One Practice That Will Boost Your Metabolism More Than Anything Else

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You don’t need expensive supplements to effectively boost your metabolism, you just need to do this ONE major daily habit.

People often ask me “What’s the one piece of advice you’d give for women to have the healthiest metabolism (andbody) possible?”

I dislike the paint by numbers approach because every metabolism and body needs different things. It’s all so personalized. We are all so biochemically unique (and special, just ask your Mom).

There is no magic bullet that will make sense for everybody at any point in time.

Different women, different lifestyles, different physiology’s need different things to function at an optimal level for where they are currently at.

But if there had to be one tip that I would say would benefit everybody and metabolism on the planet the most, it’s be this…

Eat real food.

As in, whole, unprocessed, from Mother Nature FOOD.

Understanding how food affects your hormones, metabolism, and health is a prerequisite for starting a healthy fat loss journey.

This is not a metabolism-boosting tip…it is a fact.

If you want to have an efficient fat-burning metabolism, you have to eat awesome food and avoid fake, inflammatory foods.

Inflammation is the killer of more metabolisms than anything else.

Every time you choose to eat low-quality, fast, processed, frozen, fake foods you are taking a risk.

You are risking destroying the very thing you have ONE chance with…your body.

As cliché as it sounds, we only have one body, we need to take care of it

Eating real food takes courage, persistence, consistency, and strength.

Everything from peer pressure, social anxiety, fear, ignorance, doubt, justification, rationalization, and excuses can prevent you from taking this important piece of advice.

Just remember, everything you’re telling yourself about why you haven’t started a whole food diet is a story, a lie, a made up reality.

Here are some of the things my clients have told me prevented them from eating real food.

“I’d love to eat more real food, but I just can’t afford it…it’s too expensive. Why does eating healthy have to cost so much?”

“I know I should eat organic meats…and I know I should avoid donuts they give away for free at work, but I don’t have any willpower. I’ve always been that way.”

“I know how to lose weight and I know eating whole foods will help me, but I don’t have time to prepare meals and cook. I’m busy and it’s just not going to happen.”

Without fail, every single one of these clients expressed some form of resistance to eating a whole food diet.

These are the stories I mentioned before.

The stories we tell ourselves try to convince us that because you’ve failed in the past, you’re going to fail again.

And while, yes, we all have our moments of doubt…that does not mean that our moments of negativity make us unable to get healthy and lose weight.

The cumulative effect of unhealthy meals, snacks, and samples here and there are like a series of boulders in the river of your health.

They don’t stop the health from flowing entirely (at least at first) by they do impede and slow the flow of the river.

I truly believe the number one cure for most weight and health problems is deciding to completely eat a real food diet. I’ve had dozens of clients describe the feeling of eating high-quality foods and giving up processed foods, and I’ve never had a client who didn’t see instant results.

You’ll experience a huge surge of health and increased metabolism after you start your real food journey.

Real food = more health = a faster, more efficient metabolism = more fat loss.

Bottom line…real food will set you free.

If you have the courage to eat real food, conquer your excuses, and be real with yourself…you will make it.

But if you decide to keep eating inflammatory, processed foods then it will eventually lead to a damaged metabolism, decreased health, and an unmotivated self.

That ruins any chances of having the body and health of your dreams.

So what’s the number one habit preventing you from eating more real foods? What excuse, rationalization, justification, or lie have you been using for giving up processed foods and switching to a whole food diet? Are you ready to give these up once and for all?

The choice, as always, is yours.

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