Metabolic Training Essentials: 6 Surefire Ways To Perfect A Metabolic Workout (Sorry, Personal Trainers)


Metabolic training is a form of exercise accomplished two things in the shortest amount of time possible: burning fat and building lean muscle. Building muscle is the most important thing to consider before starting any workout program. Muscle burns fat. Skip the cardio and start doing metabolic workouts.

Juanita, co-creator of The Flat Belly System used these exercise routines to drop over 42 pounds in less than 9 months…

The 6 Components for the Perfect Metabolic Workout:

1.) Circuit/Interval

2.) Intensity

3.) Resistance

4.) FFF (Fuel, Form, Fun)

5.) Hormones

6.) CCCC (Commitment, Consistency, Change, Coaching)

If you’re interested in trying a week of metabolic workouts, click the link below to learn more about joining the Healthy Fat Loss Inner Circle, the leading metabolism focused community on the internet:

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