5 Natural Metabolism Boosters

When most people think of “metabolism” they picture a young, fit, and energetic 20-something year old full of life and “lucky” to be young. We assume most of these naturally thin people can keep their lean, attractive body mostly because of their genetics.

Your metabolism, essentially, keeps you alive. You can survive with a poorly functioning, slow metabolism, BUT if you want a healthy, fit, and disease-free body it’s about to consider focusing your diet and weight loss efforts on improving your metabolic health.

A fast metabolism is critical to preventing unwanted weight gain and can help reduce your risk of most diseases, since a healthy metabolism works for you at the cellular level.

Every single system in your body is connected, specifically to the health of your individual cells. A strong and efficient metabolism is directly correlated to a lean, fit body, but it’s also beneficial for immunity, digestion, lean muscle mass, brain health, longevity, and energy.

Did you know your brain is actually of the biggest benefiters of a strong metabolic rate, since its energy demands are extremely high?

Now the bad news? Your metabolism naturally begins to slow down after age 35, which means you need to act now to add specific metabolism boosters into your lifestyle to keep yourself feeling and looking young.

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5 Natural Metabolism Boosters Your Body Needs Now

1.) Avoid Inflammatory Foods

I recommend avoiding the following foods as much as possible:

  • Industrial/refined vegetable oils
  • Sugar, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners
  • Conventional dairy products
  • Processed grains and gluten (bread, pasta, crackers, ookies, muffins, etc…)

Avoiding inflammatory foods doesn’t mean you’re on a “diet”, it means you care about your body and health, in fact…

The fastest way to show your liver, thyroid, and digestive system some love is to go on a 48-hour “cleanse” of sorts. I don’t mean one of those expensive, strange detoxes that promises you instant weight loss. I mean just a good ole’ fashioned, no B.S. whole food cleanse.

Just avoid the foods I listed above and a few others I provide in my Flat Belly System, and that’s it. You can achieve the same level of detoxification just by avoiding inflammatory foods and adding in metabolism turbocharging foods (see #5).

Happy organs, cells, and tissues leads to a happy, fast metabolism that will work for you, instead of against you.

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2.) Ditch the Diets

We’ve all dieted, so we all know how miserable dieting is. We’re moody, starving, fatigued, and just hating life in general. Believe it or not, these are common “slow metabolism” symptoms. The best way to avoid a sluggish metabolism is to nourish your body with enough high-quality without depriving, starving, or restricting yourself.

If you want to keep your metabolism happy and healthy throughout the day try to avoid skipping meals. This can be accomplished by eating a balance breakfast, strategically snacking, and planning your meals for the day and week.

The goal is to keep your energy, blood sugar, and hunger levels stable. You accomplish this by eating food, not by restricting it.

I use a unique and up and coming movement known as Macro-Balancing with my clients to focus on eating the right combinations of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats). This strategy helps you focus on eating the right foods in the right amounts, instead of avoiding foods.

If diets worked, then we wouldn’t be dealing with increasing obesity, because EVERYONE has tried to diet, you know you have. Did it work for you?

Was it sustainable? Flexible? Enjoyable? Probably not…which is why you need a new approach.

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3.) Get Enough Sleep

Without adequate sleep your body cannot grow, repair, and rejevenate.

There are 3 ways sleep can slow down your metabolism:

a.) The hormones ghrelin and leptin play a large part in regulating your appetite. Ghrelin is a hormone found mainly in your stomach lining that increases your appetite. Leptin is a hormone in fat tissue that signals satiety. A study in the medical journal “PLOS” determined that a lack of sleep increases ghrelin and decreases leptin. This affects your metabolism by increasing your appetite as your brain fails to signal that you are full — even when you should be satisfied — leading to extra calories and potential weight gain.

b.) Insulin is required to turn the food you eat into fuel for your body. After only four nights of sleep restriction, a study in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” found that insulin sensitivity was decreased by 30 percent in adipocytes fat cells. When your body becomes less sensitive, or resistant, to the insulin it is producing, you are unable to properly use the food you are consuming. Decreased insulin sensitivity along with inadequate sleep create a perfect opportunity for weight gain as well as metabolic disorders like diabetes.

c.) Growth hormone is optimized with sleep. Studies show decreased sleep crashes GH levels. That’s because while your body secretes GH every three to five hours, you make most GH in deep sleep. If you’re a light sleeper or otherwise don’t get that replenishing stage 3 and 4 sleep, you might not be making enough GH. Studies show by time you hit 30, GH secretion decreases two to threefold.

Aim for eight hours of high quality, uninterrupted sleep every night to optimize GH. Nearly every hormone is released in response to your circadian clock and the sleep/wake cycle, so be consistent about bedtime and getting up.

4.) Try Metabolic Training

This is probably going to shock you…but excessive cardio can destroy your metabolism.

When you do too much cardio – like long distance running – your cortisol levels and stress hormones go sky-high – and your fat-burning hormones plummet.

As crazy as this sounds, it’s been proven in recent research.

Fortunately, there’s a more effective way to shed the extra pounds – and increase your metabolism at the same time. The secret is revealed in – The 8-Week Metabolism Makeover: Reset Your Metabolism and Regain Your Youthful Fat-Burning Body.

Metabolic training provides you with the two most important benefits of an exercise program:

1.) It helps you build LEAN, attractive muscle mass. This is important because as I’ve said time and time again, MUSCLE BURNS FAT. Sorry for screaming, but I need you to understand this concept.

2.) It burns calories while you’re working out and, more importantly while you’re NOT working out. So, you exercised for 30 minutes, great…what about the other 23 and a half hours? That’s where a metabolic workout comes into play.

Skip the cardio and instead go for bodyweight exercises or light resistance training. Your workouts should be fast, SHORT, and intense leaving you with TONS of energy and an elevated metabolic rate, leaving you burning calories all day long.

A properly done metabolic exercise routine activates what’s known as “The After-Burn Effect” helping to boost your metabolic rate for up to 36 hours..

If you invest a few pennies a day in the 8-Week Metabolism Makeover, as a bonus I’m giving you 16 metabolic training personal-trainer exercise videos, along with the exact program Juanita used to lose over 40 pounds of belly fat.

5.) Add Metabolism Turbocharging Foods

Aside from eliminating inflammatory foods, the next best thing to naturally boost your metabolism is to add the healthiest foods.

In fact, I should have added this natural metabolism booster first, because I like to focus on what to ADD, instead of what to ELIMINATE. The last thing I want you to feel on a metabolism-focused diet is restricted.

What is a metabolism turbocharging food?

Simply put, any food that enhances your health is a food that will promote a healthy, fast metabolism.

Proteins: grass fed beef, chicken, fish, beans, quinoa, organic protein powders, gelatin, eggs, etc…

Fats: coconut oil, eggs, olive oil, avocado, grass-fed butter, etc…

Carbs: vegetables, fruits, starches, gluten-free grains, legumes, etc…

Boosting your metabolism doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or impossible. The fact is, women who focus on boosting their metabolism BEFORE losing weight will be successful. Just like thousands of women who have joined my online programs, specifically The 3-Week Metabolism Diet.

But I must warn you…

Adding these 5 metabolism boosters to your life won’t matter if you are killing your metabolism.

I’ve discovered the 8 “healthy” habits harming your metabolism, preventing you from achieving optimal health and I’m going to share them with you on the next page…

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