10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss INEVITABLE (Part 2)


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Remember, the only inevitable thing about your body and health is that after you CHOOSE to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will inevitably stay healthy, sexy, and happy.

From here on out, NO MORE statements that suggest that you will be unhealthy, overweight, or sick. Such suggestions and thoughts have no business in your NEW fit for life approach to health and fitness.

When you are taking the actions that promote strength, confidence, and longevity. Actions that are sustainable, doable, and focused on the long-term, then you will begin living a fit for life, lifestyle.

How about we whip out 10 more ways to make healthy fat loss inevitable?

There are a few TRUTH BOMBS in this blog post, so prepare yourself.

1.)    Control, be aware, and manage your stress.

Remember, stress is cumulative!

This is one of my many slogans. Emotional, physical, psychological, all the   –al’s, our bodies do NOT know the difference between these.

Whether you are being chased by a lion or hounded by your boss, same internal reactions and consequences. A daily lion chase wouldn’t be all that damaging to the body, unless it catches up to you of course, BUT an hourly dose of any kind of stress: financial, family, friends, relationships, exercise, pills, crappy food, pesticides, etc..stressburnscalories

It adds up to, you guessed it DISASTER! Knowing this, it’s easier to control what goes inside your body than your emotional reaction to what people say in your lives, so focus on that to minimize your overall exposure to stress.

Stress, it inhibits your digestion and your thyroid function, BUT it also requires more calories and specific nutrients to counter the stress response. You can get in a vicious cycle of needing more calories and if you do eat them, which you should, your systems become inhibit and don’t digest and assimilate the food as well, causing MORE disease and eventually fat gain.

Chill out and get healthy!

2.)    Sweet Deception.

Artificial sweeteners are just like the name implies, artificial, not natural, not of the earth and most importantly, UNSERVING of your body and fat loss goals.

Stay far far away from these guys. Most artificial sweeteners are neurotoxins; they are toxic to the brain, mind, and your health. Why would you put them into your body? Marketing, scare tactics, and impulse are mostly the culprit.

Don’t you see the products jumping on whatever the new trend or fad. Coke went from sugar, to high fructose, to diet, to zero, to let’s call high fructose something else, to buying water companies, to buying energy drink companies, etc. etc. The same goes for fast food organizations.

Avoid sweeteners with: Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Splenda, etc…

Use organic sugar, raw honey, Stevia, coconut sugar, REAL fruit, etc…to sweeten your life and treats!

3.)    No Joy in Soy.

Soy is NOT a health food. I strongly believe that women should stop eating soy, soy derivatives, and soy milk. Over 90 percent of the soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified, so most soy protein comes from altered beans. This means soy protein isolate is chemically modified, processed, and filled with pesticide.

Soy disrupts your hormonal system, negatively effects digestion, prevents certain nutrient absorption, and is a horrible protein source.

Soy does not want to be eaten, it produces toxins so things (you primarily) won’t want to eat. It’s a simple decision, don’t touch it. Fermented soy is ok, because it removes the harmful substances (Miso, soy sauce for sushi use only are examples).

Below is a graphic I made with the MANY faces of soy:


Fun fact: Asians only eat about 5 grams of soy per day. Americans eat closer to 20 grams per day. How many grams are you eating?

4.)    Isolation vs. Total Body.

When your goal is to burn fat, build lean muscle, and firm all your 2000 parts totally body resistance training workouts are the way to go! Unless you are entering a figure competition or want huge biceps, skip the isolation workouts.

Stay from 90% of the machines at the gym as most are isolation type exercises. Full body workouts burn more calories during and after your workouts. They work the core, the little muscles, the big muscles, and everything in between.

A good rule of thumb when you go to the gym: Watch what 95% of the men at the gym are doing and do to the OPPOSITE. Find a corner, grab a set of dumbbells, a resistance band, a BOSU, a stability ball, and have at it! Work everything to work your fat off.

5.)    Establish a relationship with food.

