Top 10 Foods to STOP Bloating (and Flatten Your Tummy)

Being bloated is the worst, isn’t it? What’s more unattractive feeling than feeling like you’re about to bust the button on your pants? It’s hard enough trying to lose weight, keep a trim tummy, and avoid inflammatory foods in today’s fast food society, you don’t want to also deal with a bloated belly! Which is […]

11 Powerful Foods to Increase Your Metabolism

Every woman wants to boost their metabolic rate and if you don’t, then you SHOULD want to. Women interested in fat loss are very interested in finding ways (sometimes not so healthy ways) to increase their metabolism. It’s an interesting phenomenom, this Holy Grail of the optimal metabolic rate. Some supplements claim to boost it […]

8 Really BAD Workout Tips

EVERYWHERE you look, it’s good tips this, great strategies here, and awesome ways galore…how about some BAD tips every now and then. We need more negative spinning for positive results, right? If you want the worst of the worst you are in the wrong place…I mean the right place, you are in the right place. […]

Need Some Motivation Today? Read this…

If you can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise or eat healthy I’m going to fix that problem. Well, actually I don’t need to fix anything…because lack of motivation isn’t a problem, it’s a mindset. Can you already tell this isn’t going to be your average “motivational message?” WARNING: I might sound harsh with […]