Women: This torches 200% more calories than exercise…

Hey There,

Ok, this is one of those things after you read you’ll slap your head and say:


A 2007 study in the Journal of Internal Medicine revealed something startling:

There’s an activity that can burn up to 200% more calories than exercise…

  • It’s something you can do easily, every day, without going to the gym…
  • And it’s what studies show women who live the longest have in common…
  • It’s called NEAT… and it may hold the key to staying lean, healthy and living long.

What’s so Neat about NEAT: Neat stands for Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis.

That’s a fancy term for the calories burned by movement. Things like walking, fidgeting, standing up… but NOT exercise.

Most women think to burn fat, they should exercise like crazy… they have no idea the ridiculous amount of calories NEAT can burn:

Exercise burns up to 5% of total daily calories…
But NEAT burns up to 15% of total daily calories…
That’s 200% more calories burned from simply moving about!
No burpees. No jump squats. No lunges needed.


The NEAT-Hormone Advantage: However, what this study doesn’t talk about is perhaps more important: hormones.

You probably already know how important hormones are to your female metabolism.

But here’s where things get a bit tricky. Most women resort to two choices to lose weight:

Exercise like a bunny…
Eat like a bird…
There’s just one problem: both of those choices are like shock therapy for your metabolism.

Your body panics and gets flooded by the stress-hormone cortisol.

And since cortisol is linked to cravings and belly fat gain, that’s bad. Very bad.

That’s where NEAT swoops in to the rescue.

When you do a NEAT activity, like going on a long walk, it calms your system and drains cortisol.

Plus, it helps to reduce the weight-gaining effects of the fat-storage hormone insulin.

Less stress + less fat storage = a very good thing for your body.

The One Crucial Thing NEAT Does Not Do for your Body:

Yes, NEAT helps you burn a ridiculous number of calories daily.

Yes, NEAT helps tame the belly-fat hormone cortisol and the weight-gain hormone insulin.

But, unless you’re a genetic goddess, here’s what NEAT does NOT do:

It does NOT tighten and tone soft, saggy muscles…
It does NOT craft a lean, shapely physique…
It does NOT help you fit snugly into your favorite clothes…
NEAT just doesn’t stimulate your metabolism enough to get those things done.

What does?

Exercise… but, NOT the traditional workouts that create a hormonal hurricane.

I’m talking about metabolic workouts… which are like the “goldilocks” of workouts:

Not too intense that your cravings skyrocket and you dive face first into a bowl of buttery pasta after…

And not too little that you just burn up a bunch of time instead of burning fat.

But just the right intensity to tighten, tone and sculpt your body in a way you’ll love.

Do This Just 15 Minutes, 3 Times a Week:

Metabolic workouts are so effective, just 15 minutes, 3 times a week is all that’s needed.

They can be done anywhere, without weights, no gym needed.

And variations allow any woman, at any fitness level, even with an injury, to do them.

However, while metabolic workouts are super-effective, they still need to be customized to you…

… to what your body craves and what your metabolism responds to.


Understand What Your Hormones Like the Best:

Some days of the month your metabolism may require more intensity; while other days less.

When you learn to sync your workouts to your body’s hormonal rhythms… amazing results can follow.

Body fat stuck in those stubborn places begins to fade… and soft, saggy muscles whip into shape.

And this works regardless of whether you’re still menstruating or past menopause.

It all starts with understanding your hormone type: the unique mix of hormones that makes you, you.

Fortunately, my good friend Dr. Jade Teta has developed a simple online tool that can pinpoint yours:

==> Discover Your Hormone Type and Unlock Your Natural Body-Sculpting Ability

For over 25 years he’s worked one-on-one with almost entirely women.

He’s been both inspired and humbled many times. As a result, he’s learned a lot of do’s and don’ts he’s now sharing.

So as part of this tool, you’ll get a customized plan that shows you the best workouts to do at the best times for you. Plus, a few NEAT ideas to get your body torching calories daily.

This is quite a powerful 1-2 body-sculpting punch you now have access to for a limited time.

I hope you enjoy.


PS – This plan also shows you how to sync the right fat burning foods to your hormonal rhythms. That combined with the right body-sculpting workouts plus calorie-torching NEAT activities… life gets easier.

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