Part of my personal nutrition philosophy relies on the notion that your diet and nutrition shouldn’t be about restriction and having a “everything is bad for you nowadays” mindset. Similar to your relationships, you are either taking steps to making your relationships healthier and stronger or moving away from a positive relationship into one that is destined to fail.

Establish a working relationship with your food with awareness that food is your friend, wanting to give you life and energy. If you have a fight and eat a cheese Danish from a coffee shop, you better send your Organic chicken breast and spinach some flowers the next day and have a nice sit down! Too far? You get my point, food is healing and your lifeforce!

Eat consciously and with awareness.

6.)    Alcohol.

Not the best thing to be putting into your body, however, you don’t necessarily have to cut it out completely. Here are a few things to consider in regards to alcohol: Always combine an alcoholic beverage with a protein and fat, drink in moderation, choose beverages without added sugars, don’t drink to “wind down.” Restaurants love to serve you alcohol before dinner, why?

Because it raises your blood sugar, thus making you hungrier and more likely to order an expensive, calorie laden entrée. Now, your metabolic rate is suppressed and lowered and you are about to throw down 1000+ calories of who knows. Guess where all those extra calories are going to go? You guess it, your hips, thighs, and buns. All the exercise and good eating you have done all week for jiggle-free bodies are ruined. Think before you drink!

Ideally keep drinking to 1, MAYBE 2 times per week. Your new healthy way of eating will help reduce the negative consequences alcohol brings!

12fwfl_tod_reduce the alcohol


7.)    Ditch the Diet.

Believe it or not, “diets” work! Yeah, I said it. They work for a week, maybe 2, then what happens? Not only do you gain the weight you magically “lost” back, you stack on an extra 5 or 6 LBS. What had happened was…

What happened was your body responded to the change in stimulus, BUT our super awesome dynamic systems caught on to the calorie counting, point keeping, food weighing methods and turned the tables. Tricking the body is good, but not through the above mentioned epic fails. 

Making small changes to your diet that take immediate effect, but last a lifetime is the goal! That’s why I call my grocery lists simply: “The Abundant List” A diet in abundance is key to lasting long term gratification, health, and sexiness!

The most important thing to remember is to actually CHILL OUT! Health and positive choices will begin to happen once you start worrying and let go.

8.)    Treat, don’t cheat.

Bad food tastes good, I won’t deny this. A lot of times after we eat something bad, we tend to dwell and sulk about how it’s going to hinder our weight loss. Even though this may be the case, instead of dwelling on the bad, focus on the fact that you are rewarding your efforts from doing all the good things.

What’s left? Start doing A LOT more good things that move you toward your goals, so when you do slip up, and you will, I do, you will “deserve” the treat and it won’t be cheating. Agreed?

I’ll bring up my 90/10 Rule. Once your body has experienced real food for a long period of time, throwing in the occasional ice cream or latte, makes your body giggle and not your fat jiggle.

When you treat yourself, GET OVER IT. You deserve it, you are near perfect 85% of the time. Enjoy!

9.)    Surround yourself with awesomely healthy people.

Your lifestyle is greatly influenced by those closest to you.

It you want to be healthy, surround yourself with healthy people.surround

If you want to be fit, surround yourself with fit people.

If you want to live awesomely, surround yourself with awesome living people!

Start acting healthy, fit, and awesome and you’ll attract the same!


10.) Don’t Skip Meals.

Consistently skipping meals will lead to a consistently low metabolism, which will lead to consistently gaining fat.

Consistently eating real good quality food that keeps your blood sugar and hormones happy will lead to a consistently stable and strong metabolism, which leads to consistently burning fat and maintaining lean muscles.

All you have to do is consistently take actions that promote a healthy physiology, like eating when you are hungry, exercising as a lifestyle choice, and controlling your stress levels. 

You need fuel to function at a high level, mentally, physically, and physiologically.

If you missed Part of of this series click here to check it out ———-> Part 1

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!


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