fwfl_blog_10 ways to make healthy fat loss inevitable part 2

10 Ways to Make Healthy Fat Loss INEVITABLE (Part 2)

Remember, the only inevitable thing about your body and health is that after you CHOOSE to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will inevitably stay healthy, sexy, and happy. From here on out, NO MORE statements that suggest that you will be unhealthy, overweight, or sick. Such suggestions ...

5 Healthy – Not-So Healthy Foods

It’s frustrating For you, when your body won’t change, the scale won’t budge, and your jeanswell why are they fitting MORE snug since you started finally “eating healthier” You might think, “Ok, so what the hell, I’ve started eating healthier foods, I’m not eating fast food, I even started exercising, ...
fwfl_blog_the perfect push-up for women

6 Key Checkpoints for the Perfect Push-up

Why are push-ups a good exercise? The act of “pushing” is one of the most primal of movements. After crawling, as infants we begin to use our upper body movements to push and squirm our way to our feet (kinda like a mini-burpee). With the push-up, not only are we ...
fwfl_blog_5 secrets to burn stubborn female fat

5 Secrets to Burn Stubborn Female Fat

Do you have belly fat that you wish wasn’t there? Of course, you either do right now OR have had it in the past OR might have again in the future. There are many contributing factors to belly fat that just won’t budge, no matter what you throw at it. ...
fwfl_blog_24 rules for the new fit woman

24 Rules for the NEW Fit Woman… (How to be Fit for Life)

  A few months ago I saw an article from a popular TV personal(ity) trainer titled “Skinny Rules” and I as I read through them, I was struck with a sense of disgust and frustration. The majority of the rules promoted a quick-fix, weight loss focused (I’ll get to this ...
Coconut Chicken Bites

Coconut Chicken Bites

These coconut chicken bites are a regular snack and sometimes at our busy house of 2 toddlers and 2 busy parents! My little girls love them with ketchup and even mustard (I know, I know). I make a big batch in the weekends and my wife packs them for the ...

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