21-Day Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan For Women


By now you’ve heard about intermittent fasting, but the question everyone wants to know is:

“What does a day of intermittent fasting look like for the average woman?”

I’m going to show you:

  • How intermittent fasting affects your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones 
  • Why women should do metabolic fasting, instead of normal intermittent fasting
  • What a normal day, week, and 21 day intermittent fasting program should look like for maximum fat loss

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a type of eating that cycles between periods of fasting and normal eating.

The most common methods include fasting on alternate days, daily 16-hour fasts or fasting for 24 hours, two days a week. For the purpose of this article, the term intermittent fasting will be used to describe all regimens.

Unlike most diets, intermittent fasting does not involve tracking calories or macronutrients. In fact, there are no requirements about what foods to eat or avoid, making it more of a lifestyle than a diet.

Many people use intermittent fasting to lose weight as it is a simple, convenient and effective way to eat less and reduce body fat.

It may also help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, preserve muscle mass and improve psychological well-being.

This dietary pattern can help save time in the kitchen as you have fewer meals to plan, prepare and cook.


Intermittent Fasting and Your Hormones


Insulin is one of the main hormones involved in fat metabolism. It tells your body to store fat and also stops your body from breaking fat down.

Having chronically high levels of insulin can make it much harder to lose weight. High levels of insulin have also been linked to diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Intermittent fasting has been shown to be just as effective as calorie-restricted diets for lowering your insulin levels.

In fact, this eating style could reduce fasting insulin levels by 20–31%.

Bottom line, if you have insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, or any glucose metabolism issues, they need to be addressed right away if you want to lose weight.

And the 3-Week Intermittent Fasting Diet focuses on the #1 hormone that affects your ability to lose stubborn weight, insulin.

But what about other hormones…

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH is one of the most underrated weight loss hormones, especially for women.

Girl, let me dish on why HGH is a hormone you should pay attention to. (Did I use that right?)

Fasting can cause a rise in blood levels of human growth hormone, an important hormone for promoting fat loss.

Some studies have shown that in men, levels of human growth hormone may increase by as much as five-fold while fasting.

Increases in blood levels of human growth hormone not only promote fat burning, but they also preserve muscle mass and have other benefits.

However, women don’t always experience the same benefits from fasting as men. And I’ll tell you why.

Women shouldn’t fast the same as men.

Since a woman’s hormonal system is much more delicate than a man’s, you need to fast strategically.

Enter “metabolic fasting.”

Metabolic fasting doesn’t just allow you to skip meals and fast in a the normal sense.

Metabolic fasting addresses why food quality, macrobalancing, carb pairing, food combining, and exercise are important for losing weight and boosting HGH (and other fat-burning hormones).

Learn why you should Intermittent Fast Metabolic style…


Norepinephrine, a stress hormone that improves alertness and attention, is involved in the “fight or flight” response.

It has a variety of other effects on your body, one of which is telling your body’s fat cells to release fatty acids.

Increases in norepinephrine generally lead to larger amounts of fat being available for your body to burn.

Fasting leads to a rise in the amount of norepinephrine in your bloodstream.

Metabolic Fasting Trick For Women

Women don’t respond the same way men do when it comes to “traditional” intermittent fasting.

I know, it’s not fair.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get all of the benefits of intermittent fasting.

You just need to “fast outside of the box.”

See most people who start intermittent fasting, end up right where they end up with any diet. 

They lose a bunch of weight, feel great…but then…

The weight starts creeping back…

Then you start up again and repeat the vicious cycle of losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, and gaining it back.

No fun if you ask me…and I’ve coached thousands of people that are struggling with this same problem.

Which is why I created an intermittent fasting program with a metabolic twist.

See, most IF experts just tell you to fast a day or a certain number of hours, then eat whatever you want when you aren’t fasting.

This approach might make you happy, but it’s not helping your hormones.

And hormones is my wheelhouse!

In order to prevent regaining weight you need to address hormones, metabolism, and health.

Get healthy to lose weight, NOT the other way around.

Metabolic fasting is my solution to bad intermittent fasting programs that promise results that just don’t last.

Metabolic fasting focuses on:

  • balancing your hormones (boosting fat-burning hormones and stopping fat-storing hormones)
  • optimizing your metabolism (getting into fat-burning ketosis, using glucose correctly, etc…
  • upgrading your health
  • balancing your macronutrients in a way that keeps your taste buds, metabolism, and hormones HAPPY

To learn more about metabolic fasting and intermittent fasting click here and see what the 3-Week Intermittent Fasting program can do for you.

21-Day Intermittent Fasting Diet


  • Meal #1: Avocado chicken salad
  • Snack #2: Hand full of nuts
  • Meal #3: Macadamia basil pesto pasta


  • Meal #1: Tuna and avocado lettuce wraps
  • Snack #2: Fruit of your choice
  • Meal #3:  Quinoa Chicken salad


  • Meal #1: Tuna avocado salad wrap
  • Snack #2: Hummus and raw veggie sticks
  • Meal #3: Asian fried “noodles”


  • Meal #1: Broccoli tofu salad
  • Snack #2: Piece of dark chocolate
  • Meal #3: Salmon kale salad


  • Meal #1: Turkey Chili
  • Snack #2: Almonds
  • Meal #3: Grilled chicken salad


  • Meal #1: Grilled salmon salad
  • Snack #2: Dark chocolate bark
  • Meal #3: Chicken tortilla soup 


  • Meal #1: Sprouts, chicken, quinoa Buddha bowl
  • Snack #2: Greek yogurt 
  • Meal #3: Teriyaki chicken with cauliflower rice

Intermittent fasting doesn’t have to be a scary thing. When you can eat these delicious meals, who wouldn’t love this simple way to lose weight?


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