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4 Hormone Imbalances Preventing You From Losing Weight


Researchers working in the field of endocrinology have identified an alarming connection between hormone imbalance and the inability to lose problem fat areas (like lower belly fat, love handles, thigh and back fat).

An increasing number of women over the age of 30 from around the world have been experiencing the fat storing effects of hormone imbalance. What researchers found most interesting was that the hormone related fat deposits could not be eliminated by a calorie-restrictive diet and exercise alone.

Subjects were placed on a hypo caloric (low calorie) diet and exercised 3 times per week.

After 8 weeks, more than 50% of subjects were still unable to eliminate their excess fat. Researchers discovered that in each case where weight loss was unsuccessful, hormone imbalance was to blame.

Good news. Bad news.

Bad News: Low-calorie diets and aerobic exercise WORSEN hormonal imbalances and fat storage.

Good News: Not only have we identified the four hormonal imbalances that prevent your body from losing fat, but we know exactly how to ELIMINATE hormonal imbalances and ACTIVATE fat-burning hormones instead.

It’s now proven, certain foods can actually DEACTIVATE your fat-storing hormones and ACTIVATE your fat-burning hormones.

Read more to find out how YOU can reverse your hormonal fat gain…

Here are the 4 hormonal imbalances keeping you fat:

1.) Cortisol Dysregulation

Cortisol is the “master” stress hormone and healthy cortisol function allows our bodies to respond to various stressors. Chronically elevated cortisol interferes with the function of other essential hormones, and can result in:

* Insulin Resistance

* Estrogen Dominance

* Hypothyroidism

Not suprisingly, the other 3 hormonal imbalances that keep you from burning fat and losing weight.

While cortisol is a vital hormone of the body, optimal levels are required to achieve healthy weight loss.

New research has discovered specific foods that deactivates fat storage and turns off the fat storing actions of cortisol. You can do this today using the Flat Belly System meal plans and 3-Phase Nutrition Plan found on the next page.

Do you have any of these symptoms?


2.) Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen balance is essential for maintaining health and achieving a fat-burning metabolism.

According to Dr. John Lee, estrogen dominance arises when an imbalance of “good” estrogen relative to the “bad” is present or when the amount of estrogen is excessive in relation to the amount of progesterone.

There are only two causes of estrogen imbalance:

You either produce too much of it on your own or acquire it from the environment or diet.

The 4 major causes of estrogen dominance can be prevented by eating low estrogenic foods, managing stress, detoxifying the liver, and proper (low-stress) metabolic exercise:

Estrogen Dominance Cause #1: Impaired Liver Function

Your liver breaks down and filters out excess estrogen. If you are consuming alcohol, pesticides, conventional animal products, and any drugs you are impairing your liver function, thus causing estrogen build-up.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #2: Lack of Metabolic Stimuating Exercise

Exercise that promotes the formation of lean muscle leads to more effective liver function, insulin regulation, and fat reduction. Each of these causes excess estrogen.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #3: Estrogenic Foods

Did you know some foods contain phytochemicals that mimic estrogen in the body? If you did, hopefully you are avoiding these foods and if not it would be a great idea if you began eliminating these foods from your diet. Estrogenic foods can inhibit your thyroid, overload your liver, and cause digestive problems.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #4: Stress/Sleep

Stress increases the amount of estrogen in the body, since it consumes progesterone, since progesterone acts as a protective mechanism to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Combine this with inadequate sleep, which reduces the hormone melatonin and you’ll set yourself up for the harmful effects of estrogen dominance.

Other Causes of Excess Estrogen (all preventable by diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications):


If you are experiencing fatigue, unexplained weight gain, a slow metabolism, water retention, and digestive problems you could have estrogen dominance.

The Flat Belly System will teach you exactly how to eliminate estrogenic foods, detoxify your liver, and re-boot and re-balance your estrogen levels through carb-cycling, macro-balancing, and metabolic exercise.

