4 Veggies That Destroy Stomach Fat (how this certain class of veggies detoxifies excess stress hormones)

4 Unique Veggies That Fight Abdominal Fat? A surprising way that a few specific vegetables can actually stimulate the burning of abdominal fat… By Nick Garcia, Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist Author of The Secret About Metabolism and The Healthy Fat Loss Diet I bet you haven’t heard of the specific class of vegetables […]

Reset Your Metabolism In 24 Hours By Avoiding The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping Your Belly Fat Stubborn (+ FREE Book)

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat, but your efforts produce minimal or no results you could be slowly killing your metabolism with one of more of these metabolism killers. From eating too many carbs, too little carbs, the wrong kinds of fats, and the wrong exercise your […]

6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat After 40: Simple, Science-Backed, and Essential To Your Success

Overweight does not necessarily equal unhealthy. There are actually plenty of overweight people who are in excellent health. Conversely, many normal weight people have the metabolic problems associated with obesity. That’s because the fat under the skin is actually not that big of a problem (at least not from a health standpoint, it’s more of […]

7 Reasons To Eat 2 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil Every Day

Coconut oil is one of the only foods you could legitimately call a “superfood.” Coconut oil is also of the most controversial foods on the market right now. There are 3 types of people you meet when you mention coconut oil: 1.) The person who will NEVER touch it because it contains saturated fat and […]

11 Powerful Foods to Increase Your Metabolism

Every woman wants to boost their metabolic rate and if you don’t, then you SHOULD want to. Women interested in fat loss are very interested in finding ways (sometimes not so healthy ways) to increase their metabolism. It’s an interesting phenomenom, this Holy Grail of the optimal metabolic rate. Some supplements claim to boost it […]

4 Simple Keys for Weight Loss

Imagine this scenario: You polish off your sneakers and clean your spatula (from your super healthy breakfast) and hit your workout, with the intention of going to the farmers market afterwards. Next thing you know, 3 weeks later, you’re pants are fitting a little loose, your skin looks more vibrant, you aren’t tired anymore, and […]

10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss INEVITABLE (Part 2)

Remember, the only inevitable thing about your body and health is that after you CHOOSE to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will inevitably stay healthy, sexy, and happy. From here on out, NO MORE statements that suggest that you will be unhealthy, overweight, or sick. Such suggestions and thoughts have no business […]