The Painless 4-Step Process to Lose Belly Fat


Use this simple 4 step strategy to lose stubborn body weight and learn how to keep things simple when it comes to your weight loss.

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Step 1: Cut Back On Inflammatory Foods

This is the first step because it’s important to detoxify your body, ease your digestion, and rev up your thyroid. Once you start avoiding the food that is causing you problems, your body can start getting rid of excess weight.

Step 2: Balance Your Plate With the 33/33/33 Plan

Most people just go “low-carb” or “low-fat” and don’t realize that ALL nutrients are important. The best solution is to learn how to create perfectly balanced metabolism-boosting healthy fat loss meals. This involves starting with a protein, a healthy fat, then add your carbs (vegetables, fruits, starches, gluten-free grains, etc…)

Step 3: Do 3-4 Metabolic Exercise Sessions Per Week

The ONLY type of exercise you need, especially for a busy lifestyle are metabolic workouts. Set aside 4 20-25 intervals every week to perform a high-intensity (whatever that means for you) using your bodyweight, dumbbels, bars, balls, etc…You’ll not only burn calories during the workout, you’ll also create an “after-burn” effect to effectively build lean muscle and burn stored fat.

Step 4: Get a Coach, Stay Consistent, and COMMIT

The best program is useless unless you have a coach to help you fine-tune your program. Remember, we are all unique, so no woman will ALWAYS eat, move, and live the same way. If a challenge arises, it helps to have an expert navigate through your unique challenge. Once you have coaching, then all you need is consistency and a commitment to the program.

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