8 Women Needed For Special Project

One of my clients called me crying the other day.

She was literally bawling because she was so emotional.

I asked her what’s going on, what’s wrong?

She then mentioned how one of her friends tagged her on Facebook and how she looked really fat in the photos.

Soon after, her awkward photo set off a bunch of nasty comments that poked fun of her.

She was really upset, because first off, her friend posted it on purpose.

The pics made them all look skinny while my client looked really overweight.

In the pic they’re all on vacation wearing skimpy bikinis, and needless to say, my client wasn’t at her best.

(She had only been working with me for 1 week!)

The barrage of insulting comments really made her upset.

You know how it is on the internet. You have a bunch of immature “keyboard warriors writing stuff. They are called trolls and the literally look for stuff like this.

It was terrible and I felt so bad reading those mean comments.

It was really messed up of her friend to do that, I’d be pretty upset if one of my friends posted a fat picture of me and tagged me then refused to take it down!

I guess that’s one of the “not so great” things of social media.

So that being said, I consoled my client and explained to her that obviously that woman is NOT her friend.

I then said to use her emotions as fuel to fire her up! I told her to use the anger as a personal challenge for herself. Take the next 30 days and get into the best shape of your life and prove them wrong!

I did my best to not only console her, but to motivate and inspire her as well.

I also became inspired to put the finishing touches and launch my “Upgrade Your Health” Transformation Program.
She is the perfect candidate for it, and you may be one too!

It’s a new extreme fat loss and health program that I am testing out with 8 hand selected women.

This is a program where you get 1-on-1 coaching from me to  balance your hormones, regulate your blood sugar, transform your body, and UPGRADE your health.

If you aren’t healthy, you’ll ALWAYS struggle to lose weight.

So if you’re a woman and you want to be “upgraded” ASAP, then this program is perfect for YOU!

Go here to apply and see if you qualify:

Nick Garcia

P.S. If you have crazy cravings, especially at night, you do not want to miss my next email. Cravings are a sign of nutrient and/or mineral imbalances, blood sugar problems, and a sluggish metabolism.

You’ll have to be patient to find out my #1 strategy to combating cravings (unless you are accepted into the upgraded health program), then you first dibs. 😉

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