If You Answer YES to These 21 Questions You Need to Take This Metabolism Audit

  Anyone can lose weight if they focus on speeding up their metabolism. Over 95% of overweight women have something in common: they not only have a SLOW metabolism, but they have a metabolism that is “inefficient.” An inefficient metabolism burns fuel that you are feeding it, usually in the form of carbohydrate since the […]

The Inflammation and Weight Loss Connection: How Inflammation is Keeping You Overweight

Is inflammation keeping you overweight, fatigued, and unhealthy? When we decide to start losing weight, “inflammation” is rarely the first thing that pops in our heads. Our thinking immediately goes to: I need to eat less, watch my calories, start eating low-fat, low-carb, etc… I need to give up cokes, fast food, candy, etc… I […]

Is Your Slow Metabolism Causing Weight Gain? 31 Signs Your Sluggish Metabolism Needs a Reboot

A slow metabolism will make it nearly impossible for you to lose weight. If you have a slow metabolism, your body goes from thriving to surviving. In other words, while your normal (subconscious) metabolic functions continue keeping you alive, your ability to have energy, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle suffers significantly. In a […]

The 4-Step Process to Lose Fat and Speed Up Your Metabolism

If you’ve suffered through liquid diets, portion-controlled meals, calorie/point-counting diets, fat-free diets, low-carb diets, taking raspberry ketones, and Dr. prescribed diets, only to regain sometimes DOUBLE the weight you lose, then this 4-step process to lose fat and speed up your metabolism is perfect for you. You can reverse years of metabolic damage using this […]

The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping You Overweight

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat, but your efforts produce minimal or no results you could be slowly killing your metabolism with one of more of these metabolism killers. From eating too many carbs, too little carbs, the wrong kinds of fats, and the wrong exercise your […]

6 Principles For a Fat-Burning Metabolism

There is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat. Weight loss is easy. Fat loss, on the other hand, is harder. But, fat loss (what you REALLY want), doesn’t have to be hard. If you follow the 6 fat-burning metabolism principles laid out in this article and video, you can finally give up […]

7 Key Differences Between a Fat-Storing Body and a Fat-Burning Body

Do you have a body that stores fat no matter what you do? You’re eating healthy, exercising, and trying to change your habits, yet you still can’t lose weight or burn off stubborn body fat? If this sounds like you, you’ll need to watch the video below to learn the main differences between a fat-storing […]

5 Small Tweaks To Move From ‘Fat-Storing’ To ‘Fat-Burning’

The 3-Week Metabolism Has Helped Thousands Of Women Break-Free From Diets And Take Control Of Their Hormones As a holistic nutritionist I cringe everytime I read a diet book suggesting you should lower your calories, exercise more, eat fat-free, or take the latest metabolism boosting supplement. Your body is a temple and temple’s are started […]

4 Hormone Imbalances Preventing You From Losing Weight

TOP FAT LOSS RESEARCHERS IDENTIFY THE TOP FOUR HORMONE IMBALANCES CAUSING YOU TO STORE MORE STUBBORN BELLY FAT Researchers working in the field of endocrinology have identified an alarming connection between hormone imbalance and the inability to lose problem fat areas (like lower belly fat, love handles, thigh and back fat). An increasing number of […]

3 Ways To Reverse Hormonal Weight Gain and Eliminate Stubborn Female Fat

Question: Are you suffering from Insulin, T3, or Cortisol related weight gain? Did you know that strict dieting and certain types of exercise can actually trigger biological “enzymes” in a woman’s body, that forces your fat cells to store MORE fat, and grow at an alarming rate? And that simply reversing the same enzymes to […]