3.) Low T3/Hypothyroidism

If you gain weight even when you eat very little, you are probably suffering from a low metabolism or slow thyroid.

The thyroid system is critical in maintaining a normal metabolic rate. When people have low thyroid gland function their body temperatures drop and their bodies slow down.

But weight gain isn’t the only problem associated with low T3:

signs and symtoms of hypothyroidism

One of the easiest to identify a slow metabolism is to take your body temperature.

Normal temperatures should range from 98 – 99 degrees.

Most women today are attempting to lose weight with temperatures in the 97 degree range, but until they detoxify their liver and get rid of thyroid-inhibiting foods weight loss will not happen.

The main cause of low body temperature is an under-active thyroid caused by improper macro-nutrient combining, low lean muscle mass, and excess stress hormones.

All preventable and reversible with food choices and metabolic exercise.

The answer is to find an anti-inflammatory protocol to stimulate your liver and thyroid, while boosting your metabolic rate, like Phase 1 of the Flat Belly System.

Learn about the thyroid boosting, hypothyroidism-eliminating 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH on the next page.

4.) Insulin Resistance


The picture above shows the vicious cycle of “insulin resistance.”

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women have some form of Insulin Resistance.

Insulin is an essential hormone whose main function is to process sugar in the bloodstream and carry it to your cells to be used as energy.

The carbohydrates you eat are broken into sugar (glucose), which then triggers your pancreas to release insulin.

What happens when you have insulin resistance? One of 3 things happen when you eat sugar and have insulin resistance:

Ideal Scenario: Glucose is used as fuel, which helps build lean muscle and boosts your metabolism. In this scenario, glucose, your primary energy source is used to help you burn calories efficiently and eventually, burn fat.

Ok Scenario: Glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver or muscles for later use as fuel. In this scenario, your happy liver holds on to your glucose for later use (i.e. exercise, or missing a meal, because of a last minute meeting)

Bad Scenario: If your glycogen stores are full, your meals are improperly balanced, your muscle mass is low, and your carbohydrate intake is high, glucose is stored as FAT. In this scenario, way too much glucose is floating around in the blood with no where to go.

The result of the bad scenario is MORE insulin, leaving your liver stressed out and your abdominal fat more stubborn than ever.

Excess insulin turns your body into a fat-storing machine, instead of a fat-burning machine when your insulin levels are normal.

In fact, insulin, when balanced plays a vital role in metabolic health, metabolically active tissue formation, and your ability to burn off excess fat.

Now That You Know How The 4 Most Common Hormonal Imbalances Are Keeping You Overweight

It’s time to make the impossible…POSSIBLE!

It is possible to get rid of your excess fat.

Like I said earlier in the article, nearly all hormonal imbalances, including the four most common I described are preventable and reversible through the following actions:

Avoiding foods cause inflammation and negativily impact your hormones and metabolism

* Eating foods that reduce inflammation and positively impact your hormones and metabolism

Perform the right amount of metabolic exercise to deactivate certain stress, fat-storing hormones and activating fat-burning hormones

* Following a laid-out nutrition plan that helps you balance your macronutrients to control your blood sugar (i.e. insulin), boost your thyroid, and unleash your female fat-burning metabolism

The Flat Belly System is the ONLY program that addresses everything you need to know about how to balance your meals, exercise efficiently, and never diet again.

The Flat Belly System is NOT for everyone…

If you’re looking for a magic pill, supplement, or shake diet to lose weight fast…this program is NOT for you.

But, if you’re tired of counting calories, obsessing about food, dieting, and spending endless hours doinng cardio (or scared of exercise completely) the Flat Belly System is the perfect program for you.

Go to the next page  to read more about how Juanita (co-creator of The Flat Belly System and pictured below) lost over 30 pounds using the Flat Belly System:

juanitabeforeClick the image below to learn which FOUR belly fat triggers Juanita avoided to get a flat belly:

fbs_display_1 more pound

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