5 “Healthy” Not-So Healthy Foods

It’s frustrating… For you, when your body won’t change, the scale won’t budge, and your jeans…well why are they fitting MORE snug since you started finally “eating healthier…” You might think, “Ok, so what the hell, I’ve started eating healthier foods, I’m not eating fast food, I even started exercising, and it’s been two freakin […]

6 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Running an all-women’s fitness boot camp that promotes resistance training, specifically metabolic based, I’ve literally heard all of the excuses or objections to strength training and lifting weights. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, whenever a male starts lifting weights, many times they envision looking like a Gladiator from the Movie 300, ripped, strong, and […]

10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss INEVITABLE (Part 2)

Remember, the only inevitable thing about your body and health is that after you CHOOSE to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will inevitably stay healthy, sexy, and happy. From here on out, NO MORE statements that suggest that you will be unhealthy, overweight, or sick. Such suggestions and thoughts have no business […]