7 Ways You May Be Accidentally Damaging Your Metabolism

7 Ways You May Be Accidentally Damaging Your Metabolism

Don’t you hate it when you try to fix a problem or attempt a little preventative care only to make matters worse? I must commend those of you who are now fixing your damaged metabolism, as this is an often overlooked aspect to losing weight. But don’t forget that the chances of you reversing metabolic damage is pretty low unless you know what you are doing, so be sure to do your research before jumping in head first.

It’s not that I’m being pessimistic or think that everyone out there is incompetent; it’s just that good intentions don’t always yield positive results.

If you aren’t experienced in metabolism physiology, nutrition, and hormones and just like winging it at the grocery store, at the gym, or with your body chances are pretty good you’ll end up frustrated and angry with your lack of results.

I was once that guy, and to this day I’m still fixing a few mistakes I made a decade ago by my younger, far less competent self.

There are also issues of neglect, ignorance, poor eating habits, all of which can cause a metabolism to crumble faster than a Double Stuffed Oreo cookie in a glass of hot milk (eww on so many levels, I know…).

Most women would rather take a pill, drink some magic elixir, or wrap themselves in that weird It Works wrap (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work) to avoid the dreaded chore of getting healthy and improving their metabolic health.

Fixing a metabolism can be costly, and the mental anguish of knowing that it’s all your fault makes it even more of a burden. Stop blaming yourself for your weight loss struggles. While I believe in complete and total personal responsibility, your metabolism is messed up because of the LIES and MYTHS you’ve been spoon fed by huge weight loss corporations.

It’s time to take control of your metabolic health and wake up the accidental ways you are damaging your more precious fat-burning weapon, your metabolism.

Here are 7 ways you could accidentally be damaging your metabolism:

1.) Improper meal balance

A lot can go wrong when your food hits the plate, and since many women are too busy counting calories, eating meals with too many processed foods, or too little carbs, or not enough fat, this is one of the most “accidental” ways you are slowing down your metabolism. Not combining your macronutrients properly has been linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and over time a slow metabolic rate that makes it impossible to get rid of stubborn fat. Always be sure to properly combine your carbs, proteins, and fats to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and optimize your metabolism.

One of the first fat-burning concepts you’ll learn in my 8-Week Metabolism Makeover program is “Macro-Balancing”. Find out more on the next page…

2.) Eating late at night

This is a simple and easily avoidable issue: eating late at night can do a real number on your metabolism, and unless you have perfectly balanced hormones, your body is likely storing fat while you sleep. Many times its not THAT you are eating late it night, it’s WHAT you are eating before bed. Things like sweets, wine, ,milk chocolate, and baked goods are all going to cause inflammation, spike insulin, and lead to overnight fat storage. If you must eat later in the day, stick to protein or make your own late night treats to minimize the negative consequence. Also, it’s just generally not wise to eat high-energy foods before bed because they will interrupt your circadian rhythm, disrupting your restful sleep.

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3.) Overzealous exercise

You don’t have to exercise as much as Richard Simmons or do Ronda Rousey workouts to achieve an attractive physique. Over exercising can be just as bad for your body as under exercising, as it puts all kinds of strain on metabolic components and causes hormonal imbalances, specifically excess cortisol. Even high performance athletes will eventually begin to show signs of a damaged metabolism if they aren’t recovering properly. Sure, exercise can be a great way to boost your metabolic rate and lose weight, but a highly-stressed body performing high-stress exercise can be counter-productive to a healthy metabolism.

Try to find a balance between Richard Simmons and Ronda Rousey, intense but fun, like the metabolic workouts I use with my clients inside The Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle.

4.) The fat conundrum

For as fat-burning as fat is, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what fats to eat and what fats to avoid. Many women are either avoiding fats all together or just avoiding saturated fats, which are both no-nos when it comes to improving your metabolic health. By avoiding fats, especially saturated fats you are inadvertently causing your thyroid to slow down and your liver to overload with toxins. It’s best to limit the amount of unsaturated vegetable oils you eat and increase the amount of monounsaturated and saturated fats you eat.

I recommend only cooking with coconut oil in all my programs especially the 8-Week Metabolism Makeover

5.) Prolonged periods of sitting

This one can be hard to avoid, but there are ways to navigate around it. While exposing your body to sitting you can cause irreversible postural imbalances, inhibited breathing, and slow down your metabolic rate. Tight hip flexors, rounded shoulders, inhibited neck flexion, and tight chest muscles are all consequences of sitting for too long every day. So either buy yourself a standing treadmill desk or set your phone timer to go off every hour to stand up and stretch.

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6.) Not eating enough carbs

While not eating carbs may seem like you’re doing a good thing for your body and weight loss efforts, the toll it can take on your metabolism over time is pretty consequential – especially if you restrict fruit, grains, or starches. Depriving yourself and your cells of carbs is not only harmful to your metabolic rate, but it’s not sustainable, which usually leads to a failed dieting effort. Sure, there are many overly processed carbs that cause inflammation and lead to weight gain. The secret to carbs is knowing what carbs to eat to keep inflammation low and how to properly combine your carbs with protein and fat.

I teach you how to macro-balance your carbs and carb-cycle in my new program, the 8-Week Metabolism Makeover…

7.) Hormonal Issues

This is the one that can do more damage in a short period of time than anything else listed. Every day, hundreds of thousands of women are unnaturally altering their hormones, causing hormonal weight gain. Following what is recommend by Doctors is obviously not working out for your hormonal health. I constantly hear from women whose Dr. just can’t figure out why she can’t lose weight, so it must be time for Gastric Bypass (bad idea) or the super calorie-restrictive HCG Diet. There are healthier and better ways to lose weight like avoiding these 7 “metabolism killing foods.”

Don’t think for one second you need a short-term solution to your long-term problem.

How would you like to RESET and REV up your slow metabolism once and for all? In 8 weeks or less you can REVERSE years of metabolism damaging habits by using a simple metabolism focused diet and exercise program. 

On the next page learn the 4-step formula to makeover your metabolism to lost fat FAST…

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