5 Secrets to Burn Stubborn Female Fat


Do you have belly fat that you wish wasn’t there?

Of course, you either do right now OR have had it in the past OR might have again in the future.

There are many contributing factors to belly fat that just won’t budge, no matter what you throw at it.

Cardio, low calorie diets, raspberry ketones, metabolism boosters, etc…

But again all of those things that are mentioned are the exact OPPOSITE of what you should actually be doing to burn stubborn belly fat.

Many of my most successful clients WERE doing excessive amounts of cardio, counting calories on restrictive diets, and dabbling in HCG raspberry ketones (thanks Dr. Oz). BUT they soon saw the Fit for Life light at the end of the healthy weight loss tunnel.

They soon began to implement long-term sustainable strategies that not only started working right away, but that were guaranteed to last for the long-term.

THAT’S what ANY strategy for weight loss should be no matter what, long-term HEALTH focused.

It may not be what you want to hear, but I will show you it’s truly what you need to get rid of that belly fat that you’ve been struggling with for years.

In this article I’m going to reveal to you the same secrets I’ve told the clients I mentioned above. Once you start to grasp them, you’ll begin your journey to getting rid of even the most stubborn of fat.

Some (or all) will challenge your current beliefs or what you read in popular magazines. My wish is for you become brutally honest with yourself, your results, and your beliefs.

If what you are doing is working and you progress at a rate you are happy with, by all means, ignore my message and carry on.

You are free to ignore it all or you can read and implement with an open mind and looser clothes.

Are you ready?

Secret #1: Use Resistance Training to Boost Metabolism and Build Lean Muscle

Most women will never know the POWER of resistance training. Now, I’m not talking about super intense bodybuilding that makes you look like a muscular mess (no offense to ladies with muscle bigger than mine). I’m more interested in showing you how to lift decently heavy weights to build lean muscle and simultaneously burn fat.

Metabolic resistance training has been around for years, but has taken a back seat to traditional cardio, super intense exercise programs (P90X, Crossfit), and or nothing…

It’s time for women (you?) to start being efficient and effective with your precious time (and money) and start performing short-intense workouts that burn a good amount of calories during AND while you are at rest.

Remember, you can’t tone what you don’t have, so you need to lift weights to build a little muscle to tone it up with fat-burning nutrition and workouts.

Bottom Line: Resistance training is far superior than traditional cardio, because of it’s unique ability to burn calories AND build lean muscle, creating the perfect fat-burning metabolic storm.

Secret #2: Ditch the Abs, Train Your Core and More

Every great trainer or coach has their hands full with this particular topic. Women ALWAYS want to work abs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to “do more abs” or “when is the ab workout this week?”

I cringe inside and a little piece of my personal training self dies a bit….just kidding!

The reality is, your abs make up such a small portion of your total metabolic muscle mass. In other words, “working out” your abs won’t contribute to an increase in your fat-burning metabolic muscle.

Which is why I promote performing exercises I call “Bang for Your Buck” exercise like squats, deadlifts, back rows, mountain climbers, etc…

All of these work your nearly your entire body and more importantly, your CORE, which houses your “abs.”

The best types of crunches, if you insist on doing them should be performed on the stability ball as it eliminates spinal pressure.

Bottom Line: Focus on working your entire core musculature and avoid doing entire workouts (longer than 15 minutes) for JUST your abs, unless you have endless amounts of time and/or are training for a “crunch-off.”

Secret #3: Choose Interval or Circuit Training Over Cardio

Many women are stuck in the cardio for weight loss trap. They think because they haven’t seen the scale move or haven’t noticed a change in their clothes that they should do MORE cardio.

When I tell them according to recent studies they should be doing LESS cardio, they always look at me like I’m crazy. Instead of asking you to “trust me”, I want to ask you a question:

“How is ALL that cardio working out for YOU?”

If you are tight and toned in ALL the right places and endless cardio is your solution, keep it up!

However, if you are like most women, cardio is a dead-end strategy. You usually have to do way too much to reap the benefits OR do sprint based sessions, but those are considered more interval workouts.

Why is cardio so “bad” for fat loss? In a nutshell, our bodies weren’t designed to RUN long distances, walk yes, running releasing large amounts of stress hormones in an already stressed out body, NO.

Metabolic interval training workouts are fast , low stress, and focus on creating lean muscle. Cardio focuses strictly on calorie burning, which is OK, but nor ideal. You deserve IDEAL.

Bottom Line: Most of the time, you should choose metabolic circuit training style workouts or fat loss. Cardio should be kept to either random small races (for fun), short bursts of play or sprints, long walks, and/or the occasional jogs on the beach.

Click HERE to see how women are exercising LESS (20 minutes 4x/week) to lose MORE weight.

Secret #4: Nutrition Rules

I told myself I would NEVER say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, but they kiiiiinnnddaaaa are. And I really don’t want to use the cliché “You can’t out train a poor diet”, but you kiiiinnnddaaaa can’t.

If you don’t have your nutrition dialed in, your workouts not only won’t be as effective, BUT you are climbing an uphill battle.

In regards to exercising, the most common issue I see with woman is they don’t eat well BEFORE their workout AND /or they aren’t increasing their overall quantity to re-fuel their metabolic needs.

The fastest and most effective step towards understanding nutrition’s KEY role in burning stubborn belly fat is to INCREASE your food quality.

Start with one food at a time. For example, switch your canola oil to coconut oil OR switch your whole wheat bread to brown rice bread OR your farm-raised to wild-caught fish.

Once you grasp the concept that your food quality is more important than food quantity, you’ve won over half the fat loss battle.

The rest can be fine-tuned and tailored to YOUR lifestyle needs and preferences.

Bottom Line: Relying on ONLY exercise is NOT a long-term strategy for burning off stubborn fat. In order to get your metabolism to where it needs to be (fat-burning) focus on your nutrition FIRST while improving your workout performance.

The ONLY nutrition program you should be on is one focused on helping you lose FAT, not weight, like The Flat Belly System.

Secret #5: Exercise for Fat Loss NOT Weight Loss

Wait, what? I thought those were one and the same? Well, kinda, not really.

Let me explain. Fat loss has more to with 3 things: hormone regulation, blood sugar balance, AND metabolic efficiency (which is usually accomplished by the 2 before.)

Weight loss can be the result of many factors that might not be as healthy or sustainable. For example, you can lose water weight, but not fat. You can lose muscle weight, but not really decrease your body fat percentage.

Your goal should be FAT LOSS. You will probably lose weight, BUT it will be in the form of fat, instead of muscle. You already lose muscle as you age, while help it going on calorie restrictive diets or cardio intensive programs?

Metabolic workouts keep stress, fat-storing hormones LOW and fat-burning hormones HIGH.

Bottom Line: When you focus on creating healthy fat loss and your intention is developing life-long sustainable strategies you WILL see significant progress. Avoid the short-term quick fix weight loss programs.

My Flat Belly System program is based on scientific strategies designed specifically to lose belly fat. These metabolic workouts focus on boosting your metabolism, building lean muscle, and burning fat all at the same time.

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