This exercise cranks out “bodyfat eating” acid…

What was your favorite thing as a teenager?

– Devouring your favorite foods, without gaining a pound?
– The supple, tight skin and nicely-shaped body?
– Or the crazy energy that lasted late into the night?

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all of THAT again?

While it’s impossible to travel back in time…

… now it IS possible to do the next best thing:

Return your metabolism back to it’s prime.

Turns out, the problem isn’t that YOU have aged…

… it’s that your metabolism has aged… much too fast.

All that sitting, excess carbs, toxins and stress has sent your metabolism a clear signal:

It’s time to shut down, and prepare you for death…

… instead of keeping you alive and allowing you to thrive.

However, with a simple set of movements…

… your muscles will release a type of “rejuvenating acid”…

… that tricks your metabolism into believing you’re a teenager again.

And gets you shredding fat, sculpting muscle and cranking out energy.

This “rejuvenating acid” I’m talking about is lactic acid.

It was once thought to cause that “burn” when you exercised too hard.

So the standard advice was to avoid exercises that created that burn.

However, that’s a HUGE mistake.

Recent research shows lactic acid is actually something else:

A powerful genetic signaling agent that rejuvenates your metabolism.

It’s a healthy type of natural acid that eats away body fat…

… actually decreases the muscle burn…

… and helps you perform better… plus it:

Multiplies your energy-producing factories called “mitochondria”…
Peels years off your body by washing it in your own natural human growth hormone…
Re-builds sagging muscles by stimulating testosterone (good for men AND women)…

That’s why Olympic coaches require athletes to do short bursts of training before a race.

Lasting less than a minute, these bursts unleash lactic acid’s body-rejuvenating effects.

However, for us 35 and older, our bodies can’t take the pounding those Olympians can.

The solution?

A simple technique that also floods your body with rejuvenating lactic acid…

… yet without those joint-compressing, cartilage-damaging moves.

And it still takes less than a minute… here’s how:

Do THIS for Less an a Minute to Rejuvenate Your Metabolism, Shred Fat and Sculpt Muscle


PS – The youth hormones that lactic acid unleashes are why you’ll hear such amazing total-body transformation stories from those who have enjoyed this technique. Although time travel isn’t possible, it’s pretty amazing to see what this metabolic time machine did to these people here.


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