12 Daily Habits People Over 40 Should Do That Will Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Boost Metabolism



If you want to improve your health or lose weight, the first thing to pay attention to should be your metabolism: it has the most influence on how our cells are supplied with energy and nutrients. Metabolic dysfunction usually causes excess weight.

In fact if you aren’t paying attention to these 5 metabolic factors you’ll find it very difficult to lose any weight at all.

I’ve put together a list of good habits that can help you speed up your metabolism. So let’s get healthy and fit!.

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Plan Your Meals

Have you ever heard the quote “if you aren’t planning to win, you’re planning to fail?” Well the same holds true for your healthy eating. If you’re planning to eat healthy, you won’t eat healthy.

You probably have the best of intentions, but when temptation, social pressure, or hunger starts knocking at the door, you’re probably going to answer. Eating for a fast metabolism starts with meal planning. I know meal planning is hard, so when you join any of my programs I have everything planned for you, so you can do the easy part, eating.

Learn how the 3-Week Metabolism Diet helps you learn how to plan your meals for lifelong success

When you plan your meals, start with the meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) that you tend to eat the worst. If you tend to pick up fast food for dinner, then plan some crockpot or fast meals to pre-prepare for dinner. If you skip breakfast, then choose an easy breakfast option you’re less likely to skip.

See, meal planning doesn’t have to be scary or hard. Start somewhere.

Balance Your Meals

Now that you have decided to plan your meals (good idea!), it’s about time you learn how to balance your meals for a fat-burning metabolism. Most people they just to through some protein and vegetables together and that’s all you need to lose weight.

While you probably lose weight on a protein/veggie diet, you’ll end up slowing down your metaolism AND you won’t last very long eating a boring, un-enjoyable diet.

You NEED carbs and fat to lose fat and boost your metabolism. The trick lies in knowing which carbs and fats to include in your daily eating and which ones to exclude (most of the time) from your eating.

The best strategy for meal-balancing or macro-balancing I teach in my 3-Week Metabolism Diet, begins with choosing simplicity. When you keep your meals simple, you’re more likely to skip to it.

Here’s what your plate should look like:


Awesome, huh?

If you’d like to learn more about how to properly balance your meals while losing fat  and boosting your metabolism, learn the 5 metabolic factors necessary to lose weight.

Do A Metabolic Workout

I’m a huge promoter of short bursts of intense exercise for a relatively short period of time. Remember, intensity varies from individual to individual. In other words, your intensity might be more or less at this given time than another woman you could be comparing yourself to.

First off, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other woman, you should only compare your today with your yesterday. You’re improving in some way, right? Awesome!

Now, don’t let “high intensity” scare you off. If you have 15 minutes you could perform this bodyweight workout video: Click HERE to see the video

Not only is HIIT training the fastest way to drop pounds and inches, but it is the best form of exercise to boost your metabolism, since it keeps your cortisol levels low.

High cortisol levels from exercise like long bouts of cardio have been shown break down muscle tissue, thus slowing your metabolism.



The more you exercise, the more carbs you can “afford” to eat. Carbs are FUEL for our bodies, so they give you energy for exercise and your metabolic processes, BUT if you’re inactive say all day Wednesday but decide to eat a gluten-free sandwich for lunch, a bunch of fruit for a snack, then sweet potatoes for dinner, that’s A LOT of carbs for a day that you didn’t exercise.

That eating day should look more like a day that you’re coming to a workout session.

Eat a lower carb day if you’re planning a skipping or have to skip a workout session.

I’m not saying to avoid carbs at all costs or eat all the carbs on workout days, I’m saying carbs are energy.

You need them, but you don’t need a lot of them.

You need less on low-energy days (no exercise) and more on high-energy days (exercise).

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Snack Smart

Just like you should be balancing your main meals with a protein, a carb, and a fat, balancing your snacks will help keep your blood sugar stable, your hormones balanced, AND your metabolism ignited.

For example, you’ll want to combine a protein with a carb. Like a hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit. Or a piece of cheese and a piece of fruit. Hummus and vegetables or even potato chips (baked in olive or coconut oil). Beef jerky and coconut water.

You get the picture.

Snacking can make or break your fat-burning and metabolism efforts if you aren’t doing what I call “strategically snacking.”

To strategically snack, you need to first make the choice to balance your snacks, then you need to decide to plan and prepare your snacks ahead of time so you don’t get caught in a situation where you either aren’t snacking at all (or eating enough calories) or you choose immediate gratification over long-term health.

Eat Organic Protein

We all remember from high school that proteins are the main building blocks of the body. They’re used to make muscles, tendons, organs and skin.

Proteins are also used to make enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and various tiny molecules that serve important functions.

We can confidently suggest that without protein, life as we know it would not be possible AND weight loss as we know it would also be impossible.

Protein is not just about quantity. It’s also about quality.

Many women get in the habit of consuming protein powders, bars, and plant protein sources “thinking” they are eating adequate protein.

Unfortunately, not only are many bars and powders PRO-inflammatory, you aren’t absorbing ALL of the protein it says you are eating.

If you’re eating animal products (like meat, fish, eggs, or dairy) every day, then you’re probably already doing pretty well.

The amount of protein you eat should equal close to .7-.9 per pound of your bodyweight depending on activity levels, kidney health, liver health, digestive health, and goals.

Sleep More

According to recent statistics, sleep deprivation affects more than 70 million Americans. Over $20 billion is spent on sleeping aides, but is only a fraction of the $100+billion weight loss industry.

