How to be Un-healthy and Mediocre: 20 Ways

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Being healthy, fit, and living an exceptional life is awesome and all, but that takes hard work, commitment, and a choice to be bold and do opposite the masses. How about being un-healthy, skinny-fat, and mediocre? Look around you, this proves MUCH easier than the alternative.

“But, I would love to be skinny fat!” Let me define what I mean by a skinny-fat woman?

You know those girls that are super skinny, fit, or amazing looking? Well sometimes you can judge a book by the cover and say “she is healthy!” but nowadays it’s not so cut and dry, living right smack in the middle of the diet, workout, and supplement craze.

Many women have dieted their way into metabolic damage, which results in one of two things:

1.)    Overweight, damaged thyroid, disease welcoming body

2.)    Underweight, damage thyroid, disease welcoming body



So, let’s press on.

WARNING: Sarcasm and satire is used in all 20 Ways. In other words, do the opposite of the following 20 to be awesome, sexy, and FIT!

20 Ways to be an Un-Healthy, Skinny-Fat, and Mediocre Woman:

Take everything personally. Since what other people is their reality NOT yours, it is a good idea to take everything to heart and allow it to ruin YOUR day.

Know that everything people say to you or judge about you is a projection of what’s going on in THEIR life, not YOURS. Brush it off and love them.

Restrict your calories. Since it’s all about calories in vs. calories out, the best thing to do is restrict your calories and work out more. A 500-calorie burger from a fast food chain two times a day for 1000 calories, and a 500-calorie loss workout, will give you a 500-calorie deficit, right?

Don’t restrict calories, don’t be afraid to eat real good quality food and understand that not all calories are created equal.

Do sit-ups and crunches for nice abs. We ALL know that our ab muscles are small and produce very little metabolic output SO, let’s work them out for long periods of time doing 100 different types of crunches and sit-ups that also promote forward head syndrome, poor posture, neck and cervical injuries.

Focus on “core” movements, engaging your core while performing BIG exercises, and eating foods that don’t cause inflammation for “nice” abs.

Dwell on the past. Being future-oriented is soooo 2000, it’s better to dwell and feel sorry for yourself (victim, much?) about poor lifestyle habits, not so ideal choices, and/or lack of actions from the PAST.

All you can do is be aware of the past and learn from it, the future is in YOUR hands, with the decisions you are making or not making right NOW!

Be really scared of saturated fats. Even though as a nation we are eating significantly less saturated fat, I still feel the need to demonize and blame it for the rise in disease, obesity, and heart problems. Unsaturated vegetable oils are in almost everything, but they seem fine, let’s keep eating those.

Think saturated fats are making you fat? Think again. Unsaturated vegetable oils are making you fat, sick, and tired. Look for the unsaturated fats and eliminate them

Don’t do metabolic workouts. Metabolic, fat-burning workouts that last days after you do them are hard and make my muscles hurt, I’d rather list light weights and glide on the elliptical.

Metabolic workouts that focus on lifting weights, doing intervals or circuits, and that push you to work out intensely WILL help you recover from fat loss plateaus. Do them.

Eat fast food only in moderation. Even though fast food only ONCE a day, adds up to almost 200,000 crappy calories a year (at 500 calorie meals), gallons of unsaturated vegetable oils, and guilty thoughts I think it’s still OK to do every now and then.

The moderation mindset is one of my least favorites, sure technically you’ll do things and eat things in moderation, BUT you STILL have committed to be the best, healthiest and most fit woman you can be, why do crappy things?

Try to do everything on your own. Coaches aren’t needed and I have time to learn everything myself.

The right coach can provide you with guidance and perspective and most importantly accountability especially in the early stage of your health journey. Hey, maybe you learned a thing or two from me?

Treat your stomach like a garbage can. Meh, as long as it doesn’t kill me instantly, it should be ok to eat, right? Right?

WRONG! If you treat your insides like a toxic waste dump, your outsides will look like one. It sounds extreme, and maybe it is, but seriously the path to achieving an awesome looking outside is creating an awesome looking insides through eating good quality foods, avoiding chemicals, and listening to your body.

Compare yourself to every other woman. Ugh, I WISH I had her body works every time.

Alright, so what’s wrong with having goals to “look” like someone else. They aren’t YOU, you are unique, inside and out, act like it! You wouldn’t want to have the same personality as someone else, why would you want their body. Love your body, grow your body through healthy practices and trust me, you’ll LOVE the way you look.

Buy every “good for you” supplement. Supplements are quick fixes, and that’s what I’m about quick and easy!

A motto I have successfully followed for 4 years is REAL Food first, supplements last. There is SOMETIMES a time and place for supplements, but I truly believe that you can obtain optimal health and weight/fat loss with “just” food! Yeah, crazy thought, huh?

Always react, never respond. Reacting just always easier in the moment, responding takes extra energy and I just don’t have the time for that!

Reacting to words, actions, or thoughts is always a projection of our own insecurities and fears. When we respond, we are more compassionate, understanding, and empathetic towards ourselves and others. Respond with understanding, don’t react with emotion.

Skip workouts. [Insert excuse].

Workouts (movement) are necessary for health and happiness! Ideally, you should be exercising and using your time efficiently with metabolic type training and workouts. There are times when it’s ok to skip your workout (like if you are working out and need to skip your workout). Just kidding, just don’t make excuses!

Eat conventionally fed animal products. It doesn’t really matter what the animals are fed as long as we cook them, all meat is the same, McD’s and from my local farmer, all the same.

If you are what you eat, you are what you eat eats (I’m sure I missed a comma). Animals that are conventionally raised a nice genetically altered diet of soy, corn, and grains, EVEN THOUGH, their physiology is meant for ONLY green grass. Look for grass-fed meats, organic, and do your best to buy local.

Don’t accept yourself and where you are. Ugh, I hate how I look I wish I looked like when I was in high school!

Don’t reject your current reality, because if you do, you will always be unhappy with that rejection. After all, rejection isn’t cool, right? Always accept where you are, what you’ve or haven’t done, because THEN you can help yourself become aware of what you need to do and how you are going to do it!

Don’t eat fruits and vegetables, especially organic. Organic is a fad and fruits make me fat and vegetables are only yummy with dressing.

Organic is food, well food that your grandma would have called food, NOW we have to label it as organic to imply zero pesticides. Eat organic as much as you can, but don’t NOT eat fruits and vegetables if they aren’t organic. Fruits are biological gems and should be consumed often, especially if you aren’t skipping your workouts. And vegetables, especially below-ground root vegetables (my personal fav) SHOULD be consumed daily and regularly.

Don’t read or learn, that’s for lam-os. And nerds.

Always be learning AND un-learning. I went through a period of 3 years, UN-learning all of the conventional knowledge from school and textbooks and know can focus on learning what I want, when I want. It doesn’t always HAVE to be about learning, but just keep challenging your mind!

Drink alcohol 4-5 times a week. Yeah, alcohol relieves my stress, so it’s ok to have a 2 or 3 drinks every night before bed, I wonder why I’m not losing weight?

Alcohol, while I’ll very rarely, tell you NOT to drink, can be an inhibitor in health and fat loss. Learn how to reduce the negative consequences by eating, drinking, and living the right way. If you drink, be sure to eat good quality saturated fats and protein!

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Yeah, it may seem like a negative way to present positive solutions, but it’s really a reminder to redirect the negative to the positive and have massive amounts of fun when you are living an amazingly healthy and fulfilled life.

– Nick

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