29 Quick Hacks To Keep Your Body In Fat-Burning Ketosis

Ketosis is a process of metabolism where, owing to low supply of energy in the body that results from insufficient glucose in the blood, the body transforms stored fat into energy, consequently releasing byproducts in form of acids known as ketones.
This process has given rise to a diet that is popular with people who want to lose fat and at the same time maintain a high energy level, known as ketogenic diet.

Here are some of the ways you can reach the state of ketosis:

1. Intermittent Fasting

This is arguably one of the most helpful ways to manage your lifestyle in order to put your body in the state of ketosis, which will then aid in reducing your weight.

Some scientific studies show that fasting intermittently can control the mitochondria in your body cells in ways that are parallel to those of the ketogenic or low-carb diet, and that it can lengthen your lifespan.

This kind of fasting suggests that anything with calories must not be consumed for a certain period of time.
Consequently, the extra glucose in the body that normally results from consumption of carbohydrates diminishes.
The main objective of the keto diet is to have your body melt the stored fats and turn them into energy as soon as it has completed utilizing the glucose in the blood system.
As you will soon see, there are different intermittent fasting methods that you can follow in order to succeed in ketosis more quickly.
One advice I’d like to give to beginners is to skip the first meal in the morning in order for them to adapt to the protocol.
After your body has become familiar with ketosis, you can then proceed to the so-called “fat fasting” where you embark on a weight reduction plateau.
This is a period of time when 80% – 90% of your calorie intake comes from fat. However, this stage, where you will also be limiting the intake of other foods, should not take longer than 3 to 5 days. Because of this food limitation, your body will speed up your metabolism and melt down more fat within a shorter time.

2. Reduce Stress

The number one enemy that hinders your body from entering ketosis is stress, and the reason is that cortisol, which is a form of stress hormone, increases the level of sugar in your blood, and that hinders the body from melting away those unwanted fats and converting them into energy.
So, you need to take that into consideration if you are in a stressful stage in your life. You need to lower your stress level first before you can embark on the ketogenic diet, otherwise the diet will not have any effect on you.
Instead it may worsen your situation.
One thing you can do is undertake a stress reduction plan, so that you can dedicate a huge part of your waking hours on the road to health through ketosis.
However, if you have the urge to begin a keto diet immediately, it is still possible. Just keep in mind the fact that it is a must to reduce the stress in your life.
Some of the ways to reduce stress are:
  • Taking regular exercise
  • Sleeping early and getting enough sleep
  • Taking up a hobby
  • Practicing meditation or even yoga

3. Do Not Overlook Sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep will most probably increase the hormones of stress in your body, and this can hinder you from reaching the fat-melting phase.
On the other hand, adhering to a regular sleeping schedule while on a keto diet will help to enhance your sleep quality.
It is also very important that you have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.
However, if you find yourself hitting fewer hours, you can try going to bed earlier by 30 minutes every time until you attain the recommended hours of sleep.
Numerous scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep can significantly hinder your ability to lose weight.
Some of the ways you can attain good sleep include:
  • Sleeping in a cool room with temperature of around 65°F, and at the same time maintaining a dark ambiance in the room to help you fall into a deep sleep.
  • Also, taking melatonin is a natural way to help you have a deep and sound sleep

4. Addition of Salt to your Diet Works Wonders


There is a wrong notion that daily consumption of sodium in high dosage has a negative effect on health. However, this is only true in cases of high carbohydrate diets, and that is because these diets signify high insulin levels, and when insulin levels increase significantly, sodium naturally accumulates in the kidneys.

That is why when you embark on a low carbohydrate diet that is high in fat just like the keto diet levels of insulin are much lower and the salt in your body is readily expelled because there are no carbohydrates present in your body to increase insulin and hence retain the sodium.

Another piece of advice I’d like to give you is that while you are in the state of ketosis, you need to incorporate 3 to 5 grams of sodium in your diet. This will help prevent electrolyte imbalances.
Here are some good ways of incorporating salt in your diet:
  • Add Himalayan sea salt in your water, because it adds natural minerals into it without introducing any negative effects.
  • Consume foods such as cucumbers and celery that are low in carbohydrates yet are naturally rich in sodium.

5. Exercise Regularly

While you are on a keto diet, it is advisable that you have a regular exercise schedule, because this will increase your ketone levels and help you to speedily adjust to a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Your body will then eliminate any glucose that is not required in your body.

