How Do You Know If The Ketogenic Diet Is Right For You? 21 Questions To Ask Yourself

Starting a keto diet is one of the most intimidating things you can do.

Giving up carbs…UGH…

Measuring your “macros”…what the heck are those?

Eating more fat…I thought eating more fat, made me fat!

Skipping happy hours…uhh no thanks!

The fact is, you don’t HAVE to do an extreme keto diet, BUT I do recommend doing keto for at least 21 days.

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The 21 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If The Ketogenic Diet Is Right For You

1. Do you have at least 10 pounds of stubborn fat or more on your love handles, lower belly, backside, hips, legs, or even arm fat that just won’t budge?

If you lift up your shirt right now and pinch more than an inch of belly fat or areas of your body with stubborn fat that just won’t budge you’re the perfect candidate.

2. Do you get intense cravings and hunger (especially at night) that sabotage your nutrition and weight loss plan?

If you find yourself aimlessly wandering to the pantry or your fridge every night to satisfy your sweet tooth or salt cravings you’re the perfect candidate.

3. Do you get sick and tired of having to restrict calories or avoid your favorite “fatty” foods?

If you hate saying “no” to the bacon, the butter, the cheese, and the greasy hamburgers and steaks you’re the perfect candidate.

4. Do you hate exercise or struggle finding time in your busy schedule to make room for it?

If you can spare 15 minutes just 3 times per week you’re the perfect candidate.

Heck, even if you’re lazy and not willing to exercise you’re still the perfect candidate because I’ll provide you with specific guidelines you can use to get amazing results…

5. Do you feel sleepy in the afternoon after eating or get tired spells during the day?

If you’re constantly wanting to take a nap or struggling with your daily energy levels then you are the perfect candidate.

6. Do you dread having to find time in your busy schedule to cook and prepare meals every week or wonder exactly what foods to buy?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like figuring out exactly what to cook or buy when grocery shopping you’re the perfect candidate. The system below gives you instant access to everything you need to erase this headache from your life.

7. Do you find yourself gaining back the weight you lose every time you try a diet and exercise program?

If you’re one of the 80% of people across the globe who suffer from rebound weight gain you’re the perfect candidate.

If you think, “I’m too old, my body just won’t respond because of my age.” OR… “I’m too lazy and unmotivated.”

If you’re in your 40s, 50,s or 60s and you have a hard time staying motivated, or you’ve failed in the past, you’re the perfect candidate because a targeted keto approach helps people over 35 years old quickly boost their metabolic rate and optimize hormones for faster fat loss.

How did you do with those 7 questions? Well, good news! If you answered YES to those, then a ketogenic diet would be perfect for you.

Better news! I have more questions!

But first…

Over 95% of overweight women have something in common: they not only have a SLOW metabolism, but they have a metabolism that is “inefficient.”

An inefficient metabolism burns fuel that you are feeding it, usually in the form of carbohydrate since the standard American diet is very carbohydrate-centric, and many people are accustomed to over-consumption of breakfast cereals, bagels, muffins, bread, pasta, refined grains and starches, snack crackers, cookies, candy, and soda.

An efficient metabolism burns stored fat…Here’s How To Get A Fat-Burning Metabolism

Experts agree that metabolism is the process by which hormones and enzymes break down food into energy and then utilize that energy for fuel. Now, people who have a really slow metabolism will complete this process, slowly, and the opposite applies to people who have a fast (efficient) metabolism.

How can teach your body to burn (stored) body fat as its predominant fuel source?

If you are interested in becoming more metabolically efficient, you can start now by reviewing the document at the end of this article and follow the simple steps to transform your metabolism and body.

In this article you’ll ask yourself a series of questions to determine if you absolutely NEED to reprogram your metabolism.

Maybe you need to focus on eating MORE carbs or eliminate certain types of fat, or increase your protein.

How do you know if your metabolism is preventing you from losing weight, releasing stubborn body fat, and keeping you unhealthy?

Normally when I’m consulting with a client one on one I ask them a series of questions that helps me determine what their major metabolism killers are, since I usually assume after reviewing their diet and health history that there is metabolic damage.