If you deprive your body of sleep, it increases levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin and suppresses the appetite-controlling hormone leptin.

If you’re looking for a appetite-suppressing supplement, take a daily dose of 7-8 hours every night from the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

I don’t really have to sell you on the “benefits” of sleep, so I just want to emphasize the positive or negative effects sleep can have on your healthy fat loss results.

Sleeping helps regulate your hormones, specifically your levels of cortisol and adrenaline, two important hormones in fat loss, but in high amounts of extended quantities can be detrimental to your fat loss efforts.

Sleeping helps stabilize blood sugar, which keeps insulin resistance in check. Controlling insulin levels promotes health and anything that keeps you healthy, will help you lose unneeded fat.

Sleeping adequately and soundly will ultimately help build lean muscle, which is what helps you consistently and effortlessly burn fat all day long

Manage Your Stress

When our “fight or flight” stress response is triggered too often leads to insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, or metabolic syndrome, which can lead to weight gain. Chronically high levels of stress hormones circulating in the body have damaging effects to our body.

When we think of stress we generally think of stress at home or at work, but we rarely think about the physiological consequences of long bouts of stress, whether they be emotional, physical, or psychologically driven.

It’s time our society got serious about stress and it’s implications. 1000 years ago, we didn’t have the amount of worries, frustrations, problems, and emotions that we are exposed and experience in today’s world. Our biggest stressors were physical in nature. We would turn on our stress-response when faced with a survive or die situation and then DONE, we were either dead or alive, but the stress response was turned off.

Learn to turn OFF your stress-response by accepting things you can’t change or change them.

Realize that all stress cumulative and is most often the cause of many of your problems all stress is dealt with by your nervous system and it literally stresses it out!

Identify your primary stressor and focus on reducing stress that is causing you the most stress. Make a plan to address and find a solution for your primary stressor.

Eat Less and More

The biggest problem I see is that women are undereating for a healthy metabolism.

Here’s what I mean. If you’re doing everything you can to lose weight by eating low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, and not considering the quality of your food, that’s a fast track to becoming metabolically inefficient and gaining more weight.

It is a common misconception that calories in vs. calories out is the best way to lose weight.

The problem is this: Instead of focusing on the quantity of your food, you should be focusing on the quality of your food. In other words, MORE high-quality food, LESS low-quality food.

This has the unfortunate side effect of repelling fat loss and having a counterintuitive effect on your quest to get healthy and lose weight.

This is not the SOLUTION!

If you are woman who has EVER tried to lose weight by dieting, restricting calories, taking supplements, or by starving themselves AND you haven’t gotten to the weight that you want, you’re about to learn a critical strategy that allows you to eat more, workout less, and make a bigger impact on your body.

This isn’t going to be about one specific diet or mindset (although I believe health mindsets are very important). This is actually something very practical.

The strategy is this:

Eat “high-quality” foods and create metabolic, healthy fat loss meals that deliver a nutritional punch to your body that heals your metabolism, balances blood sugar, and regulates your hormones.

I teach you EXACTLY how to do this in The 3-Week Metabolism Diet

Drink Less and More

You know you should drink more water. But did you know you can actually drink LESS water and still get the benefits. I’m not saying to drink less water, per se, but I will give you some tricks to hydrate faster.

Drink mineral water, carbonated water, and coconut water to make sure you’re drinking high-quality water that actually hydrates your body. Drinking too much tap water, can actually deplete your nutrients and minerals.

Drink less alcohol, caffeinated, artificially sweetened, sugar sweetened, and processed drinks. This will naturally hydrate you, since you’ll be avoiding dehydrated drinks.

You can still drink alcohol and coffee, just make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water and eating the way I suggest in this article.

Stop Dieting

Raise your forks if you’re absolutely TIRED of all of the diets and dogma you are bombarded with on a daily basis. From calorie restrictive, to weird drops, to strict protocols, low-carb, vegan, paleo, etc…just go to your local Barnes and Noble and in one minute you can stack about 25 different diet books and each one says different things and the same thing all at the same time:

“Do my diet, lose the weight.”

While everyone is screaming at you to do their diet program, you’ll be shopping, cooking, and eating your way to a stress-free real foodie lifestyle.

Let’s talk about the philosophy…

The primary focus of your nutrition is to regulate, balance, and optimize three main components that regulate fat loss:

1.) Hormones

2.) Blood Sugar

3.) Metabolism

That’s ALL you need to focus on to lose fat, your metabolism, which controls your blood sugar and hormones.

Your body is concerned with ONE thing at all times.

Keeping you alive. Survival.

Unfortunately, too many people are trying to lose weight, while they should be trying to get healthy.

In a nutshell, The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is a diet that regulates your blood sugar, balances hormones, and optimizes your metabolism. This makes this particular way of eating unique, and very different from traditional low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie, 21-day, 12 -week, and other popular diets that help you lose weight in the short-term, but promote long-term hormonal and metabolic damage.

The The 3-Week Metabolism Diet is one of the first diet books that focuses on improving your metabolism, optimizing your hormones, and promoting a sustainable approach to eating. It will help you lose weight, burn fat, reduce inflammation, and slow aging.

Boosting your metabolism is as simple as incorporating these 12 habits into your daily life. Change the way you think about eating and fat loss and transforming your habits won’t become so difficult.

Keep things simple, like my clients learn once they join one of my programs.

Stay healthy,


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