Exercising utilizes various kinds of energy for fuel, and they include carbs, fats, and amino acids. The more often you exercise the faster your body expels the stored glycogen from your body.

After your body has removed the stored glycogen, it then seeks other types of fuel and converts them to energy through ketosis.
Remember to include a workout routine that has both high intensity and low intensity exercises. Examples of low intensity exercises are steady state-like brisk walking or jogging. Such a routine stabilizes the sugar in your blood and helps your body enter the ketosis state.

6. Drink a Lot of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial whatever your diet, but you need to keep in mind that when you are on a ketogenic diet, you need the water more as your body expels more water from your body when there are no visible carbohydrates than otherwise.
You must make a point of measuring the number of glasses of water you drink throughout the day. It is recommended that you drink ounces of water whose number is half your bodyweight.
The amount of water you drink also depends on how much you are sweating, and if you are sweating more, then it is recommended that you drink more than your normal measure for the day.

7. Intake of Carbohydrates from Vegetables

Consuming carbohydrates from vegetables is very important as it ensures you are consuming fiber, which is very important nutrient if you are to have a healthy gut.
Vegetables that are non-starchy are usually also low in calorie, so if you are a person who likes the feeling of fullness after every meal, you need to incorporate this type of vegetable in your diet.

8. Gut Health is Important

Each system in the body is somehow linked to our gut. In fact, a lot of scientific studies have proven that the microbiome of our gut influences everything in our body, from our minds to our digestive health and other components of our body.
It has also been proven that if you have a healthy gut, the hormones of your body, flexibility of your metabolism, and sensitivity of your insulin levels become more efficient. This progression has a direct effect in the ability of your body to convert carbohydrates to fats for generation of energy.
When your metabolism is performing well, your body can effortlessly adjust to the keto diet, but when it is not, it has a hard time using fats as an alternative for energy and instead transforms it into unwanted body fat.
Your focus must be on developing the good health of your gut, which will then have a significant impact on your metabolism.
It is recommended that you implement a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet for the good health of your gut. Removing carbohydrates from your diet also implies staying away from processed foods, which are the main culprits in destroying your gut’s health.

9. Be Aware of your Carbohydrate Intake

It is crucial that you measure your carbohydrate intake, and while at it keep in mind that some foods that are said to be keto-friendly are actually not.
Examples of well-known foods that may have hidden carbohydrates are:
  • Milk
  • Yogurt and other foods low fat foods
  • Breaded meats

10. Avoid the Drinking Sodas Even if they Say that they are Zero Calories

Sodas that are labeled as “Zero Calories” uses sugar substitutes that can also give a signal to our body that a massive amount of sugar is entering our body. Thus, it can still result to a blood sugar level increase. It is proven that most of the sugar substitutes can give the body a same reaction as the regular sugar.

Added to the fact that if you are using a lot of sweeteners that are zero-calorie, then it will just give you an urge to eat foods and drinks that are sweet in the near future. This is where the benefits of keto diet comes into place because it helps you reboot your taste buds to crave healthy foods instead of junk foods.
That is why the next time you see a soda that are labeled as “Zero Calories” or “No Sugar” think twice because they are just using alternatives to the traditional sugar however those alternatives seem to be bad for our health too!

11. Food Scale is an Investment

When you are a beginner it will be a hard time for you to differentiate if the foods that you are eating are really good for a keto diet. Most of the people like to put only their emphasis on the food amount that they are consuming but doing so can eventually make you overeat and deprive yourself from the state of ketosis. 

Because there is a huge dissimilarity between glucose burning or ketones as your main source of fuel which can be that one extra tablespoon of peanut butter that you put your emphasis too.
However, once you get familiarize to what the correct proportions actually look like, then you can begin putting an emphasis on your meals. Proper guidance is really crucial that is why if you have friends who are more experienced in ketogenic diet ask them some questions on the topics that are not clear to you or just research the internet for some answers.

12. Exogenous Ketones Usage

The intake of exogenous ketones is like the easiest way to get into the ketosis state.The most well-known exogenous ketones on the market has this beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is an active form of ketones that moves in our blood and are easily consumed by our body.
However, taking a supplement that contains ketone will significantly help during the first stages of your ketogenic quest because you are giving your body a hint to start using ketones for energy instead of carbs.
But you still have to incorporate a diet which consists of a high fat and low carb for you to fully utilize the benefits from this way of eating, but exogenous ketones have the capacity bring you back into ketosis state even after having eaten a meal that is high in carbohydrates.
It is also an effective technique to prevent the keto flu which is very common in newbies.In this phase when your body is getting itself familiarize to consuming ketones, you can actually use an exogenous ketone to support you in eliminating all of the symptoms of flu that can come during the introductory phase of the ketogenic diet.

