Sprouted Corn Scrambled Egg Chalupas

fwfl_recipe_sprouted corn scrambled egg breakfast chalupa

Serves: 1

Total Meal Time: 15 minutes


• 2 Sprouted Corn Tortillas

• 2 eggs, whisked

• 1 Tbsp. cheddar, shredded

• 2 Tbsp. tomato, chopped

• 2 Tbsp. green onion, chopped

• 2 Tbsp. red bell pepper, chopped

• 2 Tbsp. carrots, chopped

• 1 Tbsp. cilantro

• 2 Tbsp. coconut oil for frying tortillas and scrambling eggs

• salt and pepper, to taste


1.) Chop and gather all ingredients and, then heat a pan to medium-high heat and add coconut oil.

2.) Begin frying corn tortillas in coconut oil, until crisp.

3.) Remove the fried chalupas from skillet, place on plate and add in all vegetables to lightly saute,

then add in whisked eggs.

4.) Top chalupas with scrambled eggs and top that with cheese. Enjoy!

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