Low Carb Foods To AVOID On Keto

If you’re new to Keto, then you might think that all low-carb foods are created equal. However, many low-carb foods, in fact, should be avoided completely. Whether you’re harnessing Keto for weight loss or you’re taking a longer view and pursuing lasting health benefits, eating a healthy Keto diet is essential. Today, I’ll show you […]

Is Keto Dangerous? 7 Myths About The Ketogenic Diet That Aren’t True (It’s Safer Than You Think)

The Keto diet (aka Ketogenic diet) has been getting a ton of press as an amazing weight-loss diet. But is Keto safe to do? That’s why we’ve written this post. To clear up all the myths surrounding the Keto diet… Is keto safe in general? Don’t you need carbohydrates? Is keto unhealthy for you? Isn’t […]

Better than Keto?

It’s grabbing all the headlines these days… Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow are doing it to get (and stay) lean. World champions like Lebron James swear by it. Heck, even the “ageless” Mick Jagger is using it to keep on rockin’ in his mid-70s. The keto diet is helping these people burn fat, get energized and […]

The truth about skipping breakfast

Should you always skip breakfast… or never skip breakfast to lose weight? There seems to be more debate about this than how to handle the North Korean nuclear crisis! “Old school” nutritionists point to studies that show breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. “New school” scientists point to evidence that shows skipping breakfast (a.k.a. intermittent fasting) leads […]

The OMAD diet “rage”…

What the heck is OMAD? It’s a new approach to eating that’s getting phenomenal weight loss results. People are not only rapidly getting leaner, they’re also subtracting years from their appearance. The best part? They’re eating whatever they want. Really. There’s just 1 problem: OMAD stands for “one meal a day”. Yikes! No wonder it […]

The Truth About Fat: Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Let’s address the absolutely ridiculous idea that fat makes you fat. If fat made people fat, wouldn’t anyone who ever consumed lots of extra virgin olive oil (like in the traditional Mediterranean diet) be morbidly obese? Or what about the Inuit, who consumed a very high fat, low carbohydrate diet? Using this logic, they would have […]

The 4 Major Pitfalls Of Traditional Low-Carb Dieting

Right about now you may be asking, “Why do so many diets fail so miserably?” That’s what this article is all about. Many diets fail because—whatever other good things there may be in those diets—they do not help you make the shift to a permanent fat-burning metabolism. A fat-burning metabolism is where the magic happens. […]

What’s the Difference Between the Keto and Paleo Diets?

The Keto and Paleo Diets are extremely popular. Both generally focus on eliminating the high-carbohydrate convenience foods that have caused so many of the diseases of affluence in the last century. While there are similarities between the two diets they are very distinct from one another. If you’re wondering, “What’s the Difference Between the Keto […]

7 SUPER Fats French People Eat To Burn Stubborn Fat (And Why You Should Eat Them Too)

Did you know that French people are thinner than the rest of the world even though they eat butter, bacon, cheese, whole eggs, fatty meats, and creamy sauces every day? They look younger… they live longer… and they do it WITHOUT dieting, exercising, or eating any of the foods U.S. doctors and dietitians have been […]