How to Avoid Keto Flu

Do you have an idea what is a Keto Flu?
Normally our body burns carbs for energy.
But when the intake of your carbohydrate is significantly cut down, just like on the diet of ketogenic your body usually depletes the glucose that is stored in our body and instead our body gets the energy by burning fatty acids. This is the complete concept of ketosis.
The keto flu is a defensive mechanism of our body when we are entering ketosis and turning to a state of burning glucose to burning fats.
However, a response of the body that is having its entrance on ketosis state can often show flulike symptoms. That is why you must know how to distinguish a real flu from a keto flu.

13. Measure your Ketones

You can actually monitor if your body is in a ketosis state or not by just using keto sticks, by using this you can monitor if you are still following your diet properly. However, the most precise tool to measure it is a glucose meter. But it is so expensive that is why people tend to use keto sticks if used on a daily basis.
Keto sticks are an excellent alternative because they are inexpensive. But always remember that there are lots of people that are saying that keto sticks are not that precise for the reason that the longer you stay in the state of ketosis, the more your body is capable to use ketones for energy rather than expelling it through urine. So, the count of your ketone may show that is low but the truth is it does not.
Keto sticks can measure your ketone levels through your urine, blood, or breath you just have to choose which do you prefer however the most accurate among them is through blood testing.

14. Bring Snacks that are Handy

A big factor when it comes to implementing a strict ketogenic diet is time.
Because of this there are lots of people are backing out of the diet because of the many homemade meals you have to create.
The solution to this is to make as many keto friendly snacks as you can so you will not be tempted to eat carbohydrate loaded snacks when you are short on time.
Some examples of homemade keto-friendly snacks that are handy:
  • Slices of beef
  • Hard-boiled eggs
This will be a great solution for you especially when you are always on the go, handy snacks that are keto-friendly are your source to remain in ketosis.
In this way you will avoid buying and eating foods that are not on the meal plan, many foods that are bought outside your premises may contain a lot of bad carbs and sugars which you are trying to avoid

15. Remove Unnecessary Foods that are Not Keto-Friendly on your Kitchen

There a lot of people who will only implement a strict keto diet if they only have those keto foods in their respective houses. And most of the people have fallen to the temptation of carb loaded foods for the reason that they have failed to eliminate them at their home.

It may sound very desperate at first, however changing all of your carbohydrates in which you intake with foods that are keto-friendly because it will aid you on not staying out of track. That is why when there is an urge for you to eat carb loaded foods; you will not have any supply that you can turn too.
Some of the cab loaded foods that you must get rid on your kitchen are:
  • Breads
  • Pasta
  • Sodas
  • Candies
  • Rice
So, the next time you enter your kitchen only keto-friendly foods are there and it will be your only source for your food consumption thus it will help you maintain your ketosis state.

16. Be Mindful if You are Eating in a Restaurant

At first it will be hard for you to find out which foods you must avoid when you are in a keto diet.
However as time passes by it gets easier. Almost every restaurant you will go will always have a keto diet menu ready that is why do not be afraid if your friends ask you to go out for a date or lunch out.
Here are some points you must remember when going out to a restaurant to eat:
  • Breakfast – Always choose eggs and bacon. Do not tempt eating pancakes or toast, you can always eat more eggs and lots of green salad as an alternative.
  • Lunch – You have to swap the dressings that are loaded with sugars with strictly olive oil and vinegar.
  • Dinner – Every restaurant will have a meal that is more on meat. If you are going out for some dinner, ask them to give you the biggest slice of steak and interchange the potatoes with vegetables.
It is also a very good plan to look at the menu ahead of time for you to choose what is the right foods for you. And you can also ask your friends to go to restaurants that are flexible to people who are under the ketogenic diet.

