Understand What Real Food Is in 5 minutes

Understand What Real Food Is in 5 minutes

Real beef is raised on grass.

Real chicken doesn’t come from chickens that are confined and fed genetically altered grains.

Real fish is wild, not raised on fish farms.

Real milk is grass-fed, raw, unhomogenized, with cream on top.

Real eggs comes from hens that eat grass, grubs, and bugs.

Real lard comes from pigs, not industrial seed oils.

Real pork comes from pastured pigs, not fed GMO grains (soy, corn, wheat).

Real vegetables and fruits don’t have pesticides, herbicides, or plastic coatings.

Real food does not contain preservatives, additives, flavorings, colorings, and/or chemicals.

Industrial food is the opposite of real food.

Real food is not “organic” it’s ultimately just FOOD.

Real food is traditional and involves eating an array of fruits, vegetables, animal protein, animal fats, animal bones, etc…

Real taste comes from real food, not fake flavors and chemically altered substances.

Real food is about subsidies and large seed corporations, it’s about LOCAL farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Real food healed my asthma, allergies, and life, because now I follow my passion and purpose educating and spreading health everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.

I have used real food to help thousands of people find a new way of eating, through real food values, not restrictive based diets.

You can use real food to lose weight, rehabilitate a damaged metabolism, and become a completely different person, with a new outlook on life.

Below is a link to register for Real Food Con, an online event featuring many wonderful real food and healthy spreaders. I have learned from a few of them and respect the others.

Click HERE to register for Real Food Con 2013

The real food movement will be the movement that changes the paradigm of the food industry. Join the movement and experience real food awesomeness!

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