Exercise right for your hormone type (women only)…

Which of these exercises gets the best results for all women?

> Running
> Biking (or spinning)
> Yoga
> Elliptical
> Swimming

Surprisingly, the answer may be none.

While each may work for some women, some of the time, none
have proven to be THE best all the time.


Because every woman is unique. You have a unique body… a
unique metabolism…and a unique hormonal fingerprint.

Together, they determine how YOUR body responds to exercise
(and foods).

Some women push too hard and disrupt their delicate thyroid
and adrenal glands. That can cause cravings and hunger to
soar, energy to crash and sleep to suffer.

Others don’t push hard enough and their metabolism flatlines.
Instead of burning lots of fat… they just burn lots of time…
and our lives are too busy for that.

A Better Approach…

There’s a new approach to exercise that’s getting women
fantastic results:

> It’s just 15 minutes, 3 times a week…
> No weights or gym are needed…
> It has variations for any fitness level and modifications
for common injuries…

And most importantly, it’s customized to your specific
hormone type.

The one-size-fits-all approach to diets has failed miserably,
and the same goes for exercise.

=> Here’s where you can find out the best exercise for your
hormone type.

This customized approach only makes sense: What may be great
for a woman 35 and still on her period, may completely backfire
for a woman going through menopause.

That may explain why most exercise programs have failed to get
you the results you wanted.

It’s time to try something new… customized to you.


PS – You’ll also discover one crucial factor missing in the
exercises listed above. When this factor is added to your
exercise, it can generate up to 991.8% more fat loss. Sounds
unbelievable, but that’s what a 2008 study at University of
California at Berkley showed. You can get started here.


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