7 Ways To Turn Off Your Fat-Storing Hormones


There are 7 different hormones that have been associated with weight gain, and once you understand how they work in your body, you can turn off their power to make you overweight.

The reasons we gain weight often can seem to be due to what is happening in our lives that cause us stress. Sometimes, even though we watch what we eat and exercise, we feel like our weight gain is out of control.

Let’s look further at 7 ways to work with your body to turn off your weight gain hormones and rediscover the body you were meant to have.


1.) Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning Machine

Obviously, if you want to burn fat you need to have a fat-storting body. I made this video detailing the 7 key things you need to reset to switch from a fat-storer to a fat-burner.

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If you want to skip the video, I’ll give you the quick version. Actually, it’s pretty long, but this stuff is important. Your health and body are on the line.

You Need A Healthy Digestive System

Optimal digestion and assimilation of food and nutrients is vital for healthy weight loss. The hormones of the digestive tract are responsible for appetite control, food digestion, nutrient absorption, and toxin removal.

Your digestive system is strongly related to your nervous system, which influence your endocrine system (hormones). If you treat your stomach like a garbage disposal for low-quality foods, your hormones will repay you with weight gain.

To Burn Fat You Need Your Thyroid To Work For You (Not Against You)

The thyroid gland produces three hormones: Thyroxine (T4), Triiodothyronine (T3) and Calcitonin. T4 and T3 are what most people think of as “thyroid hormones.” These hormones play a significant role in your metabolism and in energy regulation in the body. Thyroid hormones act on almost every kind of cell in your body to increase cellular activity or metabolism. If there is too much or too little thyroid hormone, the metabolism of your entire body is impacted.

The 3-Week Metabolism Turns You Into a Fat-Burning Machine

You Need To Have Calm Adrenal Glands

Functions to control stress responses, releasing several hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. The adrenals also control blood vessel contraction and relaxation.

Optimal Liver Function Is A Must For A Fat-Burning Body

Optimal health and weight loss are not possible without a healthy liver. The liver is the major detoxification organ and also filters most hormones. It is responsible for 75% of T3 conversion (thyroid hormone) and provides energy in the form of glycogen. It also filters excess estrogen.

Metabolically Active Tissue (MAT) Is The ULTIMATE Fat-Burner

MAT helps to keep your metabolism high, but only ONE tissue helps burn fat. Brain function makes up close to 20% of your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). Next is the heart, which is beating all the time and accounts for another 15-20%. The liver, which also functions at rest, contributes another 15-20%. Then you have the kidneys and lungs and other tissues, so what remains is muscle, contributing only 20-25% of total resting metabolism. When you release fat molecules (FFAs), they are transported to your muscle cells to be oxidized (i.e. destroyed).

The 3-Week Metabolism Turns Your Fat Tissue Into Metabolically Active Tissue To Burn Fat 24/7

You Need Healthy Cells

Cells are the fundamental units of life ‘ the bricks from which all your tissues and organs are made. Your mitochondria provide 90 percent of the energy that fuels cellular activity and keeps us alive. It is easy to see how important well-functioning mitochondria are to our health and well-being.

New cells are made to replace the old cells that become worn-out or damaged. Providing the raw materials for the creation of these new cells from the nutrients you get in your food is one way that nutrition plays an important role in sustaining your cellular, and therefore your overall health. In addition, certain nutrients also protect your cells from damage, and nutrients in foods support your body’s energy production machinery.


An Efficient Fat-Burning Metabolism Is The End Result

The product of the previous 6, when your digestive system is healthy, your thyroid is elevated, your liver is detoxified, your adrenal glands are calm, your muscles are fired up, and your cells are healthy the end result is a fat-burning metabolism.

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2. Eat More Protein (Because You Probably Aren’t Eating Enough)

Ghrelin is made in the digestive system, and it is called the hunger hormone because it increases your appetite when your body needs energy to use. Being able to suppress the effects of ghrelin would help us to turn off this weight gain hormone.

Research published in the American Diabetes Association found that ‘Ghrelin administration stimulates GH secretion but also causes weight gain by increasing food intake and reducing fat utilization in rodents.’ The researchers looked at lean and obese people’s levels of this weight hormone. They found that ghrelin was found in lower concentrations in obese people compared to lean people.

To turn off your ghrelin hormone so you won’t gain weight, eat a diet high in protein and avoid high fat foods. Protein helps suppress ghrelin production in the digestive system to keep you from eating more and gaining weight.

Protein is the most important macronutrient when it comes to losing weight.

It has been shown to reduce cravings by 60%, boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day and help you eat up to 441 fewer calories per day.

If weight loss is your goal, then adding protein is perhaps the single most effective change you can do to your diet.

Not only will it help you lose, it can also help you avoid re-gaining weight if you ever decide to abandon your weight loss efforts.

3. Avoid Soy And Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Women undergoing menopause experience a natural decrease in the estrogen that their body produces now that they are no longer able to bear children. As a result of the decreased estrogen, body fat increases. Soy products contain phytoestrogen, which can block the human normal estrogen in the body.

