Exercise at Home Series: 5 Reasons Most Women Fail

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Exercising from home is really no different than working out at a gym or boot camp, the BIG difference is usually the one you make big. Some women like working out in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, others are embarrassed when starting a program, and yet others are grossed out by sweat, germs, and others using the same equipment in general.

I own a women’s fitness boot camp and I am a big believer in community, whether offline or online, I think it’s great to join in SOME type of group that encourages and supports each other. But I am also a believer in saying “get it done however you can get it done.”

In other words, we live in a fast-paced, hectic, and busy society. Everyone has their own definition of busy and every one women especially has a unique situation that can’t be generalized by saying “go to the gym.” “Go to the gym…go the FREAKIN Gym…I have 3 kids a husband who travels, a sick grandma, a blog, and I have to eat real food too? Don’t tell me to go the GYM!”

No excuses ain’t gonna cut it with this type of situation, so the easy and doable thing to do is to “try” to work out from home! Here are a few challenges you might run into that you can be aware of to prevent frustration and failure.

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1.) Not making exercise a priority.

Exercising is a VERY important piece to the healthy at loss puzzle, so you MUST make it a priority, no exceptions. If you are starting from exercising 0 times a week, make it a priority to do ONE time a week for two weeks, then TWICE a week for two weeks, then THREE times a week for two weeks.

In a month and a half you will be much fitter, healthier, and stronger. Part of making exercising a priority is knowing WHY you want to exercise. “To get fit” is NOT going to cut it. It must a DEEP reason if you want to keep a NO EXCUSE mentality. “I want to stay healthy and active for my children” “I don’t want to end up obese and diabetic like my mom” Those are DEEP, emotional reasons for staying healthy.

Find yours and make your exercise a priority.

2.) Not including metabolic strength training.

Strength training should make up the majority of your exercise, especially if you don’t have much time to workout. A woman asked me the other day: “If I only had 10 minutes to work out, what should I do?” I told her if would be in her best interest that in order to make the most of those 10 minutes, she would need to find a way to apply resistance to her muscles.

She didn’t have access to free weights, so I gave her a quick work out idea consisting of squats, push-ups, lunges, and mountain climbers. Simple and effective.

Metabolic resistance training specifically not only burns fat during the workout it also builds lean muscle to keep your metabolism on high-gear when you aren’t working out, which is the majority of the time.

If your goal is fat loss and toning up, lift those weights for a fail free fitness routine.

3.) Not allowing enough time to see results.

Patience is an integral part of being consistent and committed. Allow time for you metabolism to recover from past diets and lack of exercise. Allow time or your muscles to build up and your fat to melt away. It WILL bodyunderconstructionmindonamissionhappen, in time.

It takes at least 4 weeks for you to create a healthy behavior to make exercise a part of your daily routine. I would suspect this time-frame increased with a busy family and/or work life.

Think about it this way, if you’ve been sedentary, either eating too much or too little, and exercising too much or too little for the past 3 years, you can’t expect results in 3 weeks. Each situation is unique, but a “get fit quick” mentality is never a good idea.

Results won’t come overnight, but they will come, whether from home workouts or at the gym!

4.) Hating your body and your workouts.

Body bashing has become commonplace these days, be it from magazines, reality TV shows, and crazy ideas about what YOUR body SHOULD look like. This “I must punish my body” mentality leads to working out because you hate your body, instead of working out because you LOVE your body.

If you exercise because you hate your body, guess what, you are probably going to despise your workout program no matter where you are doing. How often do you do something that you hate? Not very much, I would assume. So, you probably aren’t going to stick to your workout routine very long that is fueled by hate.

Train because you love your body NOT because you hate it. Your body and your workout consistency will thank you.

5.) Not changing your eating behaviors.


I don’t mean cutting or counting calories, or going on a diet, or eating salads, shakes, and smoothies for every meal. What I do mean is focusing on creating a sustainable way of eating that centers around real food, values, and stress-free eating.

Fueling up with energy foods before a workout can and WILL improve your workout performance and effectiveness. If you don’t have the calories and nutrients to work and build lean muscle, you will NOT build fat you will accumulate it, it’s a natural survival mechanism.

Calorie restrictive diets encourage your body to hold onto fat and end up suppressing your metabolism. Do your workout program a favor and eat high quality foods as much as possible.

Here is a list of 10 Foods that boost your metabolism to start with!

Eliminate processed/fake foods, unsaturated vegetable oils, wheat, and conventional animal products. Add fruits and vegetables, grass-fed pastured meats and eggs, coconut oil, rice/potatoes, and real food!

If none of the above reasons resonate with you I invite you to explore other reasons you have encountered in the past or thing about potential obstacles standing in your way and a successful at home fitness experience.

Dedicated to your fitness success,


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