soundly starting
in the next 24 hours.


PS – You may be surprised at what you learn… especially the part
about not eating enough carbs and doing too much exercise.
Get started here.


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