For Busy People Only: 6 Steps to Create a Healthier Body


Health is a balancing act. It’s up to YOU to make it a priority, no matter how busy you are.

Imagine a juggler. The juggler is juggling 4 bowling pins. These are no ordinary bowling pins, these bowling pins are on FIRE (like your metabolism will be after reading this article). The juggler is not only juggling these 4 fire pins, but he’s also balancing on a big exercise ball. And on his nose he’s balancing the sharpest sword you’ve ever seen.

Everything must flow in perfect harmony to keep this trick going and to keep from killing himself.

If at any point something fails, the trick is over and assuming the juggler is still breathing, he’ll have to stop completely and get everything balanced again.

Health is very much a balancing act, and we are always just a step away from falling off the wagon. We are constantly trying to move forward with our health, weight loss, and fitness goals, all the while trying to keep in balance the various elements of our lives.

If any aspect of our life draws a disproportionate amount of energy, we have to shortchange the other aspects. That throws us off—and we are unable to move forward on life’s tightrope until a balance can be reestablished.

Unfortunately, usually it’s our health that gets put on the backburner.

It’s important to understand that others cannot do help us with our health.

Yes, you can (and should) hire coaches to help you in most areas of life especially your nutrition, fitness, and health, BUT…

No one can think, breathe, feel, see, experience, love or die for us.

It’s up to us to balance all the different aspects of our lives. We just have to decide to do it.

How? What’s the first step? To stop and assess how we’re doing.

To look at all the various aspects of our lives that we are constantly juggling, constantly trying to keep in balance—marriage and family, money, social circles, spiritual development, mental growth, and your health!

Are we able to devote ample energy to all areas? Or are we tipped to one side, unbalanced in one direction? Here’s how to make and keep health a priority:

  1. Assess your health as it is now.

Looking at our current state of health and fitness as we really are is the first step in restructuring our health. Do you feel physically exhausted, mentally stagnant or find yourself eating fast food? Would you call yourself a couch potato? Do you feel a lack motivation or willpower? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your health is probably not a priority.

  1. Make a conscious decision to become healthy

Choosing reality as our basis of decision is the second step to becoming healthy. Achieving health allows us to reach our weight loss and fitness goals, all with less stress and frustration. A conscious decision to change is now in order.

  1. And make that decision on a minute-to-minute schedule.

We are all instant forgetters. Remember all those resolutions you made way back in January? Renewing our healthy decisions on a daily, minute-to-minute basis allows us to ease into change, instead of expecting things to change overnight.

  1. Set goals in every area of your life (but set ACTION goals for your health).

Set realistic goals in all areas of your life to assist yourself in remembering that your ultimate goal is balance. Your goals should cover:

  • Your relationships
  • Your spiritual alignment
  • Your mental development
  • Your job
  • Your finances

Your health and wellness goals should be the most important, since they have a direct impact on everything else in your life.

Your goals should consist of behavior-focused goals, like setting a schedule to exercise, planning your meals, and finding time to breathe.

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  1. Be willing to take the risk.

Being willing to assess ourselves and take the risk to change will not only enhance our lives, but you will feel more energy and an expanded awareness of what life is all about. Acknowledging that health is essential and recreating your life to fit that decision is worth the risk.

  1. Make time to reassess yourself on a daily basis.

None of us can really know how well we are doing with change in our lives unless we are willing to reassess our position. Don’t feel that your decisions are made in concrete; if something feels that it isn’t working, be willing to look at a new decision. Make time for yourself every day, in a quiet meditative state, to relax and “check yourself out.”

Are you going to start making health a priority? What’s your first step?

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