Need Some Motivation Today? Read this…

If you can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise or eat healthy I’m going to fix that problem. Well, actually I don’t need to fix anything…because lack of motivation isn’t a problem, it’s a mindset. Can you already tell this isn’t going to be your average “motivational message?” WARNING: I might sound harsh with […]

28 Reasons to Workout Today

1.)    Because you’ll feel better. 2.)    Because Exercise IS the ultimate anti-depressant. 3.)    Because you LOVE your body, you don’t hate it. 4.)    Because you ARE a Fit Woman For Life. 5.)    Because if you don’t, you’ll probably regret it. 6.)    Because you’re 100% more likely to eat real food if you do. 7.)    Because […]

How to be Un-healthy and Mediocre: 20 Ways

Being healthy, fit, and living an exceptional life is awesome and all, but that takes hard work, commitment, and a choice to be bold and do opposite the masses. How about being un-healthy, skinny-fat, and mediocre? Look around you, this proves MUCH easier than the alternative. “But, I would love to be skinny fat!” Let […]