Weight Loss Product Review: The Venus Factor

Do NOT Buy The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Until You Read This…

Creator: John Barbon

Sold On: Clickbank

Cost: $47

Link to Purchase: Click HERE to purchase the Venus Factor

The creator of the Venus Factor, John Barbon is a fitness expert who provides ample evidence that the Leptin focused weight loss program produces real life results.

I’ll discuss Leptin and why you should care about it later…

What is the Venus Factor Program?


The Venus Factor system for female weight loss and toning was created on the basis of women’s unique physiology and requirements.

In other words, it suggests that men and women should NEVER diet the same, you can read more about this HERE.

The diet part of the program focuses on regulating leptin sensitivity, which it accomplishes with a low-carb, medium-calorie eating plan.

The overall success of the program, aside from leptin-focused strategies, relies on “metabolic overdrive.”

What is Metabolic Overdrive?

Metabolic override consists of simple, yet extremely powerful strategies that hold the key to unleashing your full fat burning potential that your genetics has kept locked away your whole life.

These totally unique strategies have transformed Lisa (John’s sister) and her friends… and now countless hundreds of women have experienced the same shocking, life-changing results. The tried, true and proven metabolic override strategies have now been honed into one guaranteed plan for female fat loss.

Your metabolism governs whether your body will choose 1 of 3 things any given day:

1.) Burn fat

2.) Maintain

3.) Gain fat

It sounds simple, but when it comes to weight loss, it really CAN be that simple!

The Venus Factor can help you boost your fat-burning potential through resistance training, whole food focused meal plans, and accountability!

What is Leptin and Why Should I Care About It?

Leptin is a signaling molecule that’s released from your fat cells and typically is described as the master hormone that regulates fat loss. This is because it is – more or less – released in proportion to the amount of fat you have on your body. So, the more fat, the more leptin…

Leptin, your “satiety hormone” helps regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. It opposes (acts against) your “hunger hormone” ghrelin.

Leptin signaling becomes repressed due to years of yo-yo dieting, appetite suppressants, and low-quality eating.

Leptin can interfere with the way your body stores and/or burns fat.

Unfortunately, women have more Leptin than men and to top it all off, women are less responsive to leptin, which makes women more susceptible to leptin resistance than men.

Sorry ladies…

There are four ways you can increase your leptin sensitivity:

  1. Get more sleep.
  2. Follow a well-designed exercise program.
  3. Use a supplement designed to increase leptin sensitivity.
  4. Fast

That’s where the Venus Factor program comes into play.

The Million Dollar Question…Does the Venus Diet Program Work?

You can see over 30 REAL User Testimonials, by clicking HERE.

It’s a fact that when you eat healthy and exercise, you’ll lose weight. So, it’s safe to say that this program WORKS well when YOU work the program, right?

The Venus Program is uniquely equipped to make weight loss FAST and long-term, since it actually CARES about your results AND your hormones.

And it does so using exercise and eating.

Here’s a testimonial:


A Quick Overview on the Venus Factor Program (Sneak peak below)

fwfl_blog_venus factor review 2

The Diet (12-Week Fat Loss System):

The nutrition philosophy used with the Venus Program is based on cheat days and eat days. This type of program has great results since it isn’t completely focused on restricting all of the time. Sure, they want you to eat healthy whole foods, but they also allow breads, jellies, pastries, or anything goes days.

Allowing you to freely choose which foods will fit into your diet program is essential to removing the problems that come with the all-or-nothing, black-and-white mindset of good vs. bad foods. From now on, you need to work on letting go of any belief that there are strictly good or bad foods and instead think of food you enjoy eating vs. foods you’d rather not eat. Most likely, you’ll end up with a list of foods from all categories.

Meal plans range from 1000 – 1800 calories depending on which “cycle” you are currently on with the program.

I really like the meal plans are based on whole foods and supplements are optional.

fwfl_blog_venus factor review 3

Things I don’t like:

  • They have fast food options (But, life happens and sometimes you get in a pinch, so OK, once a month fast food visit isn’t going to kill ya)
  • They don’t stress importance of protein quality, like grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild-caught fish, etc…
  • To me, the meal plan caloric content isn’t enough until you get to the 1500 range, so if you end up going over on your “fasting” days, I wouldn’t consider it a big deal.

The Workouts:

The Venus Factor workouts are pretty awesome, since they are designed to build lean muscle, instead of just “burning calories” like many cardio focused programs out there.

The bottom-line when you eat healthy you’ll lose weight.

When you eat healthy AND you lift weights, you’ll lose weight faster AND you’ll keep it off.

Here’s an example of the one week of workouts with Venus:

fwfl_blog_venus factor review 4

Nothing special, right?

It’s a LEAN muscle building plan for women, plain and simple.

And MUSCLE burns fat, and Mr. Barban understands this better than most fitness experts out there.

Click HERE to purchase the Venus System

Nutritional Support:

Once inside you’ll find a “Nutrition Calculator” (see below)fwfl_blog_venus factor review 5

Aside from the meal plans, this tool can help you become calorie conscious, instead of calorie obsessed. I don’t LOVE the low-calorie meal plans in the program, but sometimes it’s better to track your calories for a short amount of time to give yourself a good idea of what you’re eating.

An easily to follow meal plan, like the Venus Factor’s makes this much easier to see success with, then you fine-tune YOUR lifestyle needs to eat more or less, depending on your activity levels.

Social Support:

The Venus Factor offers a support forum called “Immersion” which in and of itself is worth the cost of the program, $47.

Accountability is the KEY to any fitness and weight loss program.

You could purchase the absolute BEST program in the world designed a team of 20 of the most sought out weight loss experts in the world, if you have ZERO support or accountability, you’ll fail.

Which leads to more frustration.

It’s time to END the frustration, once and for all.

I think the 12-week Venus Factor System can be a great weight loss kickstart.

Here’s another look inside the dashboard:

fwfl_blog_venus factor review 1

So now that you’ve seen INSIDE the program , what are my overall thoughts on The Venus Diet Factor?

The Great and Good

  • Very cost-effective at just $47
  • Targets women’s issues such as hormones, leptin resistance and weight loss plateaus
  • Easy to follow, with a ‘cheat’ day or two to boost our metabolism
  • Prepares you for post-Venus so we won’t pile back on the weight
  • Community of thousands to help when you need advice, motivation or just a bit of fun
  • Re-wires the body and increases your fat-burning potential
  • Fat loss from targeted problem areas such as butt, thighs, belly or waist
  • Targets cellulite far better than many exercise programs do
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Great support for questions

The Bad…

  • Low calorie meal plans  for 5 days can be difficult to follow, even with cheat days
  • You have to provide the gym equipment – weights or bars, stability ball, etc…
  • You’ll start to receive quite a lot of emails after you sign up. Some are good information, others are to sell you more programs, which is OK, but you should focus on ONE program at a time.
  • Online based, so accountability is a challenge, BUT you can do it!

Ultimately, I believe the Venus Factor program can help you achieve the body of you desire, IF you put in the time to eat the food, do the workouts, and change your lifestyle.

If you think you’d like to purchase The Venus Factor Program you can click the link below to skip the video to order the program:

venus factor


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