Three Surprising “Male” Hormones That Help Women Lose Weight


What’s the first thing you think of, when I say “estrogen?”

You probably have visions of a woman doing womanly things, ya know, being a woman.

What’s the first thing you think of when I say “testosterone?”

Now you probably think of “roid rage” or you picture some huge bodybuilder doing bodybuilder things.

I got news for you…

Women need testosterone to lose weight and be healthy just as much as men do.

Here’s why it’s hard to grasp this concept.

If men experience Low-T, symptoms are more obvious and undesirable.

If women experience a testosterone imbalance, symptoms aren’t as obvious and it’s usually diagnosed as some other disease that causes weight gain like insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, or metabolic syndrome.

You’ll also discover how growth hormone is one of your MAJOR fat-burning hormones and what you can do to boost growth hormone first thing in the morning.

Finally, you’ll be shocked to learn how DHEA, one of your anti-aging hormones controls parts of your metabolism that are crucial for weight loss.

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These 3 hormones are VERY important to your fat loss success:

Testosterone: The Master Metabolism Booster

What Does it Do: Testosterone is made by the adrenal gland, testicles, and ovaries providing you with lean muscles and controlling your sex drive. Although the level of testosterone in the female is only 10% of the level in men, it rapidly declines during menopause along with estrogen and progesterone. Some of the general effects of low testosterone in women are decreased sex drive (libido), decreased energy and decreased muscle mass.

Why Should You Care: High testosterone in a female produces facial hair, deeper voice, and baldness, so obviously NOT something a female wants too much of. BUT, you do want adequate levels of this hormone to counter estrogen (when it’s too high) and to positively affect lean muscle growth.

How It Helps You Lose Weight: Improve overall health and hormonal balance to maintain adequate levels of Testosterone.

Testosterone isn’t just a question for the 40-and-up crowd. Far from it: if you’re a human being (male or female) who wants to lose fat (or keep it lost), gain muscle (or keep it gained), or yes, enjoy sex, then testosterone is important for you to know about.

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Low Fat Diets Reduces Testosterone

Most “diets” involve eating a bunch of low-fat food and passing up the butter. Unfortunately for dieters, study after study has proven that eating a bunch of low-fat, high-fiber “diet food” is a fantastic way to tank testosterone levels, especially if the fat you do eat is polyunsaturated (PUFA).

The solution: for the love of your flat belly, just say no to low-fat dieting! Instead, eat plenty of the good fats.

Saturated fat: it’s hard to tease out the effect of saturated fat specifically from the effects of total dietary fat. But some studies (like this one) have observed associations between percent energy from saturated fat and resting testosterone concentrations, so the evidence is at least suggestive that there might be an effect. It’s also worth noting that vegetarians (who consume less fat and much less saturated fat) have lower testosterone levels than omnivores.


  • Helps women slim down and shape up. Testosterone gives you the ability to make muscle and create a healthy muscle/fat ratio and a lean body, as Stephanie discovered. Muscle burns calories at rest—even while you watch TV, drive the car, or work on your laptop or iPad. Which is another reason why men lose more weight than women. They have more muscle than we do and burn more calories sitting on the couch.
  • Improves women’s mood. Research shows testosterone elevates mood in depressed women as well as or better than anti-depressant medication.
  • May prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. One in six women develops Alzheimer’s vs. 1 in 10 men. Could testosterone be the reason? We know studies link higher testosterone levels in men with better mental function. Low levels of testosterone in older men may predict cognitive decline. In addition, a 2011 study by The Endocrine Society suggests testosterone may protect women against dementia.
  • Helps women’s hearts. Low levels of testosterone in postmenopausal women are linked with greater risk of cardiac disease. Studies suggest that testosterone therapy after a heart attack may help remodel cardiac tissue due to the abundant number of testosterone receptors in the heart.
  • Increases women’s energy. Optimal testosterone levels are associated with increased energy in men and women.
  • Lifts women’s sex life. Testosterone improves sex drive and sexual response in many women and can increase sexual thoughts, fantasies, activity, and satisfaction.
  • Builds bones and prevents (and is one of the best ways to treat) osteoporosis. Testosterone is so much safer than scary Fosamax, too.
  • Improves skin tone and texture. Women who boost their testosterone notice the difference in firmer, more elastic, less crepe-y skin. They also find thinning hair becomes thicker.


