10 Women Each Lost Over 50 Pounds Making Changes To Diet, Exercise, And Lifestyle

When you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, deciding where to begin can be super-overwhelming—but we’ve got a good place for you to start. We’ve talked to dozens of women who completely transformed their bodies—we’re talking shedding 50-plus pounds—and pulled together a list of the eight simple changes they made that had the biggest impact on the scale. Their tried-and-true tips might be exactly what you need to get on the path to serious results.

But don’t just take my word for it: These women’s results speak for themselves.

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You know that recording what you consume is a good way to keep your weight in check, but Brittany Hicks, who dropped 110 pounds in college, didn’t only write down what she ate—she also wrote down why she was eating it. “I realized I’d been using food to cope with stress,” she says. “Just noticing that helped me do it less.” Make sure you’re not making these food journal mistakes so you can reap the rewards of eating and jotting, too.


If figuring out what to put into your body is too overwhelming, start with how much you’re serving yourself. The easiest way to do this? Swap out your plates for smaller ones, like mother of two Jeanenne Darden did. With the help of this trick, she managed to lose an amazing 22 percent of her body weight, going from 187 pounds to 146 pounds. “I ate normally,” she says. “I just ate less of everything.” Pro tip: This trick is even easier with some cute portion-control dishware.

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Jennifer, a past client of mine attributes much of her early success to resetting your metabolism by avoiding three specific foods that were doing her the most damage. “I gave up gluten, soy, and polyunsaturated oils for 21 days and just like Nick told me, my body and health completely transformed.” If you avoid inflammatory foods and address your underlying inflammation that’s causing weight gain, you’ll lose weight easier and faster than ever before!

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Jen Tallman never thought she would have the courage to pursue a career in fashion due to her size…until she dropped 110 pounds by reducing her caloric intake and picking up running. Now she works at Chanel. How does she resist the temptation to deviate from her newfound healthy habits when eating out with friends? She checks out the menu beforehand so she always knows her healthy options. Just make sure you know how to spot what’s actually healthy—restaurants can have a knack for trying to make you think things are healthier than they are.


“I use low-fat Greek yogurt in place of mayo in recipes, and it tastes great,” says Krystal Sanders, who went from 185 pounds to 110 by coming up with healthy versions of her favorite restaurant foods. “It can also be used as a sour cream substitute.” The possibilities are endless when it comes to this tasty staple, but you can start with these dessert recipes.

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Yasmine Farazian, a professor at an art and design college, can thank Rania Batayneh, M.P.H., author of The One One One Diet, for the easy rule of thumb that helped her shed 50 pounds: At each meal, she made sure to eat one carbohydrate, one protein, and one fat. Finally, Yasmine had the template for making a healthy, well-balanced meal that she needed. “I would have the bun, beef patty, and avocado,” she says. “And if I wanted fries, I’d ask for lettuce instead of the bread.


After a cancer diagnosis sent her normally healthy lifestyle off-course, flight attendant Tracey Z. Dickson was heavier than she had ever been. When she was declared cancer-free, she hopped back on the treadmill and got her diet in order—and went from 158 pounds to 117. One of her diet secrets? “Instead of dessert, I’ll have a baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon,” she says. “It tastes like I’m eating sweet potato pie, but for a ton less calories.”

If You Do This One “Weird” Metabolism Trick First Thing In The Morning You Could Lose Up To 10.5 Inches and 12.2 Pounds in 3 Weeks Just Like a 38-Year Old Texas Woman Did…


This snack-busting tip comes from Tricia Minnick, who lost a whopping 128 pounds by cutting soda and processed carbs from her diet, filling half her plate with veggies at every meal, and brushing her teeth after eating. “It’ll help stop night snacking,” she says. “Fresh breath makes you less tempted to eat more.” Wise up on other ways to stop mindless snacking with these tips.


Think cooking healthy meals is difficult and time-consuming? Think again. Annie Allen, a postsurgical nurse in Tampa Bay, Florida, let her freezer do half the work for her—and now she’s down 52 pounds and runs about 10 races a year. “Frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh ones, and in minutes you have half of your meal prepared,” she says. These frozen meals are also surprisingly healthy if you don’t have time to mix and match one of your own.


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I have good news! There is something positive about needing to lose over 50 pounds. The more you need to lose, the faster (and somewhat) easier your weight can come off.

The catch? You still need to do the right things, eat the right foods, and do the right exercise. You can’t just WISH or HOPE your weight will go away.

Did you notice none of these women who have lost OVER 500 pounds combined, said anything about eating LESS and/or exercising MORE?

Restricting calories not only causes a slow metabolism and fat storage, but it will literally make you crazy, obsessed about food, have feelings of guilt, and dwelling on your past failures.

Also, without proper nutrition your cells can’t achieve their optimal metabolic function, causing a slow thyroid.

The time to STOP restricting calories and start eating whole foods is NOW.

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Remember, your daily habits make or break your ability to lose weight and get healthy. Choose the right habits that give you the best results possible.

Helping you transform your body one habit at a time,


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