Your Fat Loss Approach: Fit for Now vs. Fit for Life

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So, you want to get in shape?

And so it begins….again…You remember seeing that infomercial for P90X a few months ago and remember thinking “hmm those testimonials looked promising, that could be me!”

Ahh, but a few days ago Women’s Health Magazine caught your eye with Jessica Simpson’s “new” weight loss program and you thought “she looked super hot, THAT could be me!”

And, just yesterday GNC was giving free samples of HydroxyShred promising that you’ll lose 21 pounds in 21 days taking 21 pills and you think “hmm I could totally take pills, easy, and heck yeah lose 21 pounds, awesome!”

3 potential strategies, 3 potential successes, 3 potential failures….

You can choose an INTENSE workout strategy for 90 days along with a strict diet…


You can choose a point counting, fake food eating, as long as it fits my points diet…


You can choose to spend your hard earned money on a dangerous supplement that promises the world.


The above 3 options are what many experts, trainers, and companies would love for you believe are the ONLY ways to go about losing weight.

The above 3 options are ALL short-term approaches that attempt to address the true nature of your weight gain…poor quality lifestyle choices.

You can’t deny that MOST unwanted weight gain comes from the fact that you aren’t exercising, are eating crap, not sleeping well, drinking too much, etc…

You can change without the above 3 options. You CAN lose weight without pills, crazy diets, and “no, pain, no gain” exercise programs.

Choose to NOT play the game

The game of dieting.

The game of restriction, counting, weighing, and obsessing.

The game of chemically derived supplements, pills, and powders.

The game of the celebrities and media telling you what to do, how to look, and who to be like.

When you choose to challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom, and ignore the clutter, you win.

When you choose to take responsibility for your body, you win. When you realize that 95% of the noise that is being shouted to you about your weight promotes unhealthy fat loss and a distorted mindset, you win.

The next step: choose, fine-tune, and tailor a strategy just for you.

A strategy that encourages long-term sustainable healthy behaviors.

A strategy that works for you, your lifestyle, and your body.

A strategy that keeps the stress and weight low; your happiness and health high!

This strategy is what I call a “fit for life” strategy or mindset.

“Fit for life” represents two things: mindset and strategy.

A “Fit for Life” Woman:

  • Understands that good quality food comes first and supplements last
  • Focuses on sustainable strategies for exercise and eating
  • Eats and lives in abundance
  • Creates health by doing the right workouts and eating high-quality foods
  • Lifts weights to create a toned, firm, and strong body
  • Wants to be better, BUT always does their best in the moment
  • Takes complete responsibility and doesn’t make excuses
  • Perseveres, stays consistent, and shows active patience
  • Starts TODAY, not tomorrow
  • Wants sustainable long-term strategies for fitness and health
  • Is AWESOME and makes others around her awesome

On the other hand, with the have the women who generally do the opposite…

Before you read the following list of characteristics, understand that becoming aware of unhealthy strategies and mindset is one of the first steps to changing.

A “Fit for Now” Woman:

  • Feels the need to take supplements
  • Has been a Yo-yo dieter all of her adult life
  • Partakes in restrictive diets
  • Creates stress and inflammation by doing long bouts of cardio and eating poor-quality foods
  • Complains about not knowing what to do or when to do it
  • Quits early and often
  • Falls into bad habits
  • Makes excuses and doesn’t take responsibility for her health and body
  • Plans to start tomorrow
  • Wants get-fit quick solutions
  • Complains all the time, instead of focusing on solutions

How does that list make you feel?

Now, even the most successfully healthy “fit for life” women take a few not so ideal actions and have not so fit thoughts everyday, the key to overcoming them is: REDIRECTION!

I want this article to serve as a helpful tool of awareness. Your job is redirection.

Once you realize you are having an un-serving negative thought, redirect it to a positive one.

If you take an action that might have just inhibited your healthy fat loss results, realize it wasn’t great, and move on to the next action.

No guilt. No stress. Just awareness.

If you are currently a walking example of short-term “Fit for Now” approaches to weight loss, fret not, today is the best time to change your habits to a “Fit for Life” approach to healthy weight loss.

I invite you to identify the most destructive behavior that is preventing you from being the best and healthiest version of yourself and then explore solutions to redirect that habit, behavior, action, and thought to one that serves you, your body, and your health.

When you are able to get really honest with yourself about your thoughts, behaviors, and actions and intuitively know if these are promoting health, taking you toward your goals, and if they are ultimately serving YOU, you will empower yourself beyond belief.

Remember to celebrate the wins and the positive healthy changes from Fit for Now to Fit for Life!


I look forward to hearing about your fitness changes!

Nick Garcia

Your Healthy Fat Loss Coach

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