Conquer insulin resistance, reduce cravings, and lose weight

Insulin Resistance

If you’ve tried different types of diets and are still struggling with your weight, the main reason could be because of a hormone called insulin. When you have more glucose than your needs or can deal with, your body responds by producing more insulin to stabilize your blood sugar level and stores the excess glucose as fat.

In The Flat Belly System, I show you how to control your blood sugar, balance insulin, and lose weight by avoiding a handful of foods without sacrificing all of your favorite foods.

You’ll learn how to overcome insulin related weight gain with:

  • The exclusive Macro-Balancing Method, which balances carbs with the right amount of protein and fat at the right times for maximum fat burning
  • Easy to do daily strategies for eating at home, including how to make sure you aren’t destroying your weight loss efforts by snacking
  • Delicious, fast to prepare recipes and simple to follow meal plans

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Why Macro-Balancing Works

The Macro-Balancing Method is one that enables you to lose weight without deprivation and avoid the health complications associated with your fat-storing hormone, insulin. Before I introduce the basics behind the Macro-Balancing Method, I want to give you a quick breakdown of your metabolism.

More specifically, how your metabolism is affected by nutrition.

If you’ve ever studied nutritional biochemistry, you understand the science can get pretty complicated, but these are just a few simple concepts you need to know about nutrition to gain a better understanding of how it applies to weight loss and hormones.

After all, eating is something you do multiple times per day, we should all know a little bit about it.

How Nutrition Affects Weight Loss And Your Hormones

The basic MACRO-nutrients needed by the body are fats, proteins, carbs. You also require things like water, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to stay healthy.

Weight gain occurs when you eat or store more calories than you use.

Fats are needed to maintain healthy hormones and help provide essential fatty acids. However, certain fats, even in small amounts can make you gain weight from not only excessive calories, but from cellular inflammation. It is very important to avoid inflammatory fats, BUT it is also important to eat the right fats to regulate hormone production.

Proteins are needed to build tissues in the body, especially metabolically active tissue, muscle. You must eat enough high-quality, bioavailable protein every day to maintain an elevated metabolic rate.

Carbohydrates are needed for energy, in fact, they are your body’s MAIN and PREFERRED energy source. Carbs not used as energy will be stored as glycogen or as fat in your body.

From a calories in vs. calories out perspective it doesn’t matter whether you eat too many proteins, fats, or carbs you will gain weight.

However, hormones are the TRUE deciders of whether or not you store fat or burn fat on any given day.

Carbs, proteins, and fats in the right balance are necessary to provide energy/fuel for your cells, tissues, and organs to keep you healthy and to promote weight loss. Eliminating a single food group will result in an imbalance.

Without the right anti-inflammatory fats in your diet you’ll develop hormonal imbalances. Without enough daily protein you’ll start eating away at your precious muscle tissue, which will result in a lower metabolic rate. Without enough of the right carbs, you’ll slow your metabolism down, negatively impact your brain, and cause rebound weight gain.

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How to Master Your Macronutrients

Now that you have a nutrition and metabolism refresher, it’s time to look at some new ways to take eating healthy to a new level.

The most important reason to start properly balancing your macronutrients is to learn how to eat and combine carbohydrates.

Before we talk CARBS, I’ll go over proteins and fats, which will begin the process of learning how to et carbs without the negative consequences.

Protein: The Master Macro

You can’t succeed with the Macro-Balancing Method if you don’t have a strong protein foundation in place. To make sure that you get enough protein, keep high-protein snacks on hand. Which means you’ll have to invest a few minutes every week planning your snacks and meals.

Protein stimulates the thermic effect of food, which means that the body burns more energy processing dietary protein than it does carbohydrates or fats.

Most women don’t get enough protein, usually because they are trying to limit calories, so the first place to start when balancing your macros is to get adequate protein.

Protein is your #1 ally for fighting cravings and balancing your insulin.

In the Flat Belly System I help you increase your protein by incorporating snacks into your day by preparing ahead of time.

Fat: The Good Guy

Successful women include the healthiest of fats in their every day diets, meals, and snacks. Fats not only help your metabolism run smoothly by helping your produce hormones, but they also aide in digestion and assimilation of specific nutrients and minerals.

The unfortunate fact when it comes to fats and women, is one of 2 things:

1.) Some women completely avoid fats for fear of gaining weight or disease. This would be OK, except for point number two

2.) Most women are eating the wrong kinds of fat

In the Flat Belly System I break down the 2 most inflammatory types of fat that if you avoid for just 21 days, you’ll reduce inflammation and lose up to 14 pounds (depending on how much you need to lose).

The beauty of this program, is you don’t have to keep track of your fat intake. Fat is not the evil health destroyer it was once promoted to be, in fact, the types of fats you’ll be eating will help clear built up toxins and boost your metabolic rate.

Can you guess which food is the BEST for burning fat and getting rid of toxins? Answer below:

1 (1)

Carbohydrates: The Macro-Manipulator

Carbs can make or break your macro-balancing efforts and can completely kill you ability to lose weight.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in your body, but restricting your intake of carbohydrates may help with short-term weight loss. However, long-term restriction leads to long-term weight gain.

After you eat a meal rich in carbohydrates, insulin increases. Insulin stimulates your cells to use and store glucose. Several hours after your meal, insulin and blood glucose levels begin to drop, and a hormone called glucagon increases, which stimulates your stored glucose to be broken down, maintaining blood sugar levels. Also, when glucose levels decrease, you may feel hungry.

Thinking about skipping meals or restricting carbs? Skipping meals will cause you to enter the starvation state, which will slow down your metabolic rate.

Plus, the longer you avoid feeding your cells with glucose (i.e. carbs), the more likely you are to breakdown muscle tissue to produce glucose (gluconeogenesis).

Carbs manipulate you in many ways. Eat the wrong ones and you’ll be dealing with cravings so strong, will power doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t eat enough and you’ll be struggling with a metabolism so slow, even the most expensive “metabolism-boosting” supplements can’t fix.

The ONLY solution to this carb-conundrum is to learn how to balance your macro-nutrients, using my Macro-Balancing Method inside The Flat Belly System.

The Bottom Line

Not all calories are the same.  Some calories make you store fat, while others make you store muscle.

The best way to promote lean muscle growth is to balance your hormones, stabilize your blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.

And the easiest and simplest way to do the above is add Macro-Balancing to your life. The Flat Belly System shows you exactly how to balance your proteins, fats, and carbs to have the fastest weight loss week of your life.

Then, shows you how easy it is to keep balancing your macros and still eat your favorite foods like wine, chocolate, and pizza.

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