8 Resistance Training Tips for Women


Going to get STRAIGHT to the fat-burning chase with this one…Enjoy!

1.)    Resistance train 4 times a week.

One is better than nothing, two will definitely offer you some results and health benefits, three is really awesome, but FOUR seems to be the Holy Grail of amount to times to lift weight a week.

If you lift any more than 4 days per week, you probably aren’t recovering in between your workouts. If you are starting off with ZERO times per week, some say to start with ONE time per week, which is great. However, if you decide to only resistance train ONCE and you go ALL OUT, then you are probably going to be sore for 5 days.

My suggestion is you lift 4 days a week, even starting out, BUT only do a few minutes. Do 4, 10-minute metabolic resistance workouts, like THESE for the first couple of weeks, THEN increase your weight and workout time.

2.)    Circuit and Interval Programs for Efficiency

I don’t know about you, but I value my time dearly. I don’t like to waste my precious time doing tasks that don’t provide much value to my life, especially if it’s working out. For this reason, I researched what the most efficient and effective workouts are, and that’s how I found “Metabolic Workouts.”

I then incorporated the training style that has proven to provide massive results, interval training, and combined both to form Metabolic Resistance Interval Training Workouts.

With these types of semi-intense to intense workouts your weekly time commitment rarely exceeds 2 and half hours and sometimes it’s less that that.

Combine 8-10 exercises, into super-sets and compound movements, do them quickly with little rest in between sets and BOOM, you have yourself a fat-burning metabolic workout.

3.)    Lift Heavy, Lift Medium, Lift Light

In order to get benefit and results from metabolic workouts, you have to, have to, have to lift weight that is challenging to YOU.

Choose a weight you can lift about 8-10 times, by the last reps you should be somewhat struggling. In other words, your muscles should start burning about half way through your number of reps. If you are doing 15 reps, start with a heavy weight you can lift 10 times, when go to a smaller weight to finish off the last five.

Many women will start with the lighter weights, thinking heavy weights will bulk them up. This is false, start heavy, then finish light. You can’t tone nonexistent muscles. Build the muscle with medium to heavy weights and tone them with intense circuits and interval training.

4.)    Be Consistent

Women (and men) want INSTANT results, yet it’s proven that the most effective and long lasting results come from long-term healthy fat loss strategies. And those come from and through consistency.

If you haven’t been doing metabolic resistance training workouts then you should experience some results within a week or two, but then results will slow down and you will have to progress your performance, increase your resistance, and stay consistent.

The best and most effective program is only as good as how consistent you are with it.

Make resistance training a lifestyle. Don’t just do it a few times here and there, then stop, start over, deal with the soreness and frustration all over again. Don’t give up!

5.)    Work LARGE muscle groups

Don’t waste your time working smaller muscles. I am mostly referring to machines that isolate specific muscles like calves, biceps, triceps, etc…

Muscles are designed to work in synergy and dynamically. Compound exercises the best way to integrate various muscle actions and movements. Squat to press, plié squat to curl, push-up to mountain climber, etc…

The MORE muscles you work the more it will positively affect your metabolic rate. They are directly correlated as the most metabolically active tissue you have in your body is MUSCLE.

Work the big muscles to make your muscles look small, make sense?

6.)    Focus on your form

Proper form is crucial to executing a workout program and receiving it’s full benefits. I mean form in all forms of the word, from safely performing each exercise to performing each exercise to its fullest potential.

Understand and master the primal movements: squat, push-up, lunge, pull, and twist. Almost every exercise you’ll ever do, originates from those 5 movements.

Since everyone’s body is unique, remember, one’s womans form might be slightly different than anothers (yours), but mastering the basics of breathing, posture, and safe training guidelines will keep you safe and ensure you are training the right muscles for maximum calorie burn.

7.)    Sprint Type Cardio is Resistance

I usually down play using cardio for fat loss, especially in our overly stressed society. I tend to focus my efforts on promoting the benefits of resistance training, specifically metabolic workouts.

However, if you are doing cardio, the best types of cardio workouts are sprint-based. Meaning if you are on a treadmill or out for a run, ideally you should be exerting short bursts of energy (sprinting) then resting for double the time of the sprint.

This is the beauty of playing fun sports. Most sports involve short bursts of speed, then short periods of rest.

Sprinting type cardio sessions keep cortisol and adrenaline low and don’t require such a long recovery period like long bouts of cardio.

8.)    Mix it up, but keep things the same

If you’ve ever heard of “muscle confusion” you probably understand what tip #8 means. It’s always a good practice to keep things fresh with your workouts. There are literally hundreds of different styles to execute the metabolic workout, for example.

Rearranging your compound movements, increasing your dumbbells, reducing the amount of rest time, increasing the amount of workout time, adding jump squats in between sets, etc…

As awesome as it can be for your fat loss results to mix up your workouts, you also want to stay relatively consistent with your training style. Ideally, a training style that WORKS!

Stay consistent, BUT keep things fresh and fun.

Bonus tip #9.) Start your training TODAY

Not tomorrow, not on Monday, TODAY! If you can’t workout, set a goal, buy some dumbbells, join a boot camp, etc…

Metabolic resistance training is bottom-line, no comparison the best overall exercise program for women who want to burn serious fat.

Nothing comes close.

All you need is 100-120 minutes of exercise per week, that’s about 1% commitment of your ENTIRE week. The rest of the time you are either eating healthy, working, sleeping, enjoying your life, and/or being awesome.

That’s it for now!

– Nick Garcia

Woman’s Transformation Expert

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