Estrogen has a role in the production of leptin. Leptin is one of the most important hormones to turn off weight gain because it regulates satiety. Satiety is how satisfied we feel when we eat. If we don’t feel satisfied or sated, we will continue to eat, even if we don’t actually need to eat.

Researchers studying the role that estrogen has on leptin levels found that ‘In humans, serum leptin concentration was higher in premenopausal women than in men, and in postmenopausal women it was lower than in premenopausal women, but still higher than in men.’

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The same researchers found that in premenopausal women, serum leptin levels were significantly higher in the luteal phase or the later part of their menstrual cycles. This research suggests that increasing estrogen levels through dietary changes could help increase the production of leptin, which can help turn off weight gain.

4.) Do A 20-Minute Metabolic Workout In The Morning (Or Whenever)

Before I get into how metabolic workouts less than 30 minutes a few times per week is the answer to your weight loss struggles, I want to dispel 2 myths about exercise:

Myth 1: All exercise is good exercise. While it is smart to stay active and incorporate some form of exercise into your daily life, it’s important you’re aware of the negative consequences of exercise. Some exercise increases stress hormones, causing muscle damage and a lowered metabolic rate.

Myth 2: Cardio is the best exercise for weight loss. Excess cardio increases cortisol, your main stress hormone. Cortisol is a major problem in today’s stressful lifestyle.

Combine the calorie-burning power of cardio and the lean muscle-building ability of resistance training and you end up with a “metabolic workout.”

All it takes is 20-25 minutes of high-intensity metabolic training to see amazing fat loss results, like the co-creator of The Flat Belly System who lost over 40 pounds. (Click HERE to see her transformation)

Most women end up over-exercising by doing too much cardio. Cardio increases your stress-hormone, cortisol, which like I said above can fatigue your adrenal glands and decrease your bodies’ metabolically active tissue

The solution other than decrease your cardio? Do metabolic exercise that boosts growth hormone, your fat-burning and anti-aging hormone.

You can learn more about growth hormone and metabolic workouts and how Juanita lost over 40 pounds with just 20-minutes of exercise.

5.) Cycle Your Carbs

Insulin = fat-storing hormone. Let’s turn OFF the fat-storing effects of insulin, shall we?

Now that you know you need to eat more protein and balance your snacks it’s time to learn how to eat carbs and still lose weight.

In 2013, a British study confirmed what the fitness elite already knew instinctively, when it was found that this style of diet was superior to a standard, daily calorie-restricted diet for reducing weight and lowering blood levels of insulin (more on this later).

Carbs can actually stimulate fat loss and help you lose weight by skyrocketing your energy levels. Remember, glucose (ie. carbs) is your cell’s primary source of energy. That means carbs help produce energy, which helps boost your metabolism.

The problem with carbs, isn’t because they are carbs, it’s the type of carbs, how the carbs are combined and the frequency of them.

There are only 2 rules you need to remember:

  • Rule 1: On the days that you do your most intense workouts (like lifting weights or bodyweight exercises), eat starchy carbs, gluten-free grains, and fruit along with protein, vegetables, and fats
  • Rule 2: On the days that you’re either off from the gym or are doing some kind of cardio, don’t eat any starchy carbs, but continue to eat protein, vegetables, healthy fats and a limited amount of fruit.

Be careful when you try carb-cycling, many people get carried away and think they can eat whatever carbs they want and end up eating inflammatory foods. Whether you’re eating high-carb or low-carb, if you want to become a fat-burning machine, you need to eat high-quality, non-inflammatory carbs.

6.) Balance Your Hormones By Balancing Your Meals

Your hormones are affected by everything you do. What you eat, don’t eat, your exercise choices, your lack of exercise, food quality, and most importantly, your macronutrient ratios or balance.

How you balance your carbs, proteins, and fats affects insulin, growth hormone, leptin, and glycogen…4 of the most important fat loss hormones.

Insulin – Keep insulin stable by incorporating fats and proteins into each meal and snack

Growth Hormone – Boost growth hormone by eating high-quality fats and proteins with your carbs to keep cortisol low

Leptin – Keep proper hunger signals in check by eating plenty of each macronutrient, giving you body the right minerals and nutrients

Glycogen – By keeping insulin low, you optimize glycogen release to choose stored fat as fuel.

The first things I teach my clients inside The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is how to “macro-balance” for maximum fat loss. And the best part is, I teach a simple 33/33/33 formula for eating.

33% of your calories will come from proteins, fats, and carbs. It doesn’t always have to be perfect, which is the beauty of this way of eating. It’s flexibile, sustainable, and enjoyable.

7.) Follow A Metabolism-Focused Approach To Diet and Exercise

Not all calories are the same.  Some calories make you store fat, while others make you store muscle.

The best way to promote lean muscle growth is to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism

And the easiest and simplest way to do the above is to focus on your metabolism. The 3-Week Metabolism Diet shows you exactly how to balance your proteins, fats, and carbs to have the fastest weight loss week of your life.

Then, shows you how easy it is to keep balancing your macros and still eat your favorite foods like wine, chocolate, and pizza.

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