10 Foods to Supercharge your Immune System

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We are surrounded by illness and sickness these days it’s no wonder we are always “coming down with something.”

Well this week, let’s try and “go up with everything!” Today, we are going to begin our journey up with our bodies and take another look at what we are putting in them.

I am going to focus on specific foods that are serious immune system boosters.  These ten foods will keep your immune system fighting fit and knock out nasty bacteria faster than Mike Tyson (sorry?)

  • Onion- Contains quercetin, an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Suppresses H. Pylori, a brutal ulcer causing bacteria. Helps lowers cholesterol, thin the blood, and adds flavor to cooking. If you start crying while cutting these tear-inducing bulbs, just remember how bad pulsing squats make you want to shed a few tears.


  • Coconut Oil – My absolute favorite food for healing, health, and immunity boosting. I recommend cooking ONLY with coconut oil, with the exception of grass-fed based butter. This may go against everything you’ve ever learned everywhere, but trust me on this, I’ve researched coconut oil up and down and there is ONLY great things about this oil. Eliminate the other cooking oils (unsaturated) and replace them with coconut oil.


  • Avocado– The fat contained in avocados (monounsaturated) helps lower cholesterol. Contains most B-vitamins that will boost your energy instantly. Contain betasitosterol, a chemical beneficial to the prostate gland. AKA Alligator Pear, was one of Crocodile Dundee’s personal favorites (he was intelligent and healthy). Make sure your avocado is VERY ripe and don’t eat them every day since an un-ripe avocado produces defense chemicals that can cause digestive and thyroid inhibition.


  • CarrotsLet’s get to the ROOT of digestion. The fibers in carrots help detox toxins produced in the gut, which if not eliminated    can lead to inflammation, excess estrogen, and worst of all, YOU holding on to excess fat. If you have or are currently suffering from ANY digestive problem, eating a raw carrot salad once or twice a day in between meals is a life saver. Helps with digestion, estrogen and endotoxin detoxification, and thyroid health.


  • Bananas – Did you know that a RIPE banana contains cancer-fighting antioxidants? Well know you know! If your banana is not ripe, try baking with bananas, try this recipe for Coconut Flour Banana “nut-free” Muffins. Cooking bananas helps remove some of the potential allergens  and it allows for easier digestion and better assimilation of nutrients and minerals.


  • Wild-Caught Shrimp – Wild-caught shrimp have not been raised on a shrimp farm and are superior to farm-raised shrimp, since they are in their natural habitat eating foods for their physiology. Wild-caught shrimp are high in selenium, one of the most essential minerals for a healthy functioning thyroid, because it is vital for conversion of T4 to T3. A wild-shrimp is a healthy and happy shrimp and you’ll be the same!


  • Grass-Fed Beef – Similar to wild-caught shrimp, grass-fed beef comes from cows fed a diet that is in alignment with it’s physiology. Most meat sold in stores and restaurants comes from cattle fed diets high in grains, soy, and corn. Most of these grains are genetically altered and worst of all cause disease in the cow, so THEN they “have” to give the poor cows antibiotics to prevent disease. A vicious cycle. Prevent the cycle by shopping for you beef locally and make sure it is grass-fed!


  • Blueberry- If blueberries were given a grade for health-giving properties; they would get an A+. One serving of blueberries provides as many antioxidants as five servings of broccoli, apples, or carrots. Contain anthocyanins, which strengthen blood capillaries, improving circulation and transportation of nutrients. Enhance eyesight, prevent dementia, heart disease, and stroke. Eat these blue bundles of joy 3-4 times a week, great before your 3-4 times a week of exercise! Coincidence…I think not!


  • Garlic- This bulby treat has many therapeutic properties, treating gastro-intestinal conditions to respiratory infections. A potent anti-microbial boosting white blood cells and fighting off bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses. A powerful antioxidant, thanks to its amino acids, helping it to enhance overall immune function. Can be taken as a supplement to avoid any fears of garlic breathes!


  • Potatoes – Many people will say that you should eat potatoes because of their effect on blood sugar/insulin, BUT these people must have not eaten potatoes with protein and saturated fat. Preparing potatoes in coconut or my favorite grass-fed butter alongside a piece of organic chicken, wild-caught fish, or grass-fed beef steak your potatoes become a immunity and metabolic powerhouse. Potatoes are loaded with beneficial starches that energize your cells to be little energy and fat-burning machines.

This week make it a point to start thinking healthy fit thoughts, which will eventually lead to healthy fit ideas and then of course healthy fit ACTION!

If you want to lose weight start thinking about it!

If you want to build muscle start thinking about it!

If you want run a marathon start thinking about it!

You get the idea? It all starts with your thinking.

Earl Nightingale said “We are what we think about all day long”…think about it.

Eat real food and focus on food quality!

–   Nick

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