The 15-minute hot flash solution


It’s like someone is following you around with an invisible
heat lamp, switching it on and off at the least convenient

Suddenly your skin is on fire in the middle of an important

You start pouring out sweat right after you’ve done your

And the room abruptly feels like it’s 110 degrees, just as
you were finally about to fall asleep.

3 out of 4 women experience hot flashes… but why not every

Do those 1 in 4 women who don’t get hot flashes just have lucky

Perhaps… but there’s much more to the story.

How To Stop Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Hot flashes and night sweats occur because of changes in the
two primary female hormones, estrogen and progesterone.

Prior to menopause, estrogen and progesterone are mostly
produced by your ovaries as a normal part of your monthly

However, as your monthly cycle winds down approaching menopause,
your ovaries stop producing as much estrogen and progesterone.

This sudden drop is what causes hot flashes.

Since that happens to every woman, why doesn’t every women
get hit by hot flashes?

Scientists Have Found a Clue

One answer scientists have looked at involves your “backup
hormone generator”:

Your adrenal glands.

Even before menopause, your adrenals help your body produce
small amounts of estrogen and progesterone.

But, after age 35, most women’s adrenals stop running at full

One major reason is stress, which is very hard on the adrenal

And it’s no news flash that stress skyrockets after 35.
Juggling home, work, finances and everything else life throws at
you can take a toll.

Even too much exercise or going on a diet can stress out your

So, one key to turning down hot flashes and getting your life
back to normal is to get your adrenals to work properly.

Plus, when you do, other problems can start to fade away:

> Your mood picks up and you become less irritable…
> Your energy lifts and you feel more motivated to get things
> And your ability to burn fat improves, especially around the

So how do you fix your adrenals? There are 3 simple steps…

Step 1 is to lower stress.

When you’re under so much pressure, your adrenals produce the
stress-hormone cortisol, which can make hot flashes even more
intense. Schedule some “you” time like it’s any other
appointment and create a plan to relax more.


Step 2 is to nourish your adrenals with the right nutrients.

Your adrenals are responsible for producing close to a dozen
hormones your body depends on. That requires a lot of nutrients
to get the job done right, like the B vitamins, vitamin C and
magnesium. Leafy green veggies are rich in these.

Step 3 is to re-vitalize your adrenals with the right type of exercise.

Exercise sends vital nutrients and oxygen to nourish your
adrenals by improving blood flow. However, there’s a crucial
exercise mistake most women make:

They exercise too long, too hard, and too often. That
stresses the adrenals even more… it can make hot flashes
worse, and force you eat everything in sight.

Fixing Hot Flashes for Good

To conquer hot flashes for good, you need something unique to
you. Your body may need a slightly different approach than
another woman’s.

That’s because you have a “hormone type” that’s unique to you.

Once you know your hormone type, easing hot flashes, increasing
energy, losing weight and re-vitalizing your health gets much

Fortunately, my friend, Dr. Jade Teta has just released a
clinically-designed tool that helps you discover your hormone
type with just a few simple questions.

You’ll get tips for adrenal-nourishing foods and stress-
reducing activities, customized to your hormone type.

Plus, you’ll discover a simple 15-minute adrenal-friendly workout.
It can really get the fat calories burning, but without stressing
out your metabolism.

==> Use This to Reduce Hot Flashes, Boost Metabolism and Increase

You may even be able to join the 25% that enjoy the hot-flash-free


P.S. There’s also a 4th tip you’ll get. It can burn 200% more
calories than exercise. And it’s probably the single most important
thing you can do to get your female metabolism running at top speed.

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