9-Week Home Metabolic Workout Plan That Is Guaranteed to Burn Stubborn Fat

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with working out. You sometimes hate the actual workout, but you love the results you get from doing it, right? And it goes well beyond looking good in your favorite outfit. You feel better, have glowing skin, you improve your mood, handle stress better, and feel more motivated to live a healthy life.

Try this 9-week home workout plan that is specifically designed for women who want to build lean muscle and burn excess fat in trouble spots. Just like Juanita, pictured below, did after adding metabolic workouts to her routine.

fbs_juanita before and after

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Before I get into the ACTUAL workouts Juanita and thousands of other women use to get in superwoman shape, I’d like to help you master your form on the 5 most important exercises any fit woman needs to master before starting any exercise program.

Most trainers just throw a workout at you and wish you the best, not me. I want to make sure you safely and effectively use metabolic workouts so you can SEE noticeable results in just a few weeks.



The “Squat” is probably the most well-known exercise in the entire fitness world…and for good reason.

The squat is a MAJOR primal movement, meaning you squat in a variety of ways ALL day, except that in today’s world, sitting tends to overtake squatting.

However, doing squats throughout the week, will help ward off the negative effects of sitting for extended periods of time.

Many women believe their knees will hurt if they do squats, however, the irony is your knees hurt because you either don’t do squats or you don’t do them correctly.

Squats can be done anywhere, anytime.

image 10



I know…I know… you HATE push-ups. BUT, if you were to ask me what the number one exercise to tone your arms and chest was…I would say push-up and you would say “I hate push-ups” and I would say “well, then they are probably good for you!”

And then you would do push-ups, right?

One of the major reasons you might hate them is because you aren’t performing them correctly and putting too much pressure on your joints (wrist, shoulders, and neck).

For example, if you jut your head forward while doing a push-up, the entire exercise is going to fall apart.

A great way to keep your push-up position in check, is to drive your arms into your side, which helps keep your shoulders back and down, however this doesn’t solve the problem of leading the motion with your head.

So… Always, lead the movement with your chest!

Plie Squats

fwfl_exercise_plie squat

Technically this exercise could be called a “squat with your feet rotated to the outside” BUT this particular variation of a squat is my personal favorite.

The main problem I see with poor squat execution is the inability to drive your hips back as part of the first movement of a squat. If you don’t start the movement with a hip hinge, THEN you are going to put pressure on your knee joints.

And you DON’T EVER want to add pressure to your precious knees.

So, rotating the feet externally (as you can see in the video) helps aide the body in driving the weight back with the hips and through the heels for OPTIMAL glute engagement.

Optimal glute engagement = A nice, firm butt

The plié squat is also known as a sumo deadlift position, but since you are a woman reading this, it’s much more feminine to leave this exercise “plié squat.” Agreed?

Lastly, the plié squat (as you’ll see in your free workout videos) is one of the best exercises to do compound exercises with.


Mountain Climbers

fwfl_exercise_mountain climber

Mountain climbers are one of my favorite exercises, which works out well since they are one of the best core/ab exercises in the world!

The problem with mountain climbers? You were incorrectly taught how to effectively and safely perform a traditional mountain climber. THEN, your personal trainer has you doing all different kinds of climber and plank variations before you have perfected the ART of the mountain climber.

Yes, it’s an ART. I take my mountain climbers seriously.

The two main culprits that influence the mountain climber are your shoulders and your belly button/low back.

  • If your shoulders are rounding, you’re promoting forward head posture AND tighter shoulders.
  • If you’re low back is swayed in or up, then you aren’t engaging your core and abs like you should be.

Generally, if you fix these two deviations, your mountain climber becomes an EPIC exercise in your fitness arsenal.

But, not until you perfect the foundation.

Split-Stance Squats

fwfl_exercise_SplitStance Squat

Our final exercise to master, the split-stance squat. Think of this exercise as doing ONE reverse lunge, then staying in that position, squatting up and down.

Read the exact description in your exercise card.

The split-stance squat is an excellent exercise to tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It’s also a GREAT exercise to increase your balance and neuromuscular efficiency (a fancy word for how your muscles connect to your brain).

Posture is almost EVERYTHING when it comes to this exercise. Keeping your shoulders down and back and your belly button engaged in towards your spine will help keep all biomechanical systems in check.

Split-stance squats are an AWESOME exercise to “pulse”, which is to perform one repetition, then stay in the low position, pulsing your body up and down, driving through your front heel the entire time.

It’s one of those that “hurts so good!”

Split-stance squats should be used as an alternative to lunges, especially if you are struggling with any knee or ankle issues.

Remember, keep your front leg close to 90 degrees and drive your weight through your front heel and if you feel tightness in your quads (back or front) be sure to foam roll and stretch before and after.

When you join The Flat Belly System you’ll be given video tutorials of each of the above exercises, along with 16 personal-trainer guided metabolic workout videos with me coaching Juanita.

Now that we have covered the most important exercises, we can get into the 9-week program. This program can be done anywhere, including your home. Prepare with a few dynamic stretches and get ready to burn fat and build lean, attractive muscle.


Warm-up  (:20 each)

Run in place -> Up downs -> High Knees -> Squats -> Mountain Climbers -> Squat to twist -> Push ups -> plié squats -> High Knees

:30 Rest

Circuit 1: 2 sets

plié squats -> Push Ups (:30 / :20)

Alternate Reverse Lunges -> Mountain Climbers (:30/:20)

Repeat 2nd set then Rest :30

Circuit 2: 2 sets

plié Squat -> plié squat pulses  -> High knees  (:25/ :10/ :20)

Push ups -> Plie Squat Pulses- Up Downs (:25/ :10/ :20)

Repeat 2nd set then Rest :30

Circuit 3: 2 sets

plié squats -> push-ups ->High knees (:30/  :20/:20)

Alternate Reverse lunges -> mountain climbers -> Up Downs (:30/ :20/ :20)

Repeat 2nd set then Rest :30

Metabolic Burn Out :   (2 sets :20 each )

Plié  squat pulses -> Pushup pulses -> high knees


Do this video below:

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Do this video below:

My helper in that video is Shelley (pictured below):

before and after_shelley

I know the picture looks a little funny (my skills are in women’s fat loss, NOT in technology), but Shelly lost 19 pounds in the first 3 months of doing my workouts 3x/week.

When she finally started eating the Flat Belly System way, she dropped another 18 pounds and changed her and her lifestyle completely. Even her husband (pictured below) dropped over 21 pounds in just 1 year. This even works on Men!


Now that you have everything you need to take control of your body and fitness, the next obvious step is to make sure you actually do them. I can help you with even more videos, coaching, meal plans, and accountability inside The Flat Belly System.

The good news about investing in The Flat Belly System is you have 24/7 unlimited access to the meal plans, videos, and guides, so you can start within the next 10 minutes or 10 months, whenever you are ready.

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I’ll see you inside our Private Inner Circle and inside the program!

Your coach and friend,


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