1.) Do cravings sometimes get the best of you no matter how much willpower you have? You know the cravings…for carbohydrates like candy, bread, sodas, chips, pasta, and sweets.

2.) Do you feel depressed, irritable, unattractive, unconfident, and undesirable?

3.) Is your overall health – physical, mental, emotional -declining as your weight and body fat increases?

4.) Do you notice other people eating more than you do, yet they lose weight and you keep gaining?

5.) Are you fatigued, drained, and unmotivated to exercise even if you got plenty of sleep?

6.) Are you on medications for hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides, acid reflux, anxiety, inflammation (i.e. arthritis), depression, insomnia, hypothyroidism, or metabolic syndrome?

7.) Have you yo-yo dieted for years, maybe even lost weight, but now even eating healthy foods and exercising you once used to drop weight doesn’t work?

8.) Do you miss your “younger you?”

9.) Does the fat around your midsection look and feel spongy and extra flabby?

10.) Are you gaining weight no matter your efforts?

11.) Do you notice you can only stick to a diet for a short period of time, but since you get so discouraged by lack of progress, being hungry, having no energy, being frustrated, and overwhelming cravings that you throw in the towel before even giving the program a chance?

12.) Has your Dr. suggested or actually placed you own “weight loss pills” or “metabolism boosters” or recommended something similar to help you lose weight?

13.) Are you borderline insulin resistant, diabetic, or have any known blood sugar issues? Common signs include sluggishness, dizziness, trouble falling/staying asleep, feeling like you need a nap during the day, and trouble losing weight)

14.) Your stubborn fat remains fixed to your belly, hips, thighs, and chest area… and sometimes it feels permanent, perhaps even hopeless?

15.) Your muscle tone is fading as quickly as the days are passing…and sometimes it feels like the parts of your body you like the best are just withering away before your eyes?

16.) Do you tire easily and frequently feel fatigued, even after waking up first thing in the morning?

17.) Do you gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose weight?

18.) Have you been on calorie restrictive (less than 1800 calories per day), or low-fat, or low-carb diets in the past 10 years?

19.) Does your body not respond to exercise, no matter how much you do?

20.) Do you have skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, dandruff, etc…)?

21.) Are you frustrated with your weight? Do you think “what’s the use” because you feel that you’ve tried everything yet can’t seem to lose weight or have slow progress?

Here’s what you can expect once you start a ketogenic diet that focuses on balancing your hormones, stabilizes your blood sugar, and turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

The evidence-based “targeted” ketogenic works like gangbusters… and it works incredibly fast… for ANY person of ANY age—regardless of past failures.

First: You’ll feel the instant boost of energy as your blood sugar stabilizes and your body makes the “shift” from being a sugar burner to becoming a fat burner. If you’re not excited to jump out of bed every morning like a kid on Christmas morning with an extra pep in your step… you don’t pay a cent.

Second: Your midday hunger and late night cravings will BANISH as stored fat becomes your “go-to” source of fuel on a daily basis. If you don’t crave healthy, nutrient dense real fat burning foods (instead of sugar and junk food)… you don’t pay a dime

Third: Your confidence and self-esteem will soar as your body starts to age BACKWARDS. In less than 14 days your family, friends, and loves ones will start giving you huge compliments as you restore youthful skin and they see your face start to look younger… or you don’t pay a dime.

Fourth: You’ll rejuvenate your mind. If you don’t experience a sharper memory, laser like focus, clearer thinking and calmer thoughts… you don’t pay a dime.

Fifth: Your inflammation and joint pain will quickly disappear as your gut health and digestive system repair themselves. If your worries for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease don’t become a thing of the past… you don’t pay a dime.

Sixth: You’ll reawaken your lost libido. If your sexual desire doesn’t increase and you don’t experience greater pleasure in your love life… you don’t pay a dime.

Seventh: Your stubborn fat will steadily evaporate as you quickly watch your belly get flatter and firmer, while seeing your trouble spots disappear. I guarantee your belly fat will be long gone after 21 days.

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