Total Body High-Intensity Metabolic Workout – 33 Minute Bodyweight with a CPT

fwfl-video-total body high intensity workout

If fat loss is your main goal for exercising, than you don’t want to waste your time on the cardio machines or silly dance classes.

OK, I know the dance classes can be fun, BUT if you’re pressed for time, then you need to be efficient with your precious exercise time.

This 30-ish (you know us personal trainers can’t tell time) minute personal trainer workout will help you burn 400 calories during the workouts, and boost your metabolism for another 36 hours:

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  1. Sarah says

    Love this workout! What do you do for a cool down? I have 8 more lbs to lose for my goal, I am 47 years old, my goal is 130, this was my pre wedding and baby weight, that was 17 years ago, but I started gaining weight about 10 years ago after my sister died, I was up to 180lbs and for my 5’3.5 inch height, that was a lot, i lost it slowly since 2013, just stuck at this weight. How many times a week do you suggest for this workout? I do weights before hand as well. Feels like I am stuck at a plateau right now.

    • Nick Garcia says

      Nothing special for the cool-down, just a few stretches and breathing exercises.

      I would suggest this type of workout 3-4 times per week, but if you’re stuck in a plateau you might/probably need to address some diet/nutrition issues. This workout is awesome and will help, but if somethings not budging it’s usually a diet thing!

      But keep doing this! 🙂

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