Do You Have a Fat-Burning Body or a Fat-Storing Body? Learn the 7 Key Differences


To be successful you must model success, so it stands to reason if you model the fittest, healthiest bodies in the world, you’ll have one too. I’ve identified 7 main differences between a body that tends to store fat and a body that tends to burn fat.

Click HERE to learn about the 5 metabolic factors that determine whether you burn fat or store fat

In the above video I discuss how each of the following contribute to a fat-burning body:

1.) A Healthy Digestive System

2.) A Healthy Thyroid

3.) Healthy Adrenal Glands

4.) A Healthy Liver

5.) Metabolically Active Tissue (i.e. Muscle)

6.) Good Posture

7.) A Fat-Burning Metabolism

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