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Growth Hormone: The King of Growth and Repair

What Does it Do: GH is made in the pituitary gland and travels to your liver to “get to work.” GH functions to build up collagen and cartilage

Why Should You Care: GH is anti-aging and is dependent on a heathy liver. GH is stimulated through intense exercise. GH acts directly on fat cells to stimulate lipolysis.

How It Helps You Lose Weight: Improve sleep quality; manage stress to reduce stress hormones; increase protein quality and amount; decrease inflammatory carbs; reduce PUFA; increase SFA; improve liver health

Growth hormone is decreased when you aren’t eating enough.

If eating less lead to weight loss, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

Today, we have an understanding of the role your metabolism and hormones play when it comes to fat loss. The bottom line is that low-fat, low-carb, and low-calorie diets failed us because they disrupt our hormones and cause metabolic problems.

Hormones determine whether you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism. If you eat enough high-quality foods you’ll have a fast metabolism. If you don’t eat enough food or eat too much the wrong foods, you’ll have a slow metabolism.

Eating less might help you lose weight, but it’s the expense of your health. Your muscle tissue breaks down, your thyroid slows down, and your metabolism takes a nose dive.

There are several problems associated with dramatically reducing how much you eat:

Loss of lean muscle mass – When your body isn’t given enough energy to survive, it will start drawing energy from your muscles because they are calorically expensive to maintain.  In the reverse, the high caloric demands of muscle make them very important in weight loss. One of the main reasons we get fatter as we age is due to the decrease in muscle mass and associated hormones.

Loss of Testosterone and Growth Hormone – Metabolically active tissue is important for keeping fat mass levels lower. Testosterone and growth hormone levels decrease with caloric restriction, making it much harder to maintain muscle mass

Decreased leptin levels, and low energy – Leptin is one of those hormones that helps signal to your brain that you’re full/hungry. Low leptin levels register as “I’m hungry!”, which isn’t surprising if you’re starving. Also, low energy sets in with low calorie intake, because the body is trying to limit exertion.  Good luck trying not to binge eat!

Instead of trying to eat less, it’s time to focus on eating the perfect amount of proteins, carbs, and fats.

The 3-Week Ketogenic Diet will help you eat balanced meals in just the right amounts so you never have to count calories or diet ever again.

DHEA: The Antiaging Assassin

What Does it Do: DHEA, a steroid hormone made in the adrenal glands and brain is one of the most plentiful hormones in the body.

DHEA is well-known to improve your well-being, boost energy levels, fight depression, and plays a role in weight management.

Why You Should Care: Decreased DHEA is associated with obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and accelerates aging. DHEA is also a major precursor to estrogen and testosterone, which are important hormones that regulate several metabolic functions.

How it Helps You Lose Weight: DHEA naturally increases serotonin, which tells your brain when you’ve had enough to eat and inhibits the conversion of glucose to fat. DHEA also protects against arteriosclerosis and improves insulin sensitivity.

The body makes DHEA on its own and then converts some DHEA to testosterone and estrogen, two powerful sex hormones needed for many different body functions beyond just reproduction. These hormones are important for maintaining high energy levels, a strong metabolism, heart, brain and bone health, which is why natural declines in levels in these hormones associated with aging can result in many unwanted symptoms.

DHEA supplements are often used to help promote weight loss and to support athletic training with a focus on building lean muscle mass. DHEA helps adults maintain strong metabolism levels while aiding in the prevention of age-associated fat gain and muscle loss. It’s certainly not a magic bullet for weight loss, but it can be helpful for some people.

While calorie intake and energy expenditure are important factors involved in managing your weight, hormones play a crucial role, too. DHEA helps improve the body’s natural ability to use energy and burn fat, two metabolic processes that usually decline as someone ages. DHEA helps shuttle glucose to cells for energy, reduce insulin levels and stimulate fat burning.

As I mentioned earlier, DHEA improves lean muscle mass. This helps you more efficiently burn calories, even while resting.

Why These Hormones Are So Important For Your Health and Fat Loss

Hormones dictate whether you’re a fat-burner or a fat-storer.

My goal of this article was to shed some light on 3 hormones you might not be very familiar with, since you’re probably familiar with the major fat-burning hormones, like:

  • Insulin
  • Leptin
  • Cortisol
  • T3 (Thyroid Hormone)

The best fat loss programs focus on balancing your hormones, optimizing your fat-burning hormones, and decreasing your fat-storing hormones.

The 3-Week Ketogenic Diet balances your hormones, lowers insulin, and helps you burn fat

What Do Some Women Know That You Don’t

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The women getting healthy instead of trying to lose weight are the ones losing the most weight.

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