The No Supplement, No Pill, No Gimmick Fastest Way to Detox Your Body

The Best Way to Detox
Do you want to detox your body without having to buy supplements, pills, potions, or other gimmicky programs that leave your metabolism worse than before?

Over 90% of the “detox” programs are nothing but money making scams that end up doing more harm than good. Our body can naturally detox itself given the right conditions. Here’s why you should avoid most detox diets and what to do instead…

The Problem With Most Detox Plans

There are literally thousands of articles on “how to detox” and they have a few things in common:

  • Going “low” (low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb)
  • Juicing vegetables, fruit, and “superfoods”
  • Fasting for a day or 3…
  • Promises of ridding the body of all toxins as long as you follow a specific supplement protocol
  • Give me tons of money for just a 7-Day Detox. (7 Days? What about the other 358?)

Believe it or not there are even worse detox protocols out there.

If you think you’re just out a few days of being miserable, or a few hundred bucks, think again.

The side effects can be long-lasting and downright scary. Here are a few common side effects of doing most detox plans:

  • Low energy levels, fatigue, and slowed metabolism
  • Digestion issues, IBS, gas, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Skin rashes, eczema, and more…
  • Muscle cramps, joint pains, etc…
  • Mood swing, depression, and frustration

The bottom-line: there is nothing “normal” about the side effects listed above.

There is an easier way to detox your systems. Follow these 4 simple steps and, no, one of them is NOT to go buy my “Detox 3000” supplement.

Eat Real Food

The right way to detox your body starts with a decision to eat high-quality whole foods. Eating a diet focused on the simple philosophy to “eat real food” will provide your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep your detoxification organs at optimal levels.

Step one is as easy as choosing fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, organic proteins, and metabolism boosting foods.

99+ Metabolism Boosting Foods

All of your metabolic functions and organ systems require specific nutrients and minerals in order to perform effectively.

If you avoid foods that inflame the digestive system, you’ll keep your liver and thyroid happy and healthy.

Which brings us to step two…

Eliminate Inflammatory Food

This should go without saying, but step 2 in order to detoxify your body involves getting rid of what clogged up your system in the first place.

I like to focus first on adding in the necessary nutrients to begin the detoxification process, since when you focus on adding instead of subtracting you’ll have a more positive attitude about the “detox” process.

However, poor quality foods is what got you into this mess in the first place, so it’s only right to include this step.

It comes down to cutting out processed foods, fast foods, industrial vegetable oils, preservatives, additives, GMOs, etc…out of your diet, so you can let the nutrient-dense foods from step 1 do their job.

To recap, you’ve decided to eat whole foods and get rid of the inflammatory (toxic) foods that make you feel the need to detox.

The next step is to oxygenate the blood and sweat…

How Exercise Detoxes Your Metabolism

Exercise not only boosts your metabolism and promotes the destruction of inflammatory fat cells (more on this below), but it stimulates the elimination of waste products.

Since your liver is the primary detoxifier, it makes sense to include “smart exercise” as step 3 in the natural detoxification process. Exercise keeps your liver and kidneys functioning optimally in order to eliminate waste products via your elimination pathways.

The other extremely important function of exercise in detoxification is oxygenating the blood, to make it easier to eliminate harmful toxins and waste products.

Exercise also helps to detox your system through the skin, you largest organ.

The previous 3 steps all lead to probably the most desirable step of all, burning fat.

How Outsmarting Your Fat Cells Releases Toxins

I’ve managed to not gross you out half-way through an article about detoxification, but that’s probably about to change.

The last step in avoiding scammy detox programs is to outsmart your fat cells, AKA losing excess body fat.

Fat cells are not only tiny hormone-producing machines, they also store harmful substances and toxins. This unfortunate phenomenon is known as bioaccumulation.

The larger your fat cells the more toxic build-up you’re more likely to have. So, naturally as you lose body fat by boosting your metabolism, the more you release these toxic substances into your bloodstream to be eliminated by the liver and antioxidants.

It’s a win-win situation.

You lose excess body fat, your body begins to detoxify itself more efficiently.

The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat

The Only Reliable Way to Detox Your Body

I understand a long-term, sustainable, and enjoyable way of eating isn’t always sexy, but when you commit to a healthy lifestyle you don’t ever need to detox.

Because you’ll never have to “detox.”

What I’m trying to say is, every day should be a detox day. Detox plans are short term and just put you back on the path to eating processed foods, chemical-laden, and inflammatory foods.

Detoxing your body is about keeping your body running at its best 100% of the time. Forget about the newest detox gimmicks.

Eat whole foods and exercise – it’s the “medicine” you need.


I’m NOT saying all detox programs are useless. Many times your system and metabolism needs a re-start or clean-slate to help you get healthy and burn fat.

I always add a “detox” component to my programs, like The 3-Week Metabolism Diet and Flat Belly System, but it always leads to you a sustainable diet.


What  “detox” programs have you tried in the past? Did they work? Let me know in the comments!

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