17. Batch Cooking

By cooking foods in batches, you will give yourself no opportunity to fall into the temptation of eating foods that are carb loaded. Because you have your own supplies of foods that are suitable for a ketogenic diet.
That is why the main objective here is you have to learn how to plan your meals and cook them ahead of time so that you will never ran out of supplies.
In this way, you will not have to worry if you have eaten the wrong foods because you know that you are still in the state of ketosis because you cook your own food and you know what ingredients you put in there.
In this way, you can choose what foods to eat without compromising your diet.
This is where a lot of people fail in continuing ketogenic diet because they tend to get lazy in the long run and eat outside without knowing that the food they have eaten are not keto-friendly and they will later discover that they are out of ketosis.

18. Add Coconut Oil and Limit Alcohol in Your Diet

Coconut oil is proven to help you enter the state of ketosis because it contains medium-chain triglycerides which are a type of fats that are keto-friendly.
There are also several research studies taht say sources of fat with a higher percentage higher of lauric acid may create a more maintained ketosis level. For the reason that it is metabolized more gradually than other MCTs.
Also when you incorporate coconut oil into your diet, it is a good preventive measure to lower the risk of side effects due to digestion problem like stomach cramps or LBM.
You can put one step by ahead by putting up one teaspoon per day on your meal and eventually add some more until you get comfortable with it.
When you have the urge to drink alcoholic drinks that are not restricted, be watchful of the alcoholic drinks that may contain some bad carbohydrates and high levels of sugar. What you can do is research about the drink first before consuming it.

19. Be Watchful of your Intake of Protein

In order for you to enter ketosis or if you are in a ketosis state already to stay in that state you should be mindful of your protein intake.
The traditional diet of keto that is implemented in epileptic patients is their carbs and protein intake are limited to maximize levels of ketone.
It is also likely help with patients that have cancer because it prohibits the further growth of a tumor.
But, for most people, increasing protein to increase the production of the ketone is never a right practice.
First of all, it is crucial to consume the right amounts of protein to give the liver some amino acids that can eventually be used for the creation of new glucose.
In this process, glucose is provided by the liver for the cells and organs inside your body that cannot use ketones as an energy, like red blood cells and some parts of your kidneys and brain.
Second, consumption of protein should be adequate enough for your muscle mass to be maintained because when you have a low intake of carbohydrate your muscles mass might suffer.
Although losing weight usually results in both muscle and fat loss, that is why the intake of the right amounts of protein on a very low carbohydrate diet can aid in preserving the mass of your muscle.

20. Skip Breakfast

By omitting breakfast you are doing some benefits for your health. Because of doing so it causes ketosis to be intermittent and will also suppress your appetite. Just make sure that you are not eating your meal very late every evening because there are some studies which show that doing so can cause weight gain.
This is also a great way to give our digestive system some sort of rest and will eventually lead to a much better digestion.
But do not overdo this because if you have a hyperacidity it can lead to certain types of stomach ulcers. You know your body and you know what works for you or not. That is why if you feel that you can skip breakfast for some time then go for it however if you feel like you are really hungry then do not deprive yourself of eating.
Simply because ketogenic diet is not about losing fat in an unhealthy way, this diet is created to maintain a very healthy and strict diet and at the same time lose a lot of unwanted fats.

21. Intake Keto Supplement

There are various BHB supplements on the market that are available nowadays that will get you into ketosis really fast without having a flawless meal plan. By consuming these products, your body will be familiar with getting into ketosis in 24 hours.

Just choose the right supplement after doing careful research. The supplements come in powders, tablets or capsule it will just depend on your preference on what type of supplement that you want.


22. Consume Some Carbohydrates

If it is done the proper way it putting up some carb into your keto meal plan is absolutely doable and can give optimal results. However, if you want to get the best results you will need to get into intense weight training several days a week.

The technique is that every week you must consume 100 to 200 grams of carbs after your weight training (must be in the evening).

 The intake of some carbs to remove you from the state of ketosis temporarily which has some important benefits when it comes to performance.
It is called shocking the body it is usually done by bodybuilders whenever they want to grow some muscles on a certain part of our body. What they will do is to shock their body by changing the routines to get an more effective result.
The carbohydrate shocking method will help your body have a certain variety for a short period of time to make optimum results on your ketogenic diet.

23. Move a Lot!

Avoid ending the day without engaging in any physical activity. During the day you can try your very best to be physical. For example, instead of using the elevator or escalator use the stairs.

This will help your body successfully maintain the state of ketosis your body needs. You must learn to use your body.
Do not sit on the couch for too long for whole afternoon because many of us are falling to the temptation to watch the television all day especially on the weekends. This can make us gain unwanted weight and will affect our metabolism which is really bad for people who are trying to stay in a ketosis state.
If you cannot avoid sitting for long periods of time especially for those who work in an office. Make it a habit to take some time off every hour to stand or walk around. That small amount of physical activity in the office will accumulate to long term benefits for you.

24. Take MCT Oils

This will be one of the smartest decisions that you can if you want to enter ketosis or stay at the phase of ketosis. MCT is the shortened term for Medium-Chain Triglyceride and they are fat types that is really good for your health and your level of energies.

There are many MCT powders that are available in the market right now. As with any health supplement, do your research and determine what may be before you. 

25. Remove the Glycogen that is Stored in your Body

In order for your body not to use glucose but target the stored fat in your body for energy, you will need to remove the glycogen reserves by means of applying all of the techniques that are written here. Diet, exercise, supplements, and positive thing like exercise and cut down unhealthy carbohydrates.

In this way, you will get into the ketosis state in no time and this will eventually do a lot of benefits for your health.

This diet is also a good stepping stone to prevent type 2 diabetes because glycogen levels are maintained as low as possible in which it does not spike our insulin levels which will not affect us in the first place because being in ketosis gets the energy that our body needs through the use of fats.
Also, by getting used to this routine you will be a master of keto in no time and you will not have a hard time getting in and getting out of ketosis after you master this technique.

26. Deep Breathing

This is also crucial in maintaining your ketosis state because high levels of stress can significantly affect our metabolism thus will have a bad effect on our diet, mental state, and digestive system which is very crucial if you are trying to stay in ketosis.

By practicing deep breathing a lot of stress hormones are released outside our body through the form of stress and energy. Also, high levels of stress can affect your well being and because of this, your focus on your diet will be compromised which can actually kick you out of ketosis.

What you can do deep breathing on your exercise routine because it will greatly help to reduce stress.
You can make yourself busy with a hobby if you notice that your stress levels are getting high then it is an alert for you already to slow things down and take a rest.
Getting enough sleep can also reduce certain types of stress because the body and mind might just be too tired to handle things and just need to take a breather.
This is a good routine simply because you can do it anywhere you want too but just be sure that you stay away on polluted areas because it is not healthy to inhale pollution caused by cars and factories.

27. Take Regular Massages

We all know that being in ketosis is a little bit challenging especially if we are just a beginner at it. That is why need to see to it that you have time to pamper yourself because of your hard work. Massage is the number one way that you can do to help yourself.
Treating yourself to a relaxing massage will release certain hormones that are crucial in maintaining a healthy mind and body and added the fact of having a massage is so relaxing that can really boost your mood and health.
You can find massage therapists that offer home service so that you will not have to go to an outside location just to take a massage.
Many people are helped by this action. They reduce the likelihood of muscle cramping and increase the flow of blood.

28. Avoid Foods that are Instantly Made

This is pretty self-explanatory because instant foods like instant noodles, burgers, chips, chocolates and etc. contain a lot of bad sugar, sodium and unhealthy carbs which can kick you out of ketosis in no time.
And if you want to become healthy overall stay away from these foods because not only it will get you out of ketosis but also it will have a bad implication on your health if it is taken excessively.
Implementing a keto diet is really a challenge and you must really have a discipline in order for you to be successful in the diet. As we all know we have different reasons why we put ourselves in this situation some of us just want to lose fat the healthy way and some of us have a certain sickness like cancer, tumors, epilepsy and etc. that we want to heal.
With regards to drinks, what you must avoid are sodas, powdered juices (it contains a lot of artificial sugars that will surely get you out of ketosis in no time) and coffee if taken in excessive amounts. Coffee and some teas can be really bad because they can have an effect on our sleep.

29. Take Down Notes

This is very important if you want to maintain yourself in the keto phase you have to take down notes. Then you will ask me what kind of notes that you should take and how it will help you in maintaining yourself in ketosis? Just get a small notebook that you can bring with you anywhere you go.
Number one is you have to list down what you ate throughout the day to make sure that there are tracking which foods you may be intaking. If you accidentally consumed them then you can prevent it next time because you already listed it in your notes.
You can also write down what types of exercise that you have done throughout the day and what tasks that kept you physically active.
This is very important if you want to maintain yourself in the keto phase you have to take down notes. Then you will ask me what kind of notes that you should take and how it will help you in maintaining yourself in ketosis? Just get a small notebook that you can bring with you anywhere you go.
Number one is you have to list down what you ate throughout the day to make sure that there are tracking which foods you may be intaking. If you accidentally consumed them then you can prevent it next time because you already listed it in your notes. You can also write down what types of exercise that you have done throughout the day and what tasks that kept you physically active.
30. Consume a Lot of Healthy Fats


A large portion of any keto meal plan is composed of healthy fats. If you are a newbie to keto, it may take time for you to get yourself used to this kind of eating. Make sure that your intake of fat is 70-80% of the total of your calories. In this way, your body will get familiar to use fat as its primary source of energy.
Some of the foods that have healthy fats are:
  • Fatty meats
  • Egg yolks
  • Avocados
  • Olives

These foods are very helpful when it comes to improving our overall health because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that will really nourish our bodies to stay in shape and to burn unwanted fats as quickly as possible.

Like the oils that are keto-friendly you can drink a teaspoon of them, but they really taste bad so what you can do is use them in cooking your foods. Many of the guides out there say you need to drink it raw, although if you can follow that plan than use it for cooking and enjoy similar benefits

Can Everyone Implement a Keto Diet?

Most probably yes, but there are certain considerations that you must take into consideration.
For example if you are pregnant or you have diabetes, you should consult with your medical professional first. For those with diabetes, the keto diet may be beneficial to you, but your medications may need to be adjusted first by your doctor.
Almost all ages can implement this diet and with just proper knowledge it will become beneficial in the long run. This diet was created in the 1920’s to treat epileptic patients and they also found out that it is also good for overall health like losing weight and etc.

How Can I Be Successful in Keto Diet?

What you will need is a lot of patience and discipline because you will need to cook your own food that has a strict meal plan that you are following that is why it is important for you to have perseverance, and you must not be the type of person that gets bored easily.
Because getting into this diet is a commitment and a lifestyle that is why if you are not serious about it I advise you not to try it at all because it might have a bad effect on your health. You need to careful follow a diet and keep in contact with your medical advisor to make sure you gain the full benefits of the diet
  • What did I get from this diet?
  • I lose a lot of unhealthy weight
  • I became a better person (it really transformed me inside and out)
  • I am always full of energy
  •  My overall wellness became the best ever
  • I managed to learn how to cook different kinds of foods
  • I became health conscious
Those are few of the many benefits that can come from incorporating a ketogenic diet into your life.


So those are a lot of ways to keep you in a ketosis state and avoid getting out of that state. If you are really serious about the ketogenic diet you must learn to sacrifice and become discipline because it is the most important thing you can do to ensure your commitment to the diet because most people fail on those criteria.
However, if you are successful in implementing the ketogenic diet into your lifestyle you will have the amazing benefits of the diet like preventing certain diseases like cancers, epilepsy and other types of serious diseases. You will lose weight and you can possibly get abs (that’s if you are working out your abdominal muscles) and having an increase in energy. Some say people who are implementing this diet will have a longer lifespan. Sounds great?
So what you must do now is to gradually practice these techniques and do not rush on it because it will take some time for you to be a master of this diet.
The important things you must do are be strict to your diet, regular exercise, and avoid stress those are the most basic things that you must take into consideration when entering ketosis.
Many people have found success in this diet from celebrities, fitness personalities and common people like me. It helped us to have a better understanding of our own body and minds and to become a more disciplined person.
And as with any diet, please do your own research. Read as much as you can about the topic.
Ask health care professionals their opinion as to the suitability of any diet for you. Also, be sure to careful to monitor your own feelings during the diet.
If you have any extremes in your body then you should consult with your health care provider. You may not be able to continue on a particular diet. However there are hundreds of diets. There is definitely one for you. And who knows it may be the keto diet.

Where To Get Started On A Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is making waves in the diet world and for good reason. The ketogenic diet has been shown to help you lose weight fast, balance your hormones, and even reverse many diseases in our society.

That’s why I created The Ketogenic30, a 30-day ketogenic diet challenge designed specifically to help you get into fat-burning ketosis fast and by not avoiding your favorite foods.

Sure, you’ll have to make some changes, but it’s not as drastic as other keto diets that force you to count macros, calories, and carbs.

Not with the Ketogenic30. Click HERE to learn more about The Ketogenic30

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