What’s better for women 35+: cardio or weights?


If you absolutely had to lose 10 – 20 pounds as fast as
your body would allow, would you know what to do?

It’s not an easy question… and even the experts don’t
seem to agree.

One tells you to sweat your butt off for 40 minutes a day
on an elliptical or treadmill.

The next tells you getting trim and toned is all about
lifting weights…

And still others tell you to do yoga, Pilates, CrossFit,
or some other fad…

So who the heck is right?!

Actually, they’re all correct… for some women.

And they’re all wrong for many more…

You see, not every woman’s metabolism works the exact
same way.

That’s because every woman has a slightly different
balance of hormones.

And hormones are what really determines how much fat you

What can get confusing is this balance of hormones can
change week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year.

So to understand what will get you the best results,
you first have to know what your hormone type is right

And have the ability to discover how it changes over

Luckily, my friend Dr. Jade Teta has designed a fast
and easy online tool that pinpoints your hormone type.

He developed this tool based on the wisdom he gained
working one-on-one with women over the last 25 years.

Here’s the best part:

Once you know how to work with your hormones, you can
start enjoying a totally new type of workout.

It can burn almost 10 times as much fat as weights and
cardio. That’s according to a study done at the University
of California at Berkley.

And here’s what women love the most about these workouts:

> They take just 15 minutes, 3 times a week (great for a
busy schedule)…
> Variations allow anyone to do them (works for beginners
or advanced)…
> Modifications allow those with the most common injuries
to do them…

However, to take advantage of them, you first have to know
your hormone type:

=> Discover Your Unique Hormone Type and How to Boost Fat
Burning by 10x.

And here’s another really useful thing you’ll discover
about yourself:

Your hormone type impacts other things that may be bothering
you. Everything from hot flashes to headaches, cramping to
bloating, and mood swings to cravings.

Once you understand your hormone type, it can help guide
you to get instant relief from these frustrating issues…
and get back to feeling normal again.


P.S. To get in shape and stay in shape, it’s even more
important to eat right for your hormone type than working out.
That’s why Dr. Jade will also show you the exact foods that
can help women with your hormone type burn fat the fastest.


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