Do These 5 Exercises First Thing In The Morning To Burn Body Fat 24/7


5 Exercises

Excess fat around the belly is not just that annoying midsection tire that makes you feel self-conscious but it also has been shown to raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.  That being said burning off that belly fat should be a high priority when it comes to your health.   

Unfortunately, most women are trying to lose weight to get healthy, instead of getting healthy to lose weight. The healthiest and most effective form of exercise to burn stubborn belly fat are metabolic exercises.

Most women make the mistake of doing too much cardio, causing an increase in the stress, fat-storing hormone, cortisol. The other major mistake women make is not doing metabolic resistance training exercises.

I have most of my clients start with these 5 metabolic exercises first thing in the morning, before like gets in the way. I’ll give you a simple workout at the end of this article so you know exactly how many to do.

The best part about these exercises, aside from building core strength and boosting your metabolism is they will help you burn fat 24/7 as long as you do them consistently.

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5 Metabolic Exercises To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat



The “Squat” is probably the most well-known exercise in the entire fitness world…and for good reason.

The squat is a MAJOR primal movement, meaning you squat in a variety of ways ALL day, except that in today’s world, sitting tends to overtake squatting.

However, doing squats throughout the week, will help ward off the negative effects of sitting for extended periods of time.

Many women believe their knees will hurt if they do squats, however, the irony is your knees hurt because you either don’t do squats or you don’t do them correctly.

Squats can be done anywhere, anytime.

Here’s an instructional video to help you do squats:

image 10



I know…I know… you HATE push-ups. BUT, if you were to ask me what the number one exercise to tone your arms and chest was…I would say push-up and you would say “I hate push-ups” and I would say “well, then they are probably good for you!”

And then you would do push-ups, right?

One of the major reasons you might hate them is because you aren’t performing them correctly and putting too much pressure on your joints (wrist, shoulders, and neck).

For example, if you jut your head forward while doing a push-up, the entire exercise is going to fall apart.

A great way to keep your push-up position in check, is to drive your arms into your side, which helps keep your shoulders back and down, however this doesn’t solve the problem of leading the motion with your head.

So… Always, lead the movement with your chest!

Here’s an instructional video to help you do push-ups:

Plie Squats

fwfl_exercise_plie squat

Technically this exercise could be called a “squat with your feet rotated to the outside” BUT this particular variation of a squat is my personal favorite.

The main problem I see with poor squat execution is the inability to drive your hips back as part of the first movement of a squat. If you don’t start the movement with a hip hinge, THEN you are going to put pressure on your knee joints.

And you DON’T EVER want to add pressure to your precious knees.

So, rotating the feet externally (as you can see in the video) helps aide the body in driving the weight back with the hips and through the heels for OPTIMAL glute engagement.

Optimal glute engagement = A nice, firm butt

The plié squat is also known as a sumo deadlift position, but since you are a woman reading this, it’s much more feminine to leave this exercise “plié squat.” Agreed?

Lastly, the plié squat (as you’ll see in your free workout videos) is one of the best exercises to do compound exercises with.

Here’s an instructional video to help you do plie squats:


Mountain Climbers

fwfl_exercise_mountain climber

Mountain climbers are one of my favorite exercises, which works out well since they are one of the best core/ab exercises in the world!

The problem with mountain climbers? You were incorrectly taught how to effectively and safely perform a traditional mountain climber. THEN, your personal trainer has you doing all different kinds of climber and plank variations before you have perfected the ART of the mountain climber.

Yes, it’s an ART. I take my mountain climbers seriously.

The two main culprits that influence the mountain climber are your shoulders and your belly button/low back.

  • If your shoulders are rounding, you’re promoting forward head posture AND tighter shoulders.
  • If you’re low back is swayed in or up, then you aren’t engaging your core and abs like you should be.

Generally, if you fix these two deviations, your mountain climber becomes an EPIC exercise in your fitness arsenal.

But, not until you perfect the foundation.

Here’s an instructional video to help you do mountain climbers:

Split-Stance Squats

fwfl_exercise_SplitStance Squat

Our final exercise to master, the split-stance squat. Think of this exercise as doing ONE reverse lunge, then staying in that position, squatting up and down.

Read the exact description in your exercise card.

The split-stance squat is an excellent exercise to tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It’s also a GREAT exercise to increase your balance and neuromuscular efficiency (a fancy word for how your muscles connect to your brain).

Posture is almost EVERYTHING when it comes to this exercise. Keeping your shoulders down and back and your belly button engaged in towards your spine will help keep all biomechanical systems in check.

Split-stance squats are an AWESOME exercise to “pulse”, which is to perform one repetition, then stay in the low position, pulsing your body up and down, driving through your front heel the entire time.

It’s one of those that “hurts so good!”

Split-stance squats should be used as an alternative to lunges, especially if you are struggling with any knee or ankle issues.

Remember, keep your front leg close to 90 degrees and drive your weight through your front heel and if you feel tightness in your quads (back or front) be sure to foam roll and stretch before and after.

Here’s an instructional video to help you do split-stance squats:

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The awesome underrated characteristic of metabolic workouts is their ability to burn a significant amount of calories DURING a workout. Most people discuss only the “after-burn” effect of these type of workouts, allowing long bouts of cardio workouts to swoop in and shout “I burn more calories during your workout.”

The best type of workouts focus on what happens while you are at rest, instead of what happens physiologically during your routine. However, if you look at the numbers, metabolic workouts can and often do burn just as many if not more than traditional cardio.

If you ask me, I’d much rather work out hard for 20-25 minutes, instead of spending an hour and half on a treadmill.

Understanding the different types of workouts and why one workout is better than another can be confusing. If you want to experience the magic fat-burning power of metabolic workouts, click this link to lose Up To 10.5 Inches and 12.2 Pounds in 3 Weeks Just Like a 38-Year Old Texas Woman Did…

Remember, not all metabolic workouts are created equal, but they all have the same goal…fat loss.

When starting an exercise program, be sure to start a plan that focuses on losing FAT, not (just) losing WEIGHT.

Your friend and coach,


Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer

P.S. The purpose of a metabolic workout is to…you guessed it, increase your overall metabolic rate. Not necessarily, during your workout (although you will burn calories), but more importantly AFTER your workout, while at rest. I’ve seen women go to the same exercise class every day for 2 years with NO results, in fact, many would see inhibited progress. It’s not the quantity of exercise, it’s the quality. Click HERE for the best quality of exercise (and an awesome fat loss